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Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo

51 the very first TH&B diesel it and three other NW2's were built in the pre-GMD era. EMD #5703 12/1947
Chatham Street, Hamilton. 8/29/1983 Jack Smith

54 last unit of original four unit order. NW2 EMD 5706 12/1947 CP Rail Toronto Yard 9/22/1984

55 first unit of second four unit order and first GMD SW9 order. SW9 1200 HP GMD A-121 12/1950

Note the pole and chain for old style switching! Also, classification lights, oil burning converted to electric.
Last of a single four unit order. SW9 1200 hp GMD A-124 1/1951 Al Howlett

58 is no longer equipped with stack screens, or classification lamps nor pole (for polling cars).
5/28/1984 Alan Neibel/Allan Gaines Collection

Retired 2/1988 by CP Rail and sold 5/1988 for scrap. It was resold by the dealer through Ontario Locomotive (D) to
Brandywine Valley RR 8206, later becoming Upper Merion and Plymouth RR 9007.

First GMD diesel built and first TH&B road switcher of a four unit GP7 order. A-117 8/1950
Chatham Street, Hamilton 8/11/1978 Jack Smith

Sadly, a piece of history was lost when it was destroyed in a serious level crossing affair
when hit by a tractor trailer at 12:28 p.m. 2/12/1980 mile 4.18 Welland Sub. Webber Road Smithville.

72 sits on deadend track across the street from CN station in Port Colborne 8/11/1974
TH&B reached here via running rights (effective January 1927) over CN from Welland.

A well-worn paint job was typical of TH&B engines in their latter years.
76 shown at Chatham Street roundhouse in Hamilton. Fall 1975 Michael Donnelly
GMD GP7 A-514 6/1953 part of a second order for three units.
Remanufactured by CPR 9/21/1987 as yard unit 1686.

402_403 at CPR John Street roundhouse. These units will be dispatched on Number 329
the "Buffalo" an overnight sleeper train to New York City.
Leaving Union Station 7.35 P.M. Daily.



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