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Submissions and Acknowledgements







April 1, 2020




Montreal Locomotive Works 1914 article had a 1954 aerial photo 1954 added to it incorrectly identified. It has been removed. Actually it is a photo of Canadian Steel Foundries. Thanks to Ken Goslett for catching this and noting it is likewise incorrectly captioned in the Montreal and Quebec Archives!




Employee Time Tables

Added CPR Ontario District Time Table 44 effective May 1st, 1921. While in poor condition this time table was purchased to fill a gap in years. Hand written notes both detract and add to the artifact. Proof (above 44 on cover) indicates it has been prepared to show changes to various times of trains for the next time table to be issued later in the year.







CP Express

Money orders.

Added (scroll to bottom) a cheque payable in shillings in England. Proof of the vast services provided by CPR.




CPR Algoma District

Added 4721. Plenty of Alco/MLW power worked through here for many years beginning with the first covered wagons.


Sudbury Gallery

SOO Added to Soo gallery portion. 8159_8171, also 8165. See who is in this photo and what he is doing.


4200 gallery

Added (scroll to very bottom) 4244 leading near Blind River. 8/1983



CPR Smiths Falls Division

Prescott Sub. Added (scroll to very bottom) old photo of 3510 with short freight train. Link to a young boy's story.






Added 1954 aerial view of Canadian Steel Foundries.



Photograph Galleries


CPR diesel

CLC A & B units. Added 4053 with 8856 in CLC Fairbanks-Morse territory.


CP Rail diesel

SD40-2 Added 5922, 5934 and 6032 (three photos) in scenic West Kootenay Region of BC.
New contributor Rudolf Gruetter, who lives in Switzerland, visiting Canada over the years including August 1984.

GP9 Added new thumbnail started with 8696 and something interesting taking place, plus trailing 8810. Also, 8822.


CPR Ottawa old diesel inc. CN diesels

Added CNR 1287 switching a consist of CPR RDC's. Explains why and when. Shortly before closure.



Prairie Dog Central. Added 4 old photos from 1980. Can anyone identify the 3 men? CONTACT US for reward.





CNR Predecessors

GTR Added 930 and other engines in a scene at East Toronto yard and shops.

GTR 4-4-0 Added (scroll to bottom) 377.

ICR Added 66


CNR Steam

Added (link in caption) an older prior display location 5093. While you are at it, have a look throughout this entire gallery.


CNR diesel

G12 Added another photo of 992 (ex L&PS) showing front of unit and unique trucks.

RS-18 Added 3733

S-2 and S-4 Added 8078 and 8114 (ex 7948) subsequent owner Ontario Paper 4.


Subsequent Owners New gallery started with several MVPX units.






CLC A units Added 4053. Also, (scroll to bottom) Robot 15 plus link to Robot gallery all makes.
S-2 Added (scrll down) 7054 early photo in original paint scheme. See who is in the picture!


CP Rail diesel

Added 4238_4236 in Cranbrook, BC not a common place for MLW 4-axle power as it was all assigned to St.Luc.

Note: Bruce Chapman (LBC) confirms it was he, working at the Power Bureau at Montreal HQ, who worked such units
west on account of shortage of 4-axle power due to the Ten-Year rebuild program of MLW RS-18's and GMD GP9's.


Added 4238 (closeup of above pair)

Added (link) click twice) chart for renumbering 4500's due to modifications Locotrol, Pace Setter Master and Repeater.

Also, Added (below thumbnails) 5107 a new catagory for 5100-5109 randomly modified for remote control operation.


Subsequent Owners

RTEX Added 8138 at new location with new paint job for MetalX.



GO Added 600:2nd, 666 and twin-engined 677.

Subsequent owners
Added (scroll to very bottom) LTEX 18533 in much of the paint scheme of MI-Train a still-born commuter proposal.



(scroll down) 1601 also (scroll down) 1730 (3rd photo) freshly painted with somewhat short-lived "Rail Services" sub-title.





G&W's SOR. Now back in CN's hands added (scroll to very bottom) 2 views CN 580.







Steam Ontario

Ontario Paper History of this steam engine, a long-time mystery has been solved by Philip M. Goldstein!



Steam other provinces

Added scroll down to Saskatchewan (link in caption) Manitoba & Saskatchewan Coal 6166 (ex CP) displayed outdoors.



