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CPR Rolling Stock

Dynamometer Car 62 used to test pulling power of steam and diesel locomotives.


Tail-end of train with 6575 Cafe-parlor car bringing up the rear at Cranbrook. 8/25/1952.
On the head end is a steam locomotive soon to be replaced by diesels.
Three photos William Walsh/Matt Fick Collection

NETLEY 12 section sleeping car.

Coach 2146


Baker heater instructions (not CPR issue)

Passenger cars, especially business cars were equipped with this type of heater
for use when not connected to a trainline or shop steam line.


Freight car equipment (steam era)

Freight car equipment

Piggyback trailers and containers

Passenger car equipment

Stainless steel passenger equipment
(not including RDC)


Service equipment:

Business Cars

Boarding cars, etc.
(passenger equipment)

Rule, Safety, Dental, School etc.

OCS cars

Plows, spreaders, etc.
(scale test cars, auxiliary cars)


(Auxiliary, locomotive, Burro, etc.)

Cabooses (Vans)



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