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Submissions and Acknowledgements





JANUARY 1, 2019





Lake BC and River Added (scroll down) recent colour photo of S S Moyie sternwheeler preserved and van 437092.


Travel Camping Out Added link to 2018 advertisement for Shooting Star Camp.


Ontario District

CPR Bruce Division

Bruce Branches Added Fergus (link under caption of Special train) Beatty Bros. Gallery showing many old photos of
special freight trains leaving Fergus with train loads of their appliances going across Canada. Great way to promote their products. This from the era when stuff was MADE IN CANADA!

Also, added (scroll down) old colour slide of 953 on the table in Elora.


CPR London Division
Passenger service. Scroll way down to Jubilees for a great scene of doubleheader Christmas Eve 1954.
And a scroll a little more to see second view of new RDC's at London (Nov. 21/1953) before extended to Windsor/Detroit.

Photo gallery 4 Diesels Added (scroll way down) 8488 a GP9 a long ways from home.


Lambton Yard
Added photo (second from top) of Big Lead and Here Yard in 1963. Note tower to train yardmasters how to work from it rather than on the ground in anticpiation of upcoming Toronto hump yard soon to be opened.

Road engine gallery Added (scroll down) 5102 a London Division engine in off its run from there.



CPR Subsidiaries

CPEL Added LE&N 209 in very old photo plus its much later preservation.




Travel Added GTof C system map and GTR The International, CNR Continental Limited hauled by new 6004.


Predecessor roads.

Canadian Northern Added (scroll down to first photo of Belleville station) then see second photo for links in caption to
Hotel Quinte whose horsedrawn omnibus is waiting at station. Built 1895, rebuilt after 1906 fire, modern photo circa 1978, then sadly destroyed by 2012 fire.




Ontario Southland GJR gallery Added 180 in its new paint scheme.




Newfoundland Railways

CNR years. Subsequent owners (scroll to very bottom) Added two older photos of 914 with nitrate ore train in Chile.


Toronto Streets
Junction. Added (scroll down) photo of Loblaw's first store!




1802 with CP_B&M Pool train passing ancient Ball-type signal in Whitefield, NH.

Also, Rare $25 banknote marking 25th anniversary King George V.



Photograph Galleries


CNR diesel
Added CV 4926 4445 and CV 4550_GT_4445 and CV 4929_DWP_3609 with a clear order board in Bowmanville.
also CV 4928 in Toronto Yard.

US Subsidiaries Added CV 3609_3610



The Dominion and predecessor name trains. Added 575 in down-on view at Banff with early tour buses.
Be sure to check out second view of 575 in a real "action" scene! He sure is "Pickin em up and layin em down".

Also, scroll down a little for 5903 with unidentified train (locationa and date) in a familiar pose and scene that I cannot place!


The Canadian Added view looking down on high bridge in Parry Sound (no train!)


Added (scroll down to RDC's) link to 2018 advertisement for Shooting Star Camp. Metagama ghost town only accessible on the White River Budd Car run!


Park Trains Added (scroll down) Britannia Park Cagney with real-sized G5 1227 in background! Long history, still exists!

Alberni Pacific Added recent photo of train hauled by 45-tonner and converted CN vans (similar to PSTR).

Alberta Central New gallery for railway museum with train ride on private property. CP 8015 RS-23 and ex RDC 9108.

Charlevoix New gallery for this unique tourist train in Quebec that uses DMU's built in Germany!

Orford Express Added another scenic view of train shoving past Lake Argent.

Port Stanley Terminal Rail Added (scroll down) photo of L4 GE 70-tonner nee PGE 556.


US Roads in Canada
B&M_CPR_Pool Added (scroll down to diesel era) 1802 passing a Ball signal.
(scroll way down second to bottom) 9113 in White River Jct. Vermont. (same photo as above).

C&O Added 5244 on turntable in St.Thomas, sister SW9 to 5242, (PSTR L3, OSRX 52).




CNR predecessor roads.

Canada Atlantic Added great old 19th century photo number 3 with logging train for J R Booth, also 4 on turntable.

Great Western Added great old advertisement featuring Suspension Bridge also 55 and Prospero.


CNR steam

4-6-4F Suburban Added 6 photos of 47 in service over the decades including inside roundhouse as well as one taken on my 10th birthday! Also, dead enroute to F. Nelson Blount.
Sitting at Steamtown in Scranton neglected for decades. Needs to be REPATRIATED!


CN diesel US subsidiaries Added (scroll down) second photo of CV 8080 a long ways from home!


CNR Demonstrator. Added second photo of MaK 1000 to more clearly show the hydraulic drive (siderods).



CPR steam

A2 class
Added photo of 136 poses for its photograph while engineer Charlie Waters takes a break in Orangeville May 1, 1960.
Also, photo of 136_815 on short doubleheader within the terminal the day before tripleheader.R.L.Kennedy in gangway.


D class Ten-Wheelers
Added (scroll down) D6 536 (built in Scotland) BTW check out 555 built in Germany! and D9 572 built in Kingston.
D10's 676 a poor quality photo but with a unique water car connected to the tender. Check it out! Also added 837.
Plus, 962 with passenger train leaving Kelowna. Only D10 in passenger colours! It would later haul the last passenger train.
If anyone has a colour photo of 962 please CONTACT US



CPR diesel
S-2 Added (scroll down) 7037 in Block lettering paint scheme. See what is on the back step into the cab from steam era. .
GP30 (Two only) Added photo of 8201_8200 near-new getting a big look over. Soon to be renumbered 5001_5000.


