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British Columbia Electric Railway

Interurban and city passenger operations.

Steam operation

A lesser known aspect of BCER history was its steam operation in early years to haul freight over its 65 mile main line
between Vancouver and Chilliwack with sharp curves 35 degs. and steep grade 2 1/4% . A low-drivered logging style
2-6-2 was ordered from Baldwin. In fact an identical engine was earlier delivered to Comox Logging 3.

BCER 940 Cyl. 18" x 24" Drv. 44" Press. 180 lbs. t.e. 27% Coal 7 tons, water 4000 gals. BLW 37125 10/1911

Sold 1920 Carlton Logging 6, Hoquiam, Washington. Resold 19__ Wynooche Timber 2, WT acquired 1924 by
Schaefer Bros. Lumber 26, Brady, WA. Scrapped 1954. Collection of Dan Mac Dougall

Electric Truck Garage 1913


BCER depot 774 Columbia Street, New Westminister. Built 1911. This night scene; 1926. Brian Croft

Currently, (2021) it is a Salvation Army Thrift Store. Opposite ex CPR Station

BCER 123 one of two open sightseeing tour cars built 1909 same as Montreal Street Rys. cars.
Hastings and Hamilton Streets. Vancouver. Bytown Railway Society Archives.


BCER 1202 Vancouver c.1950 Al Chione

1226 southbound on the Arbutus line at West 23rd Avenue, on its way to Marpole and thence to New Westminster. 1949 John Stern/Angus Mc. Intyre Collection

When John Stern visited Vancouver in 1949 he took a photo of the B.C. Electric Lulu Island swing span bridge.
Here it is looking north to Marpole. Likely taken from the front of an interurban car.
Angus Mc. Intrye Collection

Fraser River Rail Bridge 1949 John Stern/Angus Mc. Intyre Collection

BC Electric interurban train from Chilliwack entering New Westminster.
Leading the train is baggage-express car 1723 built by the American Car Company in 1910.

1204 destined Marpole stopped at Davie & Seymour Streets. 1949 John Stern/Joseph Testagrose Collection

BCER 1310

Subsequent owners

Vancouver Downtown Historic Railway

City of Vancouver

Between Granville Island and Leg-In-Boot (Square) Stations from 1998-2011.

The city shut down the line and the cars were transferred to the
Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society in Surrey, BC
in 2016, where both 1207 and 1231 survive today
along with 1225 and 1304.

BCER 1207 at end of run Leg-in-Boot (Square). August 30, 2008

BCER 53 reused for business


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