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Submissions and Acknowledgements




April 1, 2021



CPR Bruce Division

Hamilton Sub. Passenger trains. Added (scroll down) spotless 2399 with the Buffalo eastbound to Toronto.



19th Century gallery
Added photo Mono Road. when in service.
Also, (scroll to bottom) Brampton horse carriage era caption link to Queens Hotel.

20th Century gallery
Abandoned Bolton-Melville line. Added photo former Caledon station long a residence on original site.



CPR London Division

Woodstock Sub.

Added a busy scene shop track scene inc. 6552 on the table in Woodstock home terminal for multiple branch jobs.

Added (scroll down) scene of overall view of Port Burwell harbour. D10 in old paint scheme dates it around 1920-30.
Also, several of Bob Sandusky's 1950's colour photos of Port Burwell mixed trains and S.S. Ashtabula car ferry complete with very detailed captions. Including 892 on the "Armstrong" (and leg strong) turntable!


CPR Lambton Yard

Yard engines steam .

Added 6275 one time John Street engine which later became the last 0-6-0 on CPR. See where it is preserved.



Algoma Central

Passenger service

Added photo (scroll way down) of 166 leading train about to load passengesr in the Soo to begin its long run to Hearst back in the last century.

Rolling Stock

Added (scroll down to Work Equipment). Added photo 10002 ancient wooden open end observation car
used on the auxiliary. History unknow however, the trucks were something else. They were made with timber beams and metal plates! They were clearly makred Pullman Palace Car Company! Had to be from 19th century! An effort to get it preserved at John Street roundhouse mueeum failed when the CPR flatly refused to move it! Who could blame them? It did go to a mini golf on Highway 17 north of The Soo. Scrapped?


Roberval & Saguenay

Diesel roster. Added first non-Alco power 50, 51 and 52 rebuilt GE units inc. ex ATSF photos and GECX 2000 demo unit.





Photograph Galleries




Added 9811 leading a GO train of original unilevel coaches almost half a century ago! See what it is about to hit!




Edmonton Radial (Old Strathcona High Level Bridge). Added cars 33 and 930 the latter from Melbourne, Australia.



Park trains

Added The Big Apple mini train part of big tourist attraction featuring fresh apple products.




South Simcoe

Added photo 1057 in service. Added link to The Tripleheader story of famous excursion marking end of the steam era.



US Roads in Canada

Michigan Central

"A" One-of-a-kind shop switcher. May well have been built in this very shop! Tiny saddle tank would be sufficient as it never went anywhere far from a water supply.




CNR steam Added 4204 one of ten 2-10-2's acquired from Boston and Albany in 1928.

E7 2-6-0 Added 422 just before it was sold to Malagash Salt also, (scroll down) 818 and 822.


CNR diesel

GMD1 Added (scroll down) 1911 in old colours.

CPR Steam

G3 class Added Western Lines power 2310, 2311 and 2313.

Decapod Added (scroll to bottom) 5787 with footboards.


U3 class 0-6-0 Added (scroll down) 6249 under Arlington Street bridge which crosses width of entire yard. .



CP Rail diesel

F7B Added 4433 part of first order.

GP35 Added 5005 only GP35 repainted in the controversial Dual Flag scheme.

Robot Added 1007 rebuilt CLC/FM B-unit also 1017, 1024 and 1031 built new by CPR.

Subsequent Owners New page for Railway Sevice Contractors started with 5698.



Steam Added (scroll down) 999 in 1946, also 1090 and 1092



Diesel gallery Added (scroll way down) 1800 in latest paint scheme in night scene.





GWWD Added photo of station at East Braintree.



Trillium Added (scroll down to bottom) STER 3582 passing long-abandoned coal tower on the old CNR Cayuga Sub.





Added photo of what appears to be a brake sled itself converted from a diesel-electric car mover (re-engined from a
gas-electric) at Hamilton STELCO plant which had been converted from an old electric locomotive!



Added ALCAN photos 3 units, parent company of Roberval Saguenay. Inc. subsequent owners.



Interurban & Electric Railways

New gallery for Chicoutimi Pulp Co. (inc. ex Chicoutimi Light & Power 8) parent company of Roberval-Saguenay




Rolling Stock


Added (scroll down to Ontario) ONR 100 truck company lunch room along with motorcar (above) in Aliston




Added (scroll down to Ontario) ONR 2311 (inc. interior views) work service van relocated to Timmins from Powassan.





Added (scroll down a bit) 823012 piggyback flat with two empty truck trailers stacked up.

Work equipment

Added sectionmens track motor car 138-29 and trailer on a highway trailer.


PGE Added 825 a refrigerator car with underslung charcoal heater.

