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Newfoundland's Railways



All Newfoundland railways were built to the British Colonial gauge of 42 inches, (3 feet, 6 inches).

Originally incorporated May 9, 1881 several railways built and operated in Newfoundland. Much of the system was built and operated for many years by the Reid-Newfoundland Company (1901-1923 before finally being taken over by the Government. When Newfoundland joined Confederation in 1949 as the 10th. Province of Canada, Canadian National Railways took over the common carrier railway. In 1981 TerraTransport was created by Canadian National to take over the railway and to provide bus and ship services. The railway ceased all operations at the end of September 1988. A smaller amount of railways were operated by Anglo-Newfoundland Development (AND Co.) and other companies. Eventually, all were abandoned and today none remain anywhere on the Island.



Buchans Railway

Grand Falls Central Railway

Millertown Railway

Newfoundland Railway
Government of Newfoundland
1923 - 1949

CNR Newfoundland
1949 - 1988

103 posing at Whitbourme circa 1900. Ken Pieroway collection

St. John's station built 1903.

Preserved: Railway Coastal Museum 495 Water Street.

Note the wheels on hand car. Port Blantford 1905





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