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Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo

Hand-coloured postcard.T. H. & B. Express leaving the Tunnel, Hamilton.
Old Time Trains Collection

Certificate for shop boiler from 4-6-0 locomotive 27. Old Time Trains Archives

A fourth class stationary engineer's license would be required to operate such a boiler under Ontario law. My grandfather held one from when he worked at Viceroy Rubber and a large school (where the closed hot water heating system operated on FOUR pounds pressure!) when laid off during the Great Depression by the CPR with a long service pass (20 years) in his wallet. He maintained his qualification renewing it almost until he retired. Just in case!

Slide-valved Standard type 4-4-0 number 4 worked the two-car passenger train on the Dunnville Branch
Hamilton December 1932

Five photographs, Bud Laws Collection

Pacific type 4-6-2 15 at the new Hunter Street station still under construction in the depth of the Great Depression
December 1932

K-1s Class 15 and 16 sitting at same spot picking up passengers at Sunnyside (Toronto) westbound to Hamilton.
Dated around September 1, 1935.

Cyl. 24" x 28" Drv. 69" Presure 200 lbs. t.e. 39,736 hand-fired! eng. wt. 263, 500 MLW 65359-60 1923
Note: 15 scrapped 12/1955, 16 7/1952.

Ten-wheeler 30 and another derelict locomotive await their fate. December 1932

40 when it was just another yard switcher. Sold 1959 STELCO 40. Preserved 1969 at NMS&T in Ottawa where it operated. Presently displayed in Lindsay, ON where neither it nor the TH&B ever operated. 5/30/1948 Paul W. Prescott

47 simmering away just outside the house. Don't back up! One door is closed. Hamilton 1947 Bud Laws collection

0-6-0 50 (above) and 51 (below) with stock car in Brantford. Note the pilot for road service from Hamilton. June 1932

51 at Brantford September 1932

102 center of attention for NRHS Convention. Hunter Street station 9/1958 Bud Laws Collection.

TH&B placed their last two remaining serviceable steam locomotives on display at Hunter Street Station for the attendees.
#102 and #42 were both still in service. #102 was frequently used in Work Train Service up until its retirement
in September 1959 and #42 was held for stand by yard service until it was retired in December 1958.
You can just see the edge of #42’s tender in the lower left of the photo. Lance Brown

201 in a rare daytime scene.

202 in rare daylight scene. Most often these two Berkshires worked nights on the Kinnear. MLW 67574 1928
Cyl. 28" x 30" Drv. 63" Press. 240 lbs. 69,000 t.e.

Rods-down pose.

C&NW 2801 one of 12 built 1927 by the Brooks plant of ALCO after which the patterns were sent to MLW. TH&B had been waiting since before the C&NW engines were built since neither MLW or ALCO had patterns for 2-8-4 Berkshires which had only been built by Lima whose engines were much larger.

NYC 5311 at Harmon, New York. April 8, 1946 Donald T. Hayward Sr./Bud Laws Collection
This engine later became TH&B 501. 5313 became 502. Both acquired January 1948.

501 sitting on the shop track at CPR John Street in Toronto. August 15,1948


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