Private ownership Added CGTX 55211 Dow chlorine tank car. Also, Dry Ice reefer from 1930's.







BC Added (scroll down) Field added RR YMCA
















March 1, 2021



CPR Ships

Car Ferries

Bay of Fundy Added photo of S S Princess of Acadia black smoking its way across the Bay of Fundy.


CPR Ontario District

CPR Smiths Falls Division

Diesel gallery Added 4214. Eventually wound up on the NBEC.


CPR Trenton Division

Diesel gallery Added CPRS 5610_5607 in the controversial Dual Flag paint scheme with intermodal train.


CPR Toronto Yard

Yard engine galley 3.
Added 2 B&W photos of both Pulldown jobs with 7107-7108 and 7403-8118 part of the changing scene over the years.


CPR Lambton Yard

West Toronto

Roundhouse and Back shops.

Added (link) 1911 article including never-before-seen photo of multi-track ashpit.

Added (link) 1921 article with photos. Car Dept. Car Frame Straightener.



CNR Predecessors

Northern Ry of Canada Added historic plaque inc. predecessor OS&H and map of Ontario lines. .




Ontario Southland Added (scroll down to GJR) CFS 641 and 644 finally enroute to Quebec.

Power gallery. Added (scroll down) two old photos of 378 and 383 on SOO Line long before acquired by OSR.



GENERAL Articles


Gallery of US Orders built in London following end of production in USA. Add UP 8202 SD9043MAC order 130 units.







Photograph Galleries



QNS&L passenger. Added 6203 leading 4 other RDC's stopped at a tiny point in winter.


Tourist trains

Park trains Added Scenic Caves, Blue Mountain. Also, Appleland Station, Thorndale.

L'Amiral short-lived cruise ship train operated by Gaspesie Ry.

St. Thomas Central Added (scroll down) STCR 15000 former CN Track Geometry Car.


US Road in Canada

GN Added old photo False Creek Flats Vancouver roundhouse







GWRS Added 577 and 578 two more GE units (nee ATSF) enroute. Looks like some more MLW power could be leaving.




Chatham Added Charron Warehousing ancient Trackmobile!

Hamilton Added (link) HOPA (Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority + Welland Canal). Many photos inc. aerials.




Rolling Stock

Car Mover Sampson made by The Dillion Mfg. Co. Oshawa,ON. This old device was used until recent decades long beofre motorized Car Movers were made such as Trackmobile which like Kleenex (tissue) and Scotch Tape (cellulose tape) became so common other makes such as Rail King are still called a track mobile.


Reused for businesses


Le Railcar restaurant Gas Town Vancouver Added a very small 4-4-0.


Other scroll down to Ontario

Added Guelph Historical Railway Ass'n, Guelph. CP 436994 wooden van and CN 60337 work service tool car.
Also, CN 79144 at Pickett's Nursery for many years. Now at John Street Railway Museum.

Museums Valleyview Railroad Museum (private).WAB 2622 along with CNR station from Thorndale (xGTR)

Bytown Railway Society Added T&NV 10 45-tonner and CP 436436 both very nicely restored.

CPR Added 1896 article about new improved coupler.

Cabooses Added (scroll way down) wide-vision cupola 434493 with Baldwin 7075.

DAR Added photo of UCRS private car Nova Scotia after restoration.


Private owned freight cars

Added Brockville Chemical TILX 83186 tank car.
Also, Sultran SULX 2227 100 ton gon for shipping sulphur via Pacific Coast Terminals,




Subsequent uses

Added Cranberry Golf Course in Collingwood features relocated GTR Stayner station originally OS&H.


CNR BC Vancouver Waterfront. Added old post card of Union Station and Canadian National Station.


CNR Ontario

Collingwood (Marine) Museum NRy/GTR station. Many photos over the deacdes. Includes 3 box cars for outdoor music events. One is ex Mc.Donald's at Cedar and First Streets in Collingwood. Photo at McD's WANTED.

Craigleith Museum and Library OS&H/NRy/GTR station formerly The Depot fine dining.


CNR Nova Scotia Added Hank Snow Home Town Museum



Street Railways

Montreal Street Ry. Added 1895 article with drawing of new headquarters building.

Winnipeg Electric Street Ry. New gallery started 1896 article. .















Long-time PSTR conductor Tim Flynn pointed out an incorrect caption for their L4 diesel. Scroll way down.




February 1, 2021



Reminiscences of a Railroader

It has been a long time since anything has been added to Stories. The late Newt Rossiter who worked on the boiler gang at John Street roundhouse (where I also worked during the final years of steam) on midnights leaving day time for his photography! He covers history and details of various classes of power, individual engines and trains. I have not read this material in many years and hope you will enjoy it as much as I have in re-reading all of this today.




