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Canadian Pacific Railway

British Columbia

Roundhouses, shops and other facilities.

NEW here temporary and duplicated alphabetically

5533 "POCO" 9/25/1976

4571 3/5/1975

5638 12/22/1974

Coquitlam a.k.a. POCO (Port Coquitlam)

Drake Street. See: Vancouver

4523 acq. 2005 GP38-2 Q-Tron (NREX 955 ex UP 955/91 nee 9001) GP40X EMD 766068-2 2/1978
Four sets remote control operation in yard and m.u. with one standard GP38-2 unit. July 1, 2022

5013:2nd (ex 5745) and at left 7047:2nd are at the complex sanding facility. June 25, 2022

5550 and 5542 along with several other units. Port Coquitlam 6/03/1972. J.Fischer Collection
Digital restoration; Walter Pfefferle

Diesel shop Coquitlam Yard. August 6, 2016 Andy Cassidy

Coquitlam shop track. 8498 5618 5590 August 15, 1979.

5682 5668 both with original big Multimark.

5533 "POCO" 9/25/1976

8836 on shop track with 8521 still in old paint scheme (small Multimark).
GMD A1727 8/1959 April 1976

4571 3/5/1975

5638 12/22/1974

8839 now in CP Rail paint scheme with original size Multimark.
"Poco" shop track. Port Coquitlam 9/01/1979.

8839 last of 200 GP9's unique as the only GMD GP9 built with 567D 1800 HP instead of normal 567C 1750 HP.
GMD A1730 8/1959 Note: Rebuilt as 1695 and still around as NPR 1695.

8652 GMD A1108 2/1957 Coquitlam 4/10/1976

7065, 7069, 7067 and 7073 on yard engine servicing tracks at west end of B-yard.
Car shop in distance and roundhouse is at far end of yard.

7074 is getting attention from Diesel Maintainer who is likely adjusting brake travel or changing brakeshoe.
Maintainer's shack is at left out of camera view. Both views: Saturday May 5, 1973.


GP9y 1611 at left with SD40-2 5827 and GP38-2 3103 lead units to right.



Not much left of the roundhouse. Open air part not really fitting for this part of BC! More like Victoria.

Turntable still usable. Former passenger station at far left.

Scenic view of Field. 1970

ENLARGE click second time

A wilderness settlement built especially for the railway. Field, BC 1901 Steve Morris Collection


Field, BC 1940's Doug Phillips Collection


Built to maintain coal unit trains.

Nanaimo: See Vancouver Island below


Yellow modular building (center) remains in use by train crews. Station (large building to right) has been saved.
Everything else is gone! Diesel shop is above and behind station.
Enlarged image

8641_4451 at right. ENLARGE


Nelson power gallery

Turntable is almost hidden (SAFETY)

Fairbanks-Morse power is long gone and soon the diesel shop will be too.

June 10, 1975

Nelson, BC diesel shop where all of the CLC FM units were assigned.
Pair of CLC road switchers 8709 and 8720 in foreground and another pair behind includes 8717.
CLC covered wagon 4105 in old paint scheme. October 14, 1972 Tom Murray

New Westminister


Six views of Pentiction, BC roundhouse Fall 1982 Jim Booth

Diesel fuel tank, propane tank. Shop air reservoir at right.



Post card c.1910 Don Mc.Queen collection.


Stoney Creek

Snow sheds are not really a facility but very necessary for safe operation.


Map Greater Vancouver
(All Rys. historical) NEW

Aerial view of downtown Vancouver yards 1953
Detailed description of facilities.

Map of downtown False Creek area December 1962.
Includes yards, Drake Street shops, industries etc.

Gardens were common at stations all across the CPR and maintained by the Agent were well known.
Less known were the gardens around yards maintained by sectionmen.
This one at Drake Street roundhouse can also be seen in large aerial linked above.

Drake Street shops

Drake Street power Gallery

Inside Drake Street Roundhouse near the end.

Drake Street roundhouse last days 1981
and preservation afterwards.

Drake Street shops 1981

STORIES: Memories of Drake Street Roundhouse

STORIES: Older memories of Drake Street roundhouse

Marpole O-Yard new

Vancouver Terminal improvements 1914
Downtown new station, office building and wharf.

Aerial view of downtown Vancouver yards 1953
Detailed description of facilities.

Aerial view of downtown Vancouver intermodal wharves.
Note car ferry loaded with BN box cars in foreground.

Aerial view of downtown Vancouver waterfront and yard.
Oct. 22/2018
Second view area to the left.

Views of downtown Vancouver yards 1950's - 1980's.

Downtown stations (all RR) over the years.

Vancouver Island

E & N Gallery

Victoria, V.I.

Aerial view of Victoria, VI shops.

View looks northeasterly along Johnson Street on north side of shop buildings. Track at upper right leads to downtown over a now abandoned lift bridge to the new VIA Rail station near downtown and at one time there was an interchange with CNR.
E&N station is in bottom right corner where track leads to Courtenay.

Victoria shops, including interior views.

Nanaimo, V. I.

E&N Railfreight

CPR internal shortline on Vancouver Island 1996 until December 31, 1998.

Appears to be Car Dept. office building. (Above and below)

A second Car Dept. building judging by jacks and brakeshoes.

Weigh scales building. Likely yard office as well.


Note very restricted speed over track scales.

3045_3042_3129 and 3079 on shop tracks in Nanaimo. (Above and below). 401021 plow. 434300 van.

Open air diesel facility. Note the long inspection pit. Seen from another angle below. Three photos: J.W.Booth


These cars roam the rails across Canada doing ultrasonic testing of the rails to detect defects.





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