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Stevens Point Roundhouse 2019

Stevens Point Roundhouse 2019

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, September, 2019.
Every few years, I try to get a reference picture of this great remaining structure.
There's only 4 roundhouses standing in the state? And only two have turntables yet?
The arched doors in the center would be the original Wisconsin Central. Those track leads were covered in concrete long ago.
(Rail Pictures rejected this picture, because there's not enough of a train in it.)
I think the west half of the roundhouse is mostly related to the car shop these days.
A small yellow trackmobile is on the left. It is not the Molley Putzen (a Polish name for the 'little engine' from the last century)

The fuel facility has a fairly large number of locomotives. There is a WC SW 1500 in the brown paint yet.


The yard office, yard, concrete plant, Patch Street, and the P-Line


A panoramic view from the railroad car shops and all the way to Michigan Avenue.
Actually, the tracks are straight, and the panoramic stitch has some distortion.


Looking way west at the depot.
There's two water towers, the Black Bridge, and the paper mill. On the lower right / North is the Soo 2713 under roof.



And even though my kite aerial photography session was relatively short,
I did attract some attention.

The city park department was mowing, and came by for a vist.

Also, a police officer drove by because the department had a phone report about a UFO.
They knew it was a kite, but had to check it out to make an official response.

I find a lot of people don't get outside enough to know what's in the sky
and rarely see a kite way above the tree tops.

At least it wasn't reported like a few years ago:
There's a parachute hanging in the sky, did a plane go down?


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This page was filmed in September 2019