CPR Ontario District


Trenton Division

Diesel Power gallery.

Added (scroll down) 8224 and 1103 a cab control car likely on the DTS to GM Ste. Therese. Description in caption above.


Lambton Yard

Road engines gallery. Added detailed explanation of the "Cockney Pool" and the engines assigned to work it including 2228. See what is happening to it after having been "signed up". This term was used by the shop, crew clerk, operator, and dispatchers to acknowledge and confirm its ordering time. The yardmaster "ordered" the train. The shop foreman "supplied" the power (or, it was "Held for Power" if none available for that time) and the crew clerks (or, call boy) called the engine and train crew (or, "Held for Crew" if short of men). The terminal Supervisor (dispatcher) was part of this conferance call on the Company party line dispatcher's phone system. The train order Operator would get the Orders snd Clearance ready through the appropriate Train Dispatcher to prepare for the train being on their Subdivision, be it westward, north or eastbound.
And, that ain't the half of it!





Photograph Galleries




Tourist Trains

Portage Flyer Added cab interior view.


Waterloo Central
Added 2 photos of passenger car 15000 in different paint schemes. Updated various equipment roster notes/locations etc.




BCR diesel Added (scroll down) BCOL 566, PGE 596, BCOL 613.
Subsequent owners Added (scroll down to Mexico) FNM 723.



CNR Diesel

S2_S-4 Added (scroll to very bottom) 8168, 8170 and 8172.


CPR Steam

"522" Redone to 19th century appearance for a 1937 movie about the building of the CPR.
Another better known engine also appeared in the movie.

Eight-Wheelers Added (scroll down) rare photo of 374 making history with what is likely the first through passenger train to Vancouver, No.1 arriving May 23, 1887.


Preserved locomotives

374 (above) added floral "train" marking the 150th Anniversary of Canada 1867-2017.
Also, Added links in various captions for photos of engines in regular service.




CPR diesel

SD40 used units Added StL&H 5449 including ex DR&GW subsequent owner FURX photos.

Preserved units Added links in various captions for photos of engines in regular service.


CP Rail

Rebuilt units.

GP9u Added 8218 with TEC train.



TH&B steam Added (scroll down) 41 in Welland, 48 in Hamilton and 501 in Buffalo.



Shortline steam

Mattagami RR Added (scroll down to bottom) photo 2-6-0 100. This tiny shortline long abandoned after mill closed.

Sydney & Louisburg Added (scroll down) 85 0-8-0 ex Wabash.


Shortlines diesel



Grand Forks Added GMTX 58 SW1001 enroute.

West Coast Express commuter operation. Added 905 lettered with a Memorial.


New Brunswick

NBEC Added 6904 ex CN 5021



Industrial Steam Ontario

Abitibi Pulp & Paper, Iroquois Falls. Added photo of Shay 70 in steam!





Pacific Elevators. Added scene of "B" and "C" two of their British built diesel-mechanical 0-4-0's switching.

Vancouver Wharves Added colour photo of 27 ex CN MLW S-3



Canterra (scroll way down to "C" for 4010) rare C-415 (only 26 built, none for Canada. Two in US known to still exist).
Links in caption to prior owner BN and original owner SP&S.



Rolling Stock


Added Le Railcar restaurant (later, The Chew Chew Club, later still, The Gas Town Express. in Gas Town, Vancouver.
CP Business Car 8 (ex Alberta) later to WCRA where it got an extensive restoration.

Museums etc. West to East across Canada.

BC Added CP 437115 Maple Ridge museum.

Alberta Added CP 437309 Strathmore museum etc. Painted red with current day Beaver logo!

Saskatchewan Added CP 437254 Weyburn RR museum.

Ontario Added CP 437464 center cupola. Brockville Tunnel heritage site.


BCR Rolling stock. Added photo of V-10 an Inspection Car that looks to be made by Wickham.





CPR Added old view of Medicine Hat roundhouse and yard.






Alphabetical listing Ontario 2021

CNR Fenelon Falls (Art Gallery), CNR Haliburton (inc.2-8-0 2616 and van), CNR Kinmount.


Re-used CNR Alberta. Added CNoR Camrose. Railway museum including G scale garden railway.


Re-used CPR Alberta.

Added former Bassano station (longest one I have ever seen!) relocated to Beiseker for town use. Also, CP 434952 a steel van out of its territory as noted by stencilled instruction. Including interior view. Plus, an Insul box car but alas, no locomotive!

Also, added van CP 434426 to Claresholm station.


CNR and predecessors

CNR Ontario

Scroll down to Lindsay and new link to old item posted elsewhere. Busy Time at Lindsay 1923. by James A. Brown.


