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Submissions and Acknowledgements



March 1, 2018



CPR Bruce Division

Bruce Branches

Stations: 19th century gallery Teeswater Sub. Added old photo Waldermar with people posing.

Orangeville Subdivision. Orangeville Yard Added link to Superior Portland Cement hand coloured postcard 1907 and message! Added (scroll down) Cataract Added link 1923 map of track layout including quarry spur, turntable etc. then,
added old aerial panoramic view of Forks of Credit. Next, Brampton, Gummed Papers plant about to be demolished.
Just one of many medium sized industries in Brampton and elsewhere on this sub. and many others all over the country.
A time when many things were Made in Canada. A time long gone and forgotten!

Scroll down to Owen Sound Subdivision. Added 1972 colour photo of Owen Sound roundhouse.


Teeswater Subdivision Mount Forest spur added link to 1910 map of tracks and facilities.

Branch Passenger service. Toronto-Orangeville-Owen Sound.
Added two links (below caption 1405) to weekly newspaper story and editorial covering the first diesel passenger train.


CPR London Division
Gallery yard diesels. Added (scroll to very bottom) two views of 8159 switching along waterfront in Windsor.



CPR Smiths Falls Division

Added link to map of all railways Ottawa 1965.


CPR Toronto Division

Station gallery West Toronto
Added (first photo caption) link to Goad's Atlas 1910 showing location of former O&Q Toronto Junction station as being CPRy Freight Station. Then, (scroll down 1955) links in caption to two photos of pay telehone booth! Remember them?
You went into this little booth, closed the door, put a nickle (later years, a dime) in the telephone slot, dialed the number and
if someone answered only two people in the whole world knew what you were talking about! I long for those days especially on public transit when people yap loudly about anything and everything. Personal or otherwise. Often just inane chatter.
Note too what is obviously a publicity photo of the woman on the phone with her little girl. The "train" if it is one, is on the wrong track! Note the man giving a stop hand signal. Likely he was assiting with spotting the units just right place for the photographer.Had the units been on the eastbound track they might have been too cloxe for the camera angle. And, you thought this was just another photograph!


Don River Bridge. Added link Leaside high bridge to a great photo of the completed bridge.
Already uploaded is under construction photo.


John Street Locomotive Department

Construction photos (link) Added (scroll down) aerial view of roundhouse etc. nearing completion August 1929 as seen from opposite angle to earlier view. Enlargment also.

John Street steam engines.

U3 class 0-6-0's added 6210, 6213, 6215, 6239, 6244, 6275 and 6281 spotless! I think that is my "Old Man" relaxing!


Swansea History

Added link in text below 6525 photo for Christie's cookie plant closed in November 2013 and awaiting approval for a massive residential development. Another link for sadly, another Canadian plant and its employment lost, considered as "no longer viable". Campbell's recently announced the upcoming closure of their 87 year old (1931) plant at 60 Birmingham Street in New Toronto. Affecting 380 jobs even though millions of dollars were spent not long ago to upgrade machinery. Campbell's had ended shipping by insulated box cars due to service issues changing to intermodal years ago removing their private siding. It would be nice if the new owners (Highline) of the former Heinz plant in Leamington could take over Campbell's Canadian production even if it had to move there.


CPR Trenton Division.
Port McNicoll history. Added (scroll way down) link to news story 1916 shipping season with details of traffic.


CPR Lambton Yard.
Steam yard engines. Added 6226.


Canadian National

Predecessor railways

Canadian Northern Added (scroll down) coloured picture unique station built for OS&H Ontario's first railway.


GTR Added great old colour travel brochure for Summer Resorts in Quebec.
Also, great old black and white photo of a short passenger train crossing the famed Niagara Gorge dating from 1873!


Toronto Belt Line. Added (scroll down Humber loop) photo of long abandoned Old Mill on Humber river. Also,
Added page for Humber Bay area at bottom of lesser-known Humber loop line with Goad's 1910 map and later photos.
This includes 1950-60's photos of TTC streetcars over level crossing with CNR old belt line.




GMD (scroll down to Export Locomotives). Added SJ 742 a model G12 sent to Sweden and now preserved.


