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South-Western Traction Co.

Incorporated (Ontario) 1902 and construction started on an electric line between
London, St.Thomas and Port Stanley. Stalled for lack of funds it restarted in
1904 and completed late in 1906 to St.Thomas and Port Stanley late 1907.
The line struggled mostly on passenger service and minimal freight.
It was in receivership in 1908 and sold October 1909. Re-named:

London, Lake Erie Ry. and Transportation Co.

Incorporated (Canada) 1910 it struggled on until going into
receivership in 1917. Service ended October 15, 1918
and the line was promptly scrapped.

The failure of this line was due at least in part to the modern electrification of the
London & Port Stanley
with high speed service on a more direct route.

South-Western Traction Co. 52 the first car into Port Stanley. October 31, 1907

London and Lake Erie two car train. Circa 1916. Abandoned 1918.
Valentine & Sons Toronto Public Library/Virtual Reference Library


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