Rolling Stock Added Chi-Cheemaun ferry.

ONR Work equipment, vans etc. Added van 104 colour photo in original paint scheme.





CNR Yards etc. Longue Pointe, QC Added aerial 1954 includes huge Canadian Steel Foundries plant.




Started new page including many links to existing photos of Toronto stations including predecessor roads.



Car Ferries

Added Ontario Northland's Chi-Cheemaun



Interurban and Electric

Mount Royal Tunnel.

Added (scroll down) CN 6714_6713 B&W photo. Also, (scroll to very bottom) 201 and M-5 side-by-side.

Montreal Tramways

Added (scroll down to very bottom) observation car 2 preserved at Seashore Trolley Museum which has a huge collection including more than a dozen from Canada.
















March 1, 2020




CPR Algoma District

Schreiber Added great colour aerial view of White River.

Sudbury Gallery
Added, (scroll way down to SOO) station plus adjoining building for section gang. Check out the "boat" in the parking lot!
Also, (scroll down to Espanola) added roundhouse and 8109 colour. See what trainman is wearing!


CPR Ontario District

CPR Bruce

Passenger Service Hamilton

Added 2662 at TH&B Hunter Street in Hamilton with a NYC train from Buffalo bound for Toronto. By this date three newer G3's had replaced four older John Street engines specially equipped for ATC over NYC Welland-Buffalo. It is possible 2662 retained its ATC equipment and kept as a protect engine. It would later become a Lambton engine.


CPR Trenton Divison

Piggyback trains

Added three old CPR publicity B&W photos with RS-18's posed. Check out early device for contacting dispatcher!

Kingston & Pembroke
Added great colour photo of 417 at coaling up. Read sign.





General Motors Aerotrain Added cover adv. new passenger service using brand new unique lightweight Aerotrain.

Montreal Locomotive Works. Article 1914. Added great aerial view from 1954 showing how great this plant once was.





Photograph Galleries



CNR Steam
Added 3228 and 3282 doubleheading with a train from Kirkfield Crushed Stone's quarry.



CPR Diesel

Added 8447 switching while tailend crew relaxes! Actually, don't know if it is same crew or another train. See what else.

GP9 Added 8826 (Script) leading (CPRail) B_RS_RS units through Nelson.


CP Rail

Added 8027 8063 (2nd) rebuilt GE 4400 HP units on the once famous NYC Water Level Route 4 track mainline to NYC.
Added (scroll down) 8694 in Revelstoke on Vernon Turn.


The Canadian
Added photo of 1407_1418 No.2 at North Bay (first gallery photo at North Bay)
Includes Authorization Form to permit No.2 to pass stop signal.


Tourist Trains
Added new entry for Pacific Starlight Dinner Train a short-lived operation on BC Rail c.1999-2003.



CNR Predecessor steam
Grand Trunk Added GT 319


CNR steam

US subsidiaries;
Added (scroll way down) CV_3254 long ago at unknown location and date. Can you help? CONTACT US



CNR diesel

SW1200RS Added 1242.

C-424 Added 3218

GP9 Added 4133

GP9RM Added 7017



CPR Steam

G2 class
Added 2501 in a night scene, 2584 unknown location. As of Dec. 1952 was assigned to Brownville Junction, Maine. If you recognize anything in the background that may indentify location CONTACT US. for reward!
Also, 2655 and 2662.



CP Rail Diesel

C-424 Added 4223, 4228, 4237. Check all captions this page for subsequent owners, many added.

M636 Added photo 4727 on my birthday!

SD40 Added 5541

Added 8104 and subsequent owner RRVW 1213, also, 8106 another one on another of my many birthdays!
Also, 8125 and subsequent owner.

RS-18 Added 8752

GP9u Added 8210 8248 plus (check all captions on this page for links) several ex numbers and subsequent owners.

SD40 Added 5524 one of the few SD40's scrapped. Most were sold to subsequent owners.

SD40-3 Started (scroll to very bottom) 6000 (to be re# 5100) one of 10 units.

SD40-2F Added 9007.

AC4400CW New thumbnail for this model. Includes 9507, 9602, 9641, 9654.


Remanufactured Units

GP9u Added 1580 ex 8635 one of 3 units modified with chop nose for Alyth Hump service.