Interurbans and Street Railways

Toronto Suburban Weston Line (scroll down) Added link in caption to aerial photo of Willys-Overland factory

Toronto Transportation Commission Added link to level crossings and grade separations.


Toronto Independent Bus Lines

Danforth Bus Lines and Toronto Coach Lines Added public time table 1953 for highway routes.
This and others were part of the downfall of railway passenger trains especially on branchlines in Ontario.




Added three interesting old photos. Engineers insurance policy beginning of Brotherhood at a time when unions were illegal.
Globe 1910 advertisement for time clocks. These were still in use in the 1950's on CPR.
Also, Samson car mover, a tool that used leverage to move freight cars on a siding etc.


Photograph Galleries



CPR diesel
The Canadian Added view looking down at consist being turned on the wye in Drake Street. See what else is there!

CPR Ottawa old diesel Added (scroll way down) four photos of Train Master diesels, rare in Ottawa. Includes three photo series the first of which is passing near (out of shot) well-known retired CPR railroader L. B. (Bruce) Chapman's long-time home on Gilchrist Avenue. Bruce is a long time personal friend and constant contributor of photos and information for this website.

Royal Trains
CPR Royal Tour 1939 Added (link) map of route.
CNR Royal Tour 1939 Added (link) map of route same as above.

US roads in Canada NOTE: Movie trains relocated to very bottom of page.

Added at top NYC Windsor Station in latter years. Used by CPR trains to/from USA.

NYC-CASO-PC Added (scroll down) three photos of Hagersville Tower including last day.

Pere Marquette/Chesapeake & Ohio/CSX
Added link to large map of all lines Ontario & USofA.



BCR diesel. Added a great find, two builder's photos of 565, 566 MLW RSC-3 (6 axle 4 traction motors). (561 preserved)
Also, (scroll down) 713 and scroll down some more to 4619. New section created (scroll down) for CN ownership years moving here from BC Rail era 4618, 4626, 4645.


CNR steam

Northern type Added (scroll down) 6302 at unknown location. 6400 builders photo and another at Turcot in 1954.


CPR steam Added old coloured postcard of 1991 4-6-4T.
U3 class 0-6-0. Added (scroll down) 6248 what the engineer is saying to the photographer!
Also, 6282 and 6284 on Western Lines.

CPR Diesel

Preserved units. Added 8120 at Kenora RR museum. Sadly, 4723 at Farnham was scrapped recently due to minor vandalism (a van was previously scrapped also vandalized) and lack of funds and interest in a small community.

ONR Steam

Added (scroll down) two digitally coloured old photographs of 306 and 307. Colour photography was expensive back in the 1950's so too did the very slow speed of colour film make moving photos difficult and seldom used for that reason.


TH&B steam Added (scroll down) roster shot of 202 in rods down pose. One of only two 2-8-4 Berkshires in Canada.



GMD covered wagons are here! "Everyone and his brother" came out to see them!



Ontario See What's New in this Gallery?


Rolling stock


Added (scroll down) two photos of PHLX covered hopper cars including 112 one of a big order for grain cars.

Saskatchewan Grain Car Corp. has disposed of its grain car fleet to three shortlines. See details.




CNR Added (scroll down) photo PSC diesel shop with an array of different passengers units on the shop tracks.

CNR Roundhouses Turcot added (scroll down) links to two 1930 aerials of Turcot (bottom) and CPR Glen (upper).




Glen (scroll down) to links two 1930 aerials of Turcot (bottom) and CPR Glen (upper). SAME as above CNR Roundhouses

BC only Added (scroll down to V = Vancouver) aerial Drake St. roundhouse with red outline of a garden! These were common all across the CPR at station and kept by the Agent. Lesser known were a smaller number in yards looked after by sectionmen.


Added (scroll down) view looking down at consist being turned on the wye in Drake Street.
This is same view as above however here, you can get a look at all of the other facilities as well.



CPR Other Ontario Divisions.

Added 3 large aerial photos from 1950 showing relationship Union Station to area including Ottawa West roundhouse.