CP Rail diesel.
Created thumbnail for new gallery 1100 series road cab control 1102 ex 4213 and 1100 ex 4236 preserved.
Created thumbnail for new gallery 1150 series yard hump control cabs 1150, 1151, and strangest of all 1152!
Also, includes 1159 used with Beltpack operation.


CPR RDC old paint scheme Added (scroll down) 9113 in White River Junction, Vermont.

CPR diesels Preserved Added (scroll down) 5000 GP30 only one saved! Shown with freight train display.

CPR diesels Subsequent owners Added (scroll way down to WNY&P see link in caption) AM 70 nee CP 4500


E&N Added (scroll way down) interesting photo of 15 a little hydraulic loco hauling a log train! See what else it did on VI.


GO locomotives subsequent owners Added (scroll to bottom) LTEX 18520 shoving METRA train in scenic view.


ONR Added (scroll way down) 2201 in new paint job one of three GP40-2 leasers acquired.


TH&B self-propelled. Added new gallery for gas-electric car 301.






SRY_RL Added (scroll down to 385 for links in caption for prior owners MRL 703 and SCL 1914.



Forty Mile Line New gallery from startup with JLCX 4004 and photos ex RLK 4004 ex SP 3877 GP9 built low nose.



Carlton Trail

Added CTRW 1004 and 1064 a pair of old ICG GP10's in two different paint schemes 10 years ago.
Now, they have been sold. Watch for them from JLCX.



Central Manitoba (CANDO) CEMR Gallery Added (scroll way down) ex CN 7236 GP9RM

GWWD Added 100:2nd a 44-tonner one of two recent acquisitions.


Nova Scotia

DEVCO Added 228 a one unit order and the last order ever. With full lettering for Cape Breton Development Corporation.



Added new gallery for Gaspesie starting with SFG 1819 leading a train load of windmill blades!




Steam (Other than Ontario)

British Columbia
Added Hamilton Bridge Western 2 (2-4-2T) and views of plant and shipbuilder next door etc.

Alberta Midland
Added (scroll down to Northern Plains Rail Services list) link in list of images ex CP 1695 shows roof detail following repairs at CP which resulted in long hood having two different sets of radiator fans. 2 x 36" off QNS&L 165 and orginal single 48" fan. Note too the unique history of 1695 nee 8839 "GP18" last of 200 GP9's.


New Brunswick same link as BC
Added (scroll way down) Bathurst Power & Paper 2.



Kirkfield Crushed Stone Added (scroll to very bottom) click on link for Plant closeup view. Interesting.




National Harbours Board
Added (scroll down to NHB section) D9 MLW S-3 alongside Bonsecours Market a National Historic Site in Old Montreal.



Rolling Stock

CPR Service equipment. Plows, spreaders etc. Added (scroll down) 402867 spreader with wings out being repaired. Also,
spreader 402895. Plus, 420931 scale test car converted from B-100 slug unit. SFS but last known to still exist.


Businesses Reused other non-business purposes, museums, private etc.
Added recent colour photo of S S Moyie sternwheeler preserved and van 437092. (Same photo as Article above)
Also, added (scroll down to very bottom) body of old unknown baggage car once used by North Bay Model Railroad Club.
If you know anything about it, Please CONTACT US.




CNR Predecessors

Canada Atlantic Added great old photo of engine 4 Casselman, closeup of expanded roundhouse, maps of area.
Special thanks to David Jeans, Colin Churcher and Bernie Geiger for all their research.


CPR Roundhouses, shops etc. Added 4 old photos of coaling derrick in Chipman, NB featuring 136 and 144!
Simliar devices were used at branchline locations across the system including Teeswater and Port Burwell, Ont.


US Roads in Canada

MCR Added (link) map of St.Thomas shops 1922. Click second time to further enlarge.

Movie trains
Added AMrail 6506 for the movie Finders Keepers which was based by the novel Next-to-last Train Ride.



Ontario Other divisions Ottawa
Added (scroll down) recent photo of former Union Station long used as Government Conference Centre and not open to the public. In 2019 Parliament's Red Chamber and Senate offices will be relocated here to allow for major renovations for many years. Parliament Hill has been undergoing major renovations since 2002.



Palais, Quebec City
Added two excellent aerial views 1925 and 1975 of entire station and its tracks, freight shed, yard and area.
Click on second time to further enlarge.



Interurban Railways & Electric Lines

London & Port Stanley Added (scroll down to below thumbnails) 204 an old wooden flat car,
also, (scroll to very bottom) preserved Car 8 operating at HCRR.

Quebec Railway Light & Power Added 22 their only steam locomotive a small 2-6-0.


Street Railways

Hull Electric Added old photo of HER 50 plus history of line.

Ottawa Electric Added 1950's photo of two cars on Somerset Steet. Gallery added very old photo of open car 226.

Toronto Railway Added old hand coloured post card dated 1912 along with today's scene TTC 4124 with same building!
Note the two small "one person" structures on the street corner. These are where you can go inside, close the door, put a coin in the slot to have a telephone conversation and only TWO people in the whole world knew what you are talking about!








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