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January 1, 2021




Canadian National Miscellaneous

Newfoundland's Railways

Added photo of St.John's station built 1903 and preserved as museum recently closed by city. Future not determined.

Canadian National Rys

Rolling Stock (including Preserved) Added Business Car Terra Nova 2nd. and subsequent owners.




GMD Gallery of US orders built at London, added ATSF 148 GP60M





Photograph Galleries


AMT Added photo of RBRX 18531 pushing morning commuter train.

BCR Steam excusrions. Added 2860 along Howe Sound.
Also (link) Captain James Cook Bicentennial Train a large gallery inc. interior of this special train that toured the West Coast.

Carnival/Circus Trains

Added poster for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows.


TH&B Added photo of short train street running on old ex H&D electric railway.


Tourist & Park trains

Upper Clements Theme Park New entry for this recently closed amusement park.

Centreville Amusement Park 2 foot gauge Add (scroll to bottom) scenic view of train.

Southern Prairie Ry. Added many photos of restored station and other attractions.
WANTED photos of SPRy 46 Alco T-6



US Roads

N&W Added photo of Fort Erie sanding tower clear of any units hiding details.






Add PGE 598 Also, (scroll way down) RCL-687 also (scroll more) BCOL 750 ex Oneida & Western a ficticious railroad!


CN diesel

S-13 Added (scroll way down) hump modified m.u. units 108 and 110


CPR steam

Preserved Added (scroll down) 453 originally preserved by O. Winston Link.


CP Rail Diesel

RS-18u Added 1824, 1828, 1838, 1842 and subsequent owners.

SD40 used Added CPRS 5483 (dual flags) nee SOU 3245 photo as well.





GO subsequent owners. Added TRWX 124 ex GO unit returning from wreck repair at CAD.



Steam locomotives

Added 2 photos (both sides) of Pacific 15 a decade apart. One in Buffalo the other at Chatham St roundhouse in Hamilton

Diesels Added 57 with van 83. Also, link subsequent owner GMD.






Ottawa Central Added caption links to several prior owners plus (scroll down to subsequent) TRRY 1859.



Trillium Major addition. Added 45, 108, 110, 1842, 1859, 3568, 3582, 6101 and 308 inc. ex owners.





Vancouver Wharves

Scroll down to Main Gallery Added old photo of Alcos 21 and 29 running light.



James River-Marathon 17-102 Added link to photos of subsequent owner Trillium 7024 and of nee CP 7024.



Rolling stock

Subsequent reuse Businesses

Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort

CPR Sleeping car Naughton including several interior views of two state rooms.



CNR and predecessors. Grand Trunk of Canada. Scroll down to bridges and click on link Trent Swng Bridges article.

CPR Added old article detailing Trent Valley swing bridge design for various new bridges on CPR and GTR. Same as CNR.


TH&B Facilities. Added great old photo with lots of real horsepower! Enlarge it twice for lots of detail.





Reused Businesses, Museums etc.

CNR predecessors

Nova Scotia

New gallery relocating two stations etc. from another galley and adding Orangedale, CB. Nee ICR (currently CB&CNS)
interior views of Agent's residence, small museum with equipment including former Newfoundland Business Car Terra Nova recently sold off to USA.


St.John's Railway Coastal Museum in original 1903 station recently closed by city. Future uncertain.



CNR Toronto Terminal

Added St. Clair Avenue on the Newmarket Sub. Sadly, long gone. Preservation effort still-born.



CPR Manitoba

Added Riverton which includes van 436709.


DAR Annapolis Royal. Many photos before/after massive restoration of long-abandoned 1914 brick station.



Company houses.

Added CPR Company house in BC used by a Company Official. Restored and used as a B&B.
Also, CPR Station Agent's residence Echo Bay, ON after closure, reused for art gallery.


Radial Railways

South Western Traction Co. Added car 21 one of the original three-phase AC Ganz Works cars.




Street Railways

St.Thomas Street

Added street car 34 on Station route.

and scroll down to St.Thomas Transit

Added GM 1979 "New Look" bus plus a newer bus. If anyone has older bus or any streetcar photos CONTACT US


TTC Gallery of streetcars.

Added (scroll down) TTC predecessor Toronto Civic Ry. 55 restored as such, also ex TTC nee TCR Both preserved.








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