CPR Palais Station in Quebec City. Added two 1976 colour photos. Note too the previously uploaded 1916 articles.


CPR Alberta. Added (scroll down) Calgary 1920's view plus 1960's colour view of street scene includes Palliser Hotel.


GTR Added link to map of Ottawa Terminals inc. Union Station 1911.



Interurban & Electric Rys.

London & Port Stanley.
Steam era Added link at top to Lake Erie & Detroit River excursion ticket Port Stanley to St.Thomas.


Street Railways (scroll down to link at top of galleries list).

Patterson & Corbin old local maker of electric street cars, horse and trail cars. 1895 advertisement.


















February 1, 2018


E & O

No, not the Erie & Ontario.
In this case it is Errors and Omissions!

Well, an omission in this case.

Late last month an article update omitted a link to an
old article detailing the major rebuild of
electric locomotives
for INCO.

Reminder: Dale Wilson still has copies of his excellent hardcover book about Sudbury Electrics & Diesels.



NOTE: Page count now at 2317! A favourite engine of mine.



Added (scroll to very bottom) link to new page with photos of S S Keewatin following its homecoming repatriation.
Latest happening is the pending move from Port McNicoll as a new developer has acquired the property and wants it gone.
Possible new locations are Midland and Owen Sound. Historically Owen Sound fits best since that is where the ship first steamed from. Additionally, the Owen Sound Marine and Rail Museum at the old CNR station still on its original site along with its newly acquired dining car would add to the theme and attract more visitors. They will draw from each other.


CPR Smiths Falls Division

Brockville Sub. Added great street scene of Brockville bound Number 261.
Bruce Chapman thinks that may be him about to catch the OCS mail being thrown off the baggage car!

Added link for existing station gallery and added recent photo of former Smiths Falls station now a live theatre!

Created new station gallery for Smiths Falls Division stations OTHER than the Falls itself. Starting with:
Carleton Junction and Carleton Place including non-railway use after abandonment. Inc. link to 1901 Royal train.



CPR Lambton Yard

Steam yard engine gallery. Added (scroll down) 0-6-0's 6160 and 6209 c.1937, 1946.


OSR Power gallery. Added (scroll to very bottom) BCOL 644. One of four GE units acquired, the largest OSR power.




Photograph Galleries

Businesses Created new gallery for business re-use of railway rolling stock. Beginning with Clearview Station B&B, Musquodoboit Harbour Railway Museum and Tourist Bureau in Nova Scotia, Ossawippi Express Dining Cars which only recently had a final piece of its chequered past come to an end. Tatamagouche Station Inn in Nova Scotia with the largest number of cabooses. Victoria Station once a big chain of restaurants (only two in Canada) that lasted for a number of years. More to come.
Got any photos? Past or present. How about a McDonald's caboose? CONTACT US





Added (scroll down) colour photo 6701 on historic Store Street in Victoria.
Compare to two older photos. Same location. Three different loco builders, three different paint schemes!


Royal Trains

Tour of 1901 Added (scroll down to bottom) great photo of huge crowd at Carleton Place.



BCR Added (scroll down) 632 ex L&HR C-420, scroll farther down to BC Rail segment for 601 two photos including Starlight Dinner Train plus 602, 603 and 604. Scroll down further to 644 (now OSR) in A-B-B-A consist, also 646, now OSR 646, and GE's 4603, 4608, 4610, 4618, 4621, 4645.

PGE diesel Subsequent owners Added M&B 1012 the only 65-tonner on PGE roster.


CNR steam

Northern type Added 6177, 6180, 6182, 6184 check out the big bag! And, 6200 brand new. Preserved at S&T in Ottawa. Also, 6204 (two), 6233, 6261 and 6262.


CPR steam

P2 class Added (scroll down) 5410, 5413, 5414 and 5417. Some brand new! Also, 5455 with a working wig-wag!

U3 class 0-6-0 Added (scroll down) 6152 with a switchman giving engineer hand signal preparing to line switch for a backup move. All without a radio! Hot summer with canvas awning out and roof hatch open!


