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Canadian Pacific Railway

Diesel units. See also Trains gallery.


CPR thumbnails: Scroll down.

CP Rail thumbnails:
CPRS and CP eras.

CP Heritage Units

Central Maine & Quebec

Lineup at St.Luc. In the middle is the newest unit 8741 MLW RS-18 built May 1957. Far left is GMD FP7A 1431,
ALCO FA1 4002. To the right is MLW FA1 4021 and also new CLC F-M H16-44 8715 built April 1957.
Canadian Pacific Railway/L.B.Chapman Collection

Cab interior of FP7A L.B.Chapman Collection

Early diesels


Leased power

Power pools
inc. run-thru power


Alco PA-1 see:

Alternate roster


Builder's blank metal plate for diesel locomotive.


S-2 S-4 7000

S-2 w/booster

S-2 (I. of Maine)

SW8 SW900

SW9 7400

Baldwin Switcher

Baldwin RS 8000



GP30 also re# 5000


C-424 8300





RS-18 _ RS-3


RS-10 also rebuild 8824

Train Master



CP Rail paint scheme thumbnails.

Robot Cars and Air Repeater Car
Shop locos, car mover
B-unit yard engines
Subsidiaries and miscellaneous

Green Goat and Gensets

Canadian Pacific paint scheme

Subsequent owners


4215 getting refueled and serviced along with 5009 and other units including a covered wagon.
St.Luc July 23, 1968


4503_4463_8773 sitting on shop track at St.Luc. M6002-04 5/1968 September 14, 1969

Note the switch lamp sitting on the ground. This indicates switch has been run through, is spiked and cannot be realigned.

A rare look at a diesel unit with its hood doors open for maintenance.
8441 MLW 81006 5/1954

1401 leads No.8 The Dominion eastbound at Portage La Prairie, Manitoba Circa late 1950's.
Bruce Chapman Collection


Two views of an early slide.

Digital restoration complete as a "print" with added photo album corners!

4000_44xx posing for public relations photograph. Original paint scheme described below.
FA1 1500 hp Alco 76852 5/1949

Earliest paint scheme for the first order (8 A and 4 B units) of "covered wagons". These were the first road freight diesels other than the small Baldwin road switchers. Note the arrow style of name banner soon changed to blunt end and lettering lowered below banner. Tuscan red pilot changed to black. Small size beaver emblem. Cab roof illuminated number board and single trumpet horn. 4003 Alco FA-1 1500 hp #76855 5/1949 White River, Vermont April 30, 1950 Collection

4048 posing for its builder's photograph displays later paint scheme described and compared above photo 4003.
Note multi-trumpet chime air horn, larger number boards with separate classification lights and larger beaver emblem.
Sales Order 4401 10 A units (4042-4051) FA-2 1600 hp MLW 77717 8/1951

A gathering of Alco's on the weekend from out of town jobs in for servicing. 8019-8021-8019. 6593 7012
St.Luc April 1969 Phil Mason

Gas-electric and other self-propelled cars pre-RDC


7115 MLW S-4 equipped for road service showing off the latest paint scheme while two units in old colour script paint sit behind it including 4053 an old CLC Fairbanks-Morse covered wagon. Power sits at the east end of Crowsnest Yard.
Sentry Mountain looms over the scene. March 23, 1973 Bill Hooper

8720_8551_8608 and 8718 sitting on the shop track at Trail, BC August 1972


CP Rail

July 1968

Assignment of Power St.Luc 1968

Assignment of Power St.Luc 1973

Leased power

5640 one of two units (+ 5639) equipped with air intake modification intended to increase cooling ability AFTER
leaving tunnels. Applied in May 1982, removed 10/1983 (5639 soon after). EMD 72657-12 11/1972.
Spences Bridge, BC 5/30/1982.

4238_4236 far from home in St.Luc sitting on shop track Cranbrook, BC August 29, 1984 Rudolf Gruetter


1400 1900 GMD

MP15 used

1800 EMD E8

3000 GP38 GP38-2

4000 4400 Alco/MLW

4000 4400 GMD

4200 C-424

4500 M-630

4700 M-636 M-640

5000 GP30 GP35
GP40 used units

SD40 SD40-2
SD40 used units

6500 MLW S-3
S-3 mu

S-10 S-11 PGE 6613

6700 SW8 SW900

Alco/MLW S-2 S-4

Baldwin/CLC 7000

7400 SW9

8000 MLW RS-23

8100 SW1200RS

Alco/MLW RS-2/3

RS-3/RS-10 yard




CLC H16-44


8921 RSD-17

9000 SD40-2F





Early rebuild modifications GP9

Ten-Year Locomotive Program

1000 daughter
(yard slug)

1100 cab control
(road service)

1125 cab control
daughter NEW

1150 hump control


1200 SW1200RSu
SW10 xUP SW1500

1500 GP7u/GP9u

1800 RS-18u

8200 GP9u RS


Later rebuilds not part of the original Ten Year Program

SOO 4200-4204 ex CR, ex PC nee NYC GP9 EMD
GP9u 16-645 rebuilt Angus 1991

SOO 4203 (ex CR 7349, ex PC 7349 nee NYC 5949) EMD 20962 1/1956
Bensenville, IL 4/09/1991

Subsequent owner SVGX 8628

Green Goat

A short-lived era.

1700 first Green Goat hybrid newly in service and demonstrator RPRX_2402. Alyth April 9, 2006
RailPower GG20B (ex CP 1600 nee 8690) ALSTOM 3/30/2006
Note: 2402 first of 5 such demo units 2401-2405.

RPRX 2402 CP 1700 heavy switching Alyth yard. April 2006
Note: Engineer is on left side of cab to give good view ahead and when backing up in yard service.

1701 (ex 1635 nee 8626) trails 1703. Alyth 6/09/2006

1701 subsequent owners; RPRX 1701 and (2022) RJC 1701

1703 (ex SOO 4200 GP9R , ex PC/CR 7