GE AC4400CWM Started with 8000 first of 64 units factory rebuilt in random order.



Subsequent owners

SD40 and SD40-2
Added 5686, GCFX 3057, CITX 3057, CMQ 3057 Also, (scroll to bottom) new model SD40-3 6000



US Roads

Delaware-Lackawanna Added 4223 (5 photos) ex QGRY 4223, and subsequent owners ME 423 and RRPX 4223.

WNY&P added 417 ex 1850 nee 8738, also 434, 435



CPR Drake Street

Added 7118 in roundhouse being worked on. Also, two photos of The Canadian's protect power 3 GP9's off local jobs working one shift out of Drake Street thus on hand to be dispatched if replacement power needed for Number 2.

CPR "Poco" Added new link Common abbreviation for Port Coquitlam, main freight yard and diesel shop for Vancouver.
Added (scroll down) B&W photos of Baldwins 7069, 7065, 7067, 7073 on yard unit service tracks.
Also, see what is going on with 7064 and who!



GO Subsequent owners. Added Amtrak 199 in service Niagara Falls, ON. Also, see how it looked when sold by GO.



Shortlines Steam

Asbestos & Danville

Bartholomew 30" gauge 0-4-0T built by Porter in 1897! Owned by predecesor Asbestos & Asbestic. TOS & TIC.





Kirkfield Crusehd Stone (narrow gauge)
Added CNR 3228 and 3282 doubleheading with outbound train. Same photo as above in CNR train gallery.




AltaSteel new power has been identified as far as prior owners is concerned.
Still unknown, is this a change of loco leasor or does it involve another switching contractor? Or, both?

Also, Added CRGX 701 ( inc. 3 ex owners) one of only 6 SD28's built enroute to Cargill's elevator in Lethbridge.

Alberta Gallery 2

Sand Source Services (scroll down) New listing started with DLCX 143 an upgraded early EMD model SC.



Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting
Added (scroll way down) 3 a 70-tonner one of 3 ex Kennecott Copper units acquired. Photo on my birthday!




Rolling Stock

BCR Added BCIT 841920 box car used for International freight only as per its reporting marks.




Freight car equipment.

Added (scroll to very bottom) CPI 542019 bi-level auto carrier with pickup trucks. Early open style multi.

Piggyback and container flat cars.

Added (scroll way down) 520053 last of 29 6-wheel truck flats to handle 4 containers converted from heavyweight sleepers.
Also, 300147 with a unique load! Have a look! See what it was all about.



Added (scroll way down) 437449 one of early steel vans with turret cupola.

Added 410276 boarding car that may have been a van at one time!
Also, multiple cars for a look at the latest work service equipment, modular units on flat cars including 89'.




T&YR Metro Div. Added (sroll to very bottom) unidentified radial car beside Fairy Lake.


Street Railways

Hamilton Added builders photo of new order first car 500.




Added (scroll down to CNR) aerial view of Winnipeg shops, also, Senneterre diesel shop.

Nova Scotia. Added aerial of Halifax roundhouse and yard,.Also, scroll down to Ontario for view from CN Tower Spadina roundhouse and second view of Coach yard. Best such photos I have seen.












February 1, 2020


CPR London Division

Gallery of power.

Added 2234 assisting 5414 westbound out of Toronto. Likely around Obico but could be a London train ex Leaside.

Gallery yard diesels.

Added (scroll down) 6593 one of the few 6500's on London Division. It would eventually wind up on Waterloo Central!

Gallery 5 created and CP Rail era diesels moved from Gallery 4 to here and added 5879 eastbound at Galt. More to come!


CPR Smiths Falls Division

Added (scroll down) 4230_4202 with pig train eastbound to Montreal.

Roundhouse gallery Added 2814


CPR Lambton Yard

Added 5375 backing to its train for Hamilton. Incorrectly identified as being in London.


CPR Lambton Locomotive Department

Added new link (duplicate) to better locate following page and gallery.

West Toronto Roundhouse and Diesel Servicing Area.
This facility replaced Lambton Locomotive Dept.





CPR Toronto Yard

Road engine gallery

Added great photo of shop track with two A units in different paint schemes. Easy to tell which paint scheme has CLASS!



