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Plover Cannery

Plover Cannery

Del Monte cannery in Plover, Wisconsin; as seen from the 'rail side'.
Largest green bean cannery in the world.
Crops come in by semi-truck in late Summer, there are 2 being tilt-dumped here.
The rail spur by the building is double ended. Canned goods are shipped out by boxcar, and scrap bales of tin cans leave by bathtub gons.

Looking west from the highway (on a different day)
The large warehouse has a rail spur but it's buried in grass and the switch is removed.
They package software now.

The Plover yard and wye is on the horizon, out of sight in the trees, a mile away. .

For more views of the cannery, and a Canadian National switch engine, see
The Railroad goes to the Cannery in August, 2019

Here's some old views of the other end of the cannery on the WC2scale website.
You can work on that site and scroll left and right through six pictures.
Or at least see this classic locomotive that isn't around anymore:
a 2001 photo of the Wisconsin Central switch engine 1237 (long gone) working the cannery

Baled scrapped cans in a bath tub gon

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This page was filmed and wrote in August, 2020