CNR New Brunswick

Added E&NA Rothesay (1858) Note: CN 78614 van displayed there at one time but now gone. Need photo.




Interurban Railways


Added two old maps of New Westminster shops and depot as well as colour photo of interurban depot and its current use.


Re-used CPR BC

Added The Keg Steakhouse in former New Westminister station. Also, former BCER depot nearby. .

















January 1, 2021




Canadian National Miscellaneous

Newfoundland's Railways

Added photo of St.John's station built 1903 and preserved as museum recently closed by city. Future not determined.

Canadian National Rys

Rolling Stock (including Preserved) Added Business Car Terra Nova 2nd. and subsequent owners.




GMD Gallery of US orders built at London, added ATSF 148 GP60M





Photograph Galleries


AMT Added photo of RBRX 18531 pushing morning commuter train.

BCR Steam excusrions. Added 2860 along Howe Sound.
Also (link) Captain James Cook Bicentennial Train a large gallery inc. interior of this special train that toured the West Coast.

Carnival/Circus Trains

Added poster for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows.


TH&B Added photo of short train street running on old ex H&D electric railway.


Tourist & Park trains

Upper Clements Theme Park New entry for this recently closed amusement park.

Centreville Amusement Park 2 foot gauge Add (scroll to bottom) scenic view of train.

Southern Prairie Ry. Added many photos of restored station and other attractions.
WANTED photos of SPRy 46 Alco T-6



US Roads

N&W Added photo of Fort Erie sanding tower clear of any units hiding details.






Add PGE 598 Also, (scroll way down) RCL-687 also (scroll more) BCOL 750 ex Oneida & Western a ficticious railroad!


CN diesel

S-13 Added (scroll way down) hump modified m.u. units 108 and 110


CPR steam

Preserved Added (scroll down) 453 originally preserved by O. Winston Link.


CP Rail Diesel

RS-18u Added 1824, 1828, 1838, 1842 and subsequent owners.

SD40 used Added CPRS 5483 (dual flags) nee SOU 3245 photo as well.





GO subsequent owners. Added TRWX 124 ex GO unit returning from wreck repair at CAD.



Steam locomotives

Added 2 photos (both sides) of Pacific 15 a decade apart. One in Buffalo the other at Chatham St roundhouse in Hamilton

Diesels Added 57 with van 83. Also, link subsequent owner GMD.






Ottawa Central Added caption links to several prior owners plus (scroll down to subsequent) TRRY 1859.



Trillium Major addition. Added 45, 108, 110, 1842, 1859, 3568, 3582, 6101 and 308 inc. ex owners.





Vancouver Wharves

Scroll down to Main Gallery Added old photo of Alcos 21 and 29 running light.



James River-Marathon 17-102 Added link to photos of subsequent owner Trillium 7024 and of nee CP 7024.



Rolling stock

Subsequent reuse Businesses

Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort

CPR Sleeping car Naughton including several interior views of two state rooms.



CNR and predecessors. Grand Trunk of Canada. Scroll down to bridges and click on link Trent Swng Bridges article.

CPR Added old article detailing Trent Valley swing bridge design for various new bridges on CPR and GTR. Same as CNR.


TH&B Facilities. Added great old photo with lots of real horsepower! Enlarge it twice for lots of detail.





Reused Businesses, Museums etc.

CNR predecessors

Nova Scotia

New gallery relocating two stations etc. from another galley and adding Orangedale, CB. Nee ICR (currently CB&CNS)
interior views of Agent's residence, small museum with equipment including former Newfoundland Business Car Terra Nova recently sold off to USA.


St.John's Railway Coastal Museum in original 1903 station recently closed by city. Future uncertain.



CNR Toronto Terminal

Added St. Clair Avenue on the Newmarket Sub. Sadly, long gone. Preservation effort still-born.



CPR Manitoba

Added Riverton which includes van 436709.


DAR Annapolis Royal. Many photos before/after massive restoration of long-abandoned 1914 brick station.



Company houses.

Added CPR Company house in BC used by a Company Official. Restored and used as a B&B.
Also, CPR Station Agent's residence Echo Bay, ON after closure, reused for art gallery.


Radial Railways

South Western Traction Co. Added car 21 one of the original three-phase AC Ganz Works cars.




Street Railways

St.Thomas Street

Added street car 34 on Station route.

and scroll down to St.Thomas Transit

Added GM 1979 "New Look" bus plus a newer bus. If anyone has older bus or any streetcar photos CONTACT US


TTC Gallery of streetcars.

Added (scroll down) TTC predecessor Toronto Civic Ry. 55 restored as such, also ex TTC nee TCR Both preserved.








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