Ontario Southland

Port Burwell Sub. Added photo rear view of original diesel shop.

St.Thomas Subdivision Added a nice winter scene with 6508_1401.






Photograph Galleries


CPR Diesel

Added brand new 4073_4074 "carrying green" stopped at unknown location. Can you help?
Also, (below) 4720, 4553 and a third MLW. And, 5023 leading MLW B and A units. Both trains westbound from Montreal.


Also, added 6623 last of only 10 S-11's "van only". Note what is on the rear of the van. This was standard equipment on all older vans. Note too what is on the track in foreground. Very important safety device and its purpose.




CP Rail

SD40 Added 5832 also, 5844 with their trains in BC.




BC Rail Added (scroll down) 758 and 762,


CN Rail

Added 2104 one of a tiny order for only 20 units from Bombardier believed a compelled purchase to keep BBD in business. Nobody else ordered any! Soon, Bombardier closed the former MLW plant ending Alco production in North America.



CPR Steam


Added 158 in its last years before being preserved under its original number 374 having hauled No.1 May 23,1887
with the first passenger train into Vancouver. It is still in Vancouver.

Ten-Wheelers D3 class

Added 548 showing off its Schmidt superheater. First locomotive superheated in Western Hemisphere.

D10 Added 981 and 1108 close to last one.

G5 class Added 1251 last of 50 MLW built G5's.

G1 class 4-6-2 Pacific

Added 1026 later renumbered 2226 and later still rebuilt but retained old 200 lb. pressure boiler. .

G2 class Added 2614 at unknown location. Can you help?

G3 2300 Added 2343 fresh out of Ogden!

G3 2400 Added 2352 2nd G3c which began the newer semi-steamlined style locomotives.
Also, 2354 official CPR photo when new.

H1 class Royal Hudson Added 2842 in builders style photo.

P1 class Added 5125 digitally restored courtesy of Walter Pfefferle.

P1n Added 5213 smoking it up a bit!
Also, 5248 switching in Banff. Read why a new road engine was regularly assigned instead of a yard engine.

P2 5300 Added 5325 in an interesting/rare photo of it being finished off with its backshopping at Ogden!

U class Added 6151 recently converted to oil-firing. Also, 6295 freshly outshopped.

V Class Added (scoll to very bottom) 6968 last heavy 0-8-0 renumbered from 6609.


CPR diesel

Added 4503_4463_8773 sitting on a shop track at St.Luc. Look at what is included here. I have never seen a photo of this before however, I sure have seen the real thing itself!



CLC-FM Added 4053 (and 8556) in a scenic photo of F-M territory.

SD40 Added 5533 (5532) in Script paint scheme.

RS-23 Added photo of 8019-8021-8032


CP Rail diesel


M-636 Added good photo of 4730.

GP35 Added 5024

SD40 Added 5565 first Dash-2

Baldwin Added 7070


Rebuilt units

1150 Belt Pack Added 1158 and 5492 with 1158 including subsequent owner 5492.

1500 GP9u Added 1504 in short-lived CPRS era paint scheme.



Gensets (scroll to bottom)

Added demo 2GS14B NRE 2007 used at Calgary and two places in BC as well as winding up at a small contract switching outfit in Texas along with ex CN 4010.



Subsequent owners

Motive Power Resources MVPX

Added 1201 and ex 2001 nee 8109.

Also, links (top of page ) to ex CN power MVPX 1202/1504 ex Cargill 1504 ex CN 1504; MVPX 1203 ex GTW 1516


Industrial all Canada. Check LouisDreyfus roster at top of first page, there are many missing photos. Can you help?




Added 513 one of 6 units sold to Amtrak.
Also, added (scroll down) first photos of newer units. 646 in new paint scheme and 670 powerful dual engine 5400 HP unit!



Added 201 one of 4 EMD SW1001 low-clearance cab units (popular with steel mills all over), acquired from Inland Steel,
Two for Montreal and two for Toronto. Subsequent owner; Stelco 456, Nanticoke,





CANDO Added (scroll to bottom) CCGX 7211 (ex CN) and 1622 (ex CP) both units in storage. At this time (1/2020)
there are also CN 7236 and CCGX 1000, 1005, 1006, 1010 in storage plus two newer leased units CEFX 1504, 1507.





