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January 1, 2022







CPR Bruce Division

Hamilton New Era

Added current photo showing the massive long-abandonded and derelict NYC Buffalo Central Terminal. Sad.




CPR Smiths Falls Division

Added (link) Map 1973 Falls to Montreal, Ottawa area etc.



Ontario Southland St.Thomas Sub. Added photo of OWS contractor doing track work.



Toronto Streets

St.Clair Avenue

Added photo (scroll to bottom) of CNR St.Clair station plus street scene of TTC streetcar 4764 (ex Kansas City, MO)
WANTED Similar scene with TTC Peter Witt, also CLRV car plus with current LRV. REWARD






Photograph Galleries



BCR_Budd Cars

Added BC-30 leading southbound passenger train. See where and what is going on here. Enjoy other scenic views as well.


Added photo of the Polar Bear Express (2202_1603) at the start of the summer season just beginning its long journey.



CP Rail diesel Added 8768 with train of hoppers. Very detailed description with link to destination industry.




CN Diesel FP9A Added 6515 at fuel stand Melville, SK


CPR steam.

Added (scroll down to Predecessor Railways) Brockville & Ottawa 11 (only known photo). Also, Canada Central roundhouse with men posing in front with two engines. Also, link to brief history.


CP Rail diesel

SW900 Added 6718 Alyth shop track. Subsequent owner link.

SD40-2F Added closeup of 9011 showing modification that added a window in the front cab door of these units due to employee injuries when two people met as one attempted to enter at the same time as another one tried to exit!


SD60-3 (scroll down) Added 6306 ex SOO 6024

Used SD9043MAC diesels acquired. (scroll way down below 7000 series). 3649, 3747 part of large number of units.
Temporary unit numbers pending rebuild and renumbering 7000 series..


CP Subsequent owners US Roads

Added new entry for D&I a shortline heavy into quarry traffic etc. DAIR 3021 and 3024.

Added new entry for Ellis & Eastern Ry. EE No.17 ex CP 6718



GO Added 802 (scroll way down) a B unit power car. One of only 3.



Added photos of 2200 and 2202 along with many photos prior owners. Check out B&M 300 to see what is with it!


TH&B Diesels

Added photo of 51 (first TH&B diesel) inside Chatham Street roundhouse. Still exists. Read about its preservation.




BC Hydro Rail Added (scroll way down almost to bottom) 383 jacked up inside the diesel shop.



Mobil Grain, Big Sky and Last Mountain West Coast Road & Rail

Added MGLX 607 nee OP&E. Also, (scroll down) added MGLX 3147 (scroll down more) MGLX 6901 (scroll down) MGLX 3138 and ex RR (see also caption for photo above it for more links added KCS & CN)). Scroll way down below hopper cars to ex CPRS 5491 nee UP.




Cando's CEMR Added (scroll way down) CCGX 4209 freshly painted. Also, two former owners inc. Rock Island!




Added QGRY 3547 and 3548.
NOTE: Both units noted in Detroit on CP 140 (Chicago-Toronto) enroute to Quebec 12/12/2021








Added 1905 map of plant track layout next to GTR track. Includes much narrow gauge plant trackage.





Added latest acquisition SSRX 2150 still enroute! Includes links to photos 4 prior owners going back to Rock Island!



Mosiac (CANDO switching contract) Scroll down to Saskatchewan. CCGX 4201 including prior owners. First GP38 built!


Cargill Yorkton. Added new elevator location for a locomotive. CRGX 613 ex NS nee BN.



New (scroll way down to L) added 3 photos . L.Mc.Guire a stone quarry replacing the abandoned Hilton Mine
iron-ore mine and pelletizing plant.


Interurban Railways and Electric

Mount Royal Tunnel

Added (scroll down) 6711 (nee CNoR 601) exiting tunnel at Portal Heights.

Preserved Added (scroll to very bottom) 6710 (first box cab electric) nicely restored at its new location.
Also, 6711 inside at Cdn Railway Museum.



Rolling Stock

Alberta Provost Museum correct van number is CN 78492. Thanks to Marc Giard for this correction.

Preserved at Museums Note: Ontario segment of this gallery rearranged alphabetically by location (city/town).

Smiths Falls REMO new gallery started for part of their extensive collection including one-of-a-kind Dental Car that once travelled Northern Ontario similar as did a number of School Cars. More photos are WELCOME

Added (scroll down to Ontario) CP 437473 van at Lake of the Woods Railroaders Museum, Kenora.
Also, Link to 8120 diesel preserved there too.




Freight steam era. Still around decades later. Added (scroll down) 309953 rarest piece of rolling stock. See what it is and what it is carrying. See also empty car right above it. Most people know what a depressed flat car is but do you know what a pit flat is? Have a look.

Royal Canadian Pacific current years passenger cars also used as business car etc.
Added 77 Van Horne one of a very few cars built new for Business Car use. Most being converted from First Class cars.
Here it is being used as a rider car for a person accompaning movement of extreme oversized load.



CNoR Ontario Added (scroll way, way down) old photo of Pembroke.


CPR Ottawa Added two photos decades apart. In the second one there are lots of railroaders here and there.
Can you find the old bus in somebody's backyard?




Street Railways

TTC in the Junction in later years.

Added Brill make trolley coach on 40 Junction route in 1986. See some of the many businesses long gone.





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