CPR diesel

CP Rail gallery Added link to new gallery for early modified GP9 units pre-Ten Year Program.
8200 GP9u RS units added 8200, 8204, 8241 and 8246 with new Beaver logo.


GO diesel Added (scroll down to APCU section) Added 9861 ex ONR A unit later re# 904.



BC SRY Rail Link
Added (scroll down) 128, 135 mother with cab control slug 121, 151 nee BCH 151 rare-for-Canada (3 only) MP15DC.
Also, 905 and 906 (closeup of pilot, M.U. etc.) rare BCE-only SW900RS and 910 one of two SW900 built new with 1000 HP engine!




BC Added (scroll way down) two photos of United Grain Growers 6503 switching the elevator.


Logging steam Added Bloedel Stewart & Welch 1 two views from the seldom-photographed left side of a Shay!

Logging (and paper mill) diesel (scroll down to M's (M&B 76-11 45-tonner) added M&B 1012 (same photo as above)



Cowichan Valley
Added 26 a narrow gauge loco with an interesting history!
Also, 25 a replica speeder of a style used by various logging RR's in BC.


Salem & Hillsborough Added 8245 ex CN S-12
















Lake and Rail Added (scroll down to very bottom) two great colour photos of tug and barge on lake, also Nelson yard.



CPR Eastern Region

CPR Bruce Division

Hamilton Added (scroll down) P2 class 2-8-2 approaching Hamilton Jct. heading to Aberdeen Yard 1956. .

Station gallery
Bolton added 1967 photo. Check out the order boards and who is hanging out. Recognize that thing on the roof?
Woodbridge Added (scroll to bottom) 1965 photo.

CPR London Division

Station gallery Galt. Added 1983 photo. Compare order boards to other photo.
Goderich added 1988 photo plus photo of its present status as Beach Street Station;
London added 1983 photo.

Other history. Changes over the Years. Signalling details. Photo of train at Guelph Junction passing through new CTC signals.



CPR Toronto Division

Stations Leaside Added 1945 view of old station.

Toronto Gallery aerials.
Added link John Street roundhouse and Coach Yard also Union Station. Undated but The Canadian is in south coach yard.

West Toronto Diamond Added (scroll down to link) detailed plan 1963 showing all signals.



CPR Trenton Division

History of Changes over the Years. Added photo of the early style Hot Box Dedector signal and explanation of same.

Doug Hately's Bowmanville Gallery. Added two interesting photos of an unusual move! See what it was.

Station gallery Havelock
Added another photo this one in the VIA era. Lookit all the flowers on the platform! Some paint on that order board mast would have looked nice. Now still a restaurant and two fast food places.

CPR Lambton Yard

Road engines Steam: Added P2's 5368, 5371, 5375 and 5403 (c.1951).



Added SD40 (thumbnail) subsequent owners two photos only surviving SD40 6006 in WC and WGNS paint schemes.

Locomotive gallery.
Scroll down (near bottom) Subsequent owners. Added PREX 1752 plus on Keokuk Junction part of 5 A and 1 B units sold.


CANDO Imperial Oil refinery East Edmonton. Gallery Add CCGX 4008 seven years later in newer paint scheme.


OSR St.Thomas Sub. A little update with a winter photo of 1620_1400 backing over the diamond with CN Cayuga line.



Sudbury Area Mining Railways


Gallery electric locomotives Added (scroll way down) 113_125 the latter one of 5 ex KCC locos rebuilt in Arizona.

Gallery rolling stock Added photos of 14 and 28 two of the many slag pot cars in different empty positions.





Photograph Galleries


AMT Added photo of STCUM doubledeck train led by cab car 900. This equipment all stored out of service.

Cartier Scroll down to Subseqyent owners. Added WNYP 637 (nee CN 2312) with a short train OL-2 to Salamanca.

CPR diesel The Canadian Added a second view the last Canadian ex Ottawa from opposite end of station.

CPR Ottawa old diesels Added same two photos of last Canadian. Also, photo of equipment in coach yard including an
ex NYC View car for Pool Train.


Royal Trains

1939 Royal Tour
Added (link top of page) CPR letter of instructions to conductor and engineer at Smiths Falls. Link; Post Office cancellations.