Alberta Gallery 1 Added GMTX 331, 335 new power for AltaSteel. This looks like either just a change of loco leasor or the
switching contractor. Anyone know?

Saskatchewan Gallery 3 Coal mining companies.

Added Westmoreland Mining 2 photos; DMVW 6354 ex SP 6608 GP35.
Also, Prairie Mines & Royalty 3 photos; PRMX 6973, GMTX 6973 and ex ONT 1731.
also, Luscar Coal 4 and Prairie Coal 3 photos; 84160 SW1001 subsequently GMTX 98.






Downtown Vancouver Yards

Added photo of 7113 with a mixed consist of pigs, containers, box cars under a modern building. See what it was.




Added Traingeek Steve Boyko travels far and wide photographing trains and grain elevators!





















January 1, 2020



CPR Algoma District

Sudbury Gallery Added 4563-4501 backing onto their train.


CPR Ontario District

CPR Bruce Division

Passenger service. Hamilton. Added 1421_19xx with the "Little Ham" leaving Sunnyside almost back home.

CPR London Division

Branch passenger. Added 5405 with single car No. 740 replacing the recently retired 9004 gas-electric car.


CPR Toronto Division

Parkdale Added photo M-235 1929 Packard Inspection Car. See who is driving it!

West Toronto Diamond

Added old photo of Weston Road Viaduct just built not yet open to traffic. See what is almost hidden in this 1911 photo.
Be sure to check out (link) highly detailed article about its construction.



CPR Trenton Division

Leased power. Added MKCX 9057 and other owners (inc. WC and NBSR still on roster) for it and 9526.
Thanks to Zack Hilton and Randy Keller for roster data.

Kingston Sub. Added great old photo of D4 485 smoking it up leaving Kingston with mixed train.


CPR Lambton Yard

West Toronto Added 5 photos of Inspection cars over the decades prior to Hy-rail vehicles.


CPR Predecessors and Subsidiaries

Quebec Central. Added nice old (1915) photo of pre-CPR Ten-Wheeler 45 with passenger train.




Grand Trunk predecessor roads.
Added (scroll to very bottom) link Cobourg and Peterborough , later Cobourg, Peterborough & Marmora Ry. & Mining Co.
Note: History and details of two locos unknown. Can you help?



Algoma Central

Locomotive gallery Scroll down to diesels.
Added 182 last of 3 SD40's first 6 axle power. Also, 183 first SD40-2. And 185 and 4 more units at Hawk Jct shop.





Photograph Galleries



Added photo of 10800 and 10900 rare self-propelled cars that operate a short passenger service in remote BC on the former BC Rail out of Lillooet. This very scenic area has become a tourist attraction by default after BC eliminated all RDC passenger service before selling off the railway to CN.



Steam The Dominion (scroll down to Selkirks in the mountains) Added 5934 descending Field Hill.


Added 4067-4066 looking brand new in 1952!

Also, (scroll down) 4062-4446 led this special train that was operated over the Victoria Day weekend May 24, 1952.
It was run for the benefit of Nicholas Morant, CPR Special photographer. Read details about why and who approved it.
What you won't read about is the stowaway! At some point along the way a man complained about the train stopping in the middle of nowhere and being late etc. etc. It was then the conductor realized the lone man had gotten on the wrong train!


Confederation Train Added (scroll to bottom) photo of 1967 cross-Canada display train in Swift Current.


US Roads in Canada.

Amtrak 344 with the Maple Leaf in the Falls is changing crews almost 40 years ago!

Norfolk & Western

Added 3667 see what is in the background.




Port Stanley Rail

Added old colour photo of van 61 (ex TH&B) nicely painted and coupled to L3 ex C&O GMD SW9.





BC Rail

Added S 410 last of 10 slugs converted from retired RS-3's and controlled by RS-18's.
Also, (scroll down) RS-18 605 added.

Added (link in 644's,caption) 644-687-685-641 in a A-B-B-A style consist with two cabless "B" units.


CNR steam

4-6-2 Pacific Added 5080 looking sharp in 1959 near the end of steam era.

0-6-0 Added (scroll way down) first photo of this sub class 7508 last of sub class.

0-8-0's Added 8297 ex CV, 8322, 8366, 8390 and 8435 at the end of its career. .



