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Port Stanley Terminal Rail

Port Stanley, Ontario

Port Stanley yard north of the station. Looking north. Sunday 9/17/1989 Marty Bernard


45 acq. 11/2017 (ex TRRY 45, ex Stelpipe, Page Hersey Works #NIL, Welland 6/2003,
ex Stelco #NIL, nee Page Hersey Pipe #NIL Welland). 45-tonner GE 29055 9/1947.

Parkside level crossing repair 2016.
All photos: Al Howlett

Replacing worn rail on level crossing at Parkside requring closure for a week May 9-13, 2016.
This is Highway 4 the main road between St. Thomas and Port Stanley.

OSR was the contractor using welded rail from GMD London plant track removal done by OSR.

Note the corroded rail base due to road salt and signal voltage.

Brand new HARSCO tamper.

Installing the rubber flange. Wednesday, May 11th.

Installing special clips to hold the rubber.

Ballasted and tamped track looks pretty good!

Levelling out the rock ballast on Parkside siding used to run around tourist trains.


Four photos of borrowed Ontario Southland's Liebherr hy-rail brush cutter. March 12, 2016
Four photos: Al Howlett

PSTR volunteers worked several weekends until March 13th. Trains to start following weekend.


Roster Gallery

L1 (ex CS&G 2003, 104) acq. 10/1982 GE 25-ton #31575 6/1952

L1 in more recent years, note ditchlights!

L2 Donald (CS&G 2001, 103) acq. 2/1984 CLC/Whitcomb 50-ton #2634 3/1950

61 acq. 1985 (ex TH&B 61) with oversized emblem! Port Stanley yard. 7/27/1987 A.W.Mooney

L3:1st (nee CO 5242) with work train. SW9 124 tons GMD A151 2/1951
Owner/engineer Don Broadbear (right). September 1986 Larry Broadbent

L3 in newer paint scheme still not numbered. "Port" 2/03/1980 A.W. Mooney

Note: Sold 1997 to OSR in order for Don to purchase much lighter 70-tonner L4.

L3:2nd Winnie (ex GWWD 103, CNR 1) acq. 1994 GE 44-ton #28349 5/1947

L4:2nd Acq. 11/2016 (ex Zalev Bros. #NIL, nee Falconbridge 104) 45-ton GE 28624 8/1946

L4:1st (acq. 1990) Second 70-tonner built! GE 28239 10/1946
Re-engined 1983 Cummins. Off roster 1994.

Ex Thurso Railway 5135/13:2nd, ex New York City Transit Authority 13, ex Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington 23,
ex Montpelier & Barre 23, ex Claremont & Concord 11, nee Saratoga & Schuylerville 11.

L5 Albert (ex CS&G 2002, 102) Acq. 1993 CLC/Whitcomb #2410/#60811 2/1948
First Canadian Locomotive Company diesel.

THB 71 beautifully restored as privately owned summer "cottage" for PSTR principal.

Sold 7/2006 to Puddicombe Estate Farms and Winery, Winona, Ontario

Note: Much of the equipment has long been owned by principal PSTR people and volunteers
including equipment painted for PSTR

CN 78491 beautifully restored and owned by PSTR principal. Port Stanley

Note: Same owner relocated to private residence.


CS&G Consolidated Sand & Gravel

GWWD Greater Winnipeg Water District Ry.

L&PS Historical plaque

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