CNR Steam

Mountain Added 6061 with bullet nose (compare to other photo without).

Northern From the prolific collection of Bud Laws. Added 6104, also 6111 with smoke deflectors and compare to photo without.Plus, 6115, 6126, 6133, 6136, 6143 and 6153 when it was just another Northern and before I was born!

CNR Diesel MLW RSC-14 Added 1754 shortly before it was retired and donated to S&H tourist railway.

CNR US Subsidiaries Diesels Added DW&P 3601 RS-11 in old colours.

CNR interurban QRL&P Added photo of interurban car 454 at US museum.

CNR self-propelled Added (scroll down to bottom) GTW 15805 re-engined with diesel.


CPR Steam
P2 class Added (scroll down numerically) 5371, 5386, 5387b, 5391, 5398, 5401 new, 5406 rods-down pose!

CPR Diesel Subsequent owners. Scroll down to Western New York & Pennsylvania. Added newly repainted 435 ex 4228. (scroll way down) Industrial USA Added LTEX 1206.
Minnesota Commercial Added MNNR 71 ex CP 4711 Caterpillar. See who named for.


ONR Steam Added (scroll to very bottom) "T&NO 137" and display train at museum.


QNS&L Steam Added colour photo of 702 on display.
Diesel Added (scroll down to subsequent owners section) CWB 1002 HLCX 6217 two owners ex 242.



Alberta RLK_AB Added (scroll down) CSCD 1758 relocated to USA subsidiary.

Ontario new gallery Genesee & Wyoming era of Goderich-Exeter Starting with RLK 2211 (ex CP 5010) and GEXR 3393.


Canada Industrial Locomotives

Alberta Added (link near top) new subcatagory: Transload and car storage facilities.
Added Alberta Midland Railway Terminal and Transmark.

Saskatoon Added (scroll down) Richardson Pioneer GMTX 429 GP15-1

Manitoba Added CRGX 609 SD20 enroute to Cargill in Morris.



Port of Montreal Scroll down to Subsequent owners. GMTX 307 ex 8405. All four MP15AC's retired and sold to GATX Rail. MP15AC Rare model in Canada and modified to work as "mother" units with "daughters" (slugs).


Tourist Railways

Salem & Hillsborough
Added photos of ex CN 1754 MLW RSC-14, ex Devco 208 RS-1 lost in massive arson fire in 1994 that destroyed many buildings, rolling stock, locos. CP 29 4-4-0 of NB Chipman fame was heavily damaged as well however, it was later cosmetically restored and displayed at CPR HQ in Calgary. Also, photo of three cabooses. This local tourist railway struggled for several years with low ridership due to its out-of-the-way location replacing steam with diesel but eventually giving up on train rides when track maintenance issues overwelmed the situation. New Brunswick Railway Museum is their new name where many interesting pieces of rolling stock and locomotives are on static display.



Rolling Stock

CPR passenger Budd Stainless Steel (scroll to very bottom) View car ex NYC.




Created (link) new gallery Toronto Downtown grouping exisitng photos of Bathurst Street and Spadina scenes.
Added great photo of 8421 an ex Buffalo Creek (crick) 0-8-0 switching an old passenger car.
Caption date and credit misplaced. If it is yours CONTACT US

CPR BC Added (scroll down) great almost-aerial view of Nelson yard.

Vancouver downtown yards.
Added 1210 switching freight downtown (after Drake Street closed) on Christmas Eve no less!
See also the Good Old Days when Baldwins and Alcos worked the waterfront area.

CPR Added (scroll down) Maintenance of Way seqment with photo of typical section motorcar (detailed specs.) and typical toolhouse plus a little-known fact about these small buildings.

Montreal area. Added link Lachine IMS 2015 also, (scroll down to link) aerial view of Hochelaga 1918.

Added great photo of 3 GP7's backing from Chatham Street roundhouse towards their train in nearby Aberdeen Yard.


Station Galleries

CPR Windsor Station Montreal. Added aerial view 1918.

Stittville Ontario over the Decades. New gallery

Hooping Up trains. All railways. New gallery consolidating existing photos and adding photos.




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