Added 1531 long displayed in Barrie it was sadly neglected then relocated to Midhurst. Rumour it might return to Barrie.
Also NH&I 1533 used in excursion service it was delibertely damaged by a disgruntled person and remains neglected.
And a third Ten-Wheeler 1551 which Nelson Blount saved. It later went to Jerry Jacobson operating on his Ohio Central in tourist train service. It is at Age of Steam roundhouse.

Added 5114 displayed at Regional Park Railway Museum, Melville, SK with other equipment and a station.
Also, 5588 in very recent photo looking great!


CNR diesel

C424 Added 3215

GP35 Added 4001 in new paint scheme. Last of only 2 GP35`s on CN.

S-7 rare model Canadian-Only Alco built by MLW only for CNR. Added 8210 in orgiinal paint scheme.

S-3 Added 8463 in an interesting scene. Location and date unknown. Can you help?




CPR steam


Added photo of 374 during Expo86 in Vancouver also, much earlier photo of it being moved to Kitsilano for display.

Eight-Wheelers Added 32 cent postage stamp. (same as in Preserved gallery but see other 4-4-0's it represents).

G5 class Added 1202, 1203, 1210, 1214, 1238, 1257 and 1265. Last two at unknown location. Can you help?

Jubilee class Added 2926 tip-towing out on a pier to switch fishing shed is light enough even with a full tender of coal!

P1 class Added 5094 last of first 95 (hand-fired) 2-8-2's. Also, 5113 freshly outshopped Angus rebuild.

P1n class Added 5211

P2 class Added 5369 (read what it had been doing), 5432 and 5464 (read its obituary).

R3 class Added 5772 years ago before I was born!


T1 class Added 5909, 5917 and 5921. The latter looks like it is being fueled up with Bunker C oil, a rare scene.
Note these 2-10-4's when built were the biggest and heaviest steam locomotives in the British Commonwealth.




CP Rail Diesel

FP7/FP9 A&B Added 1416-1402

SD40/SD40-2 Added 5742 one of only two units painted for Expressway trains recently discontinued.

Added 7112 one of 10 units modified for road service with larger fuel tanks etc. It would have far more suitable if RS-1 road switchers had been ordered in the first place (at a slightly higher cost) as their features especially road trucks which would give a better ride at speed.

SW1200RS Added 8110 and 8147 including subsequent owners.


Rebuilt units

RS-18u Added 1859 ex 8786.


Subsequent owners Industrial

Saskatchewan added LouisDreyfus LDCX 2005.

USA (Scroll to very bottom) Progress Rail, added PR 8147





Goderich-Exeter Added (scroll to bottom) RLK 4095 and QGRY 2008

Southern Ontario Added four photos of this special train handling massive transformer.


Rail America Southern Ontario
Added two photos SO 5005 (CP GP35), RLK 5005 and RMPX 9431.





Gallery 2 (scroll way down) New entry Providence Grain. Started with great overall view of elevator etc.
Newly leased NPR 5906 (ex CP 5906) and old GP35 ex DMVW 6327.



G3 Canada Added EFCX 1001 at Colonsay a high output grain elevator wirh 134 car loop for unit grain trains.
Also, LouisDreyfus LDCX 2005



London General Motors Added plant switcher 57 still in TH&B paint!

Toronto Andrew Merrilees (D) Added (scroll down) AAM 10 70-tonner ex Potasco 10 and photo nee SN 210.



Rolling Stock

BC Hydro Added old wooden van A8 and unique self-propelled work car.

CN Added WFRX 856625 first of large fleet of new-style covered hopper cars for grain.

ONR Freight Added ONT 100508 with nice part load and 100510 empty, new long flat cars



CNR Added overall view of Transcona shops, roundhouse and yard.



CNR Yards

Toronto Downtown. Front Street team tracks, yard, shops etc. Lots to see in this 1972 view. ENLARGE



Added (new link) great old aerial view of Parry Sound yard.


US roads in Canada

MCR Added old aerial view of MCR St.Thomas shops, roundhouse etc.




Other Ontario Divisions

Ottawa Added (4th image down) old view Union Station near end 19th century.


Station reused, museums etc.

Started new page CNR Saskatchewan. Eatonia (museum and library) inc. CN 78103 steel van. Plus, a real surprise!




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