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Brantford Electric

Typical masthead.


Brantford Street Railway



Two pairs of cars each with a trailer ready to leave for Mohawk Park.
Colborne Street at Market Street. Circa 1906


Fare token


Brantford Municipal Railway
Formed 1914

Brantford Municipal Ry. 130 Circa 1926

Note Angew's Shoe Shop. Founded by John Agnew in Brantford in 1879 his three stores merged in 1928 with
Surpass stores and eventually Agnew-Surpass became Canada's largest chain. It changed hands twice before finally
going bankrupt in August 2000 due to competition of big-box discount stores closing all 223 stores across Canada.

Brantford Municipal Ry. 131 on Market Street at Colborne Street. 1937 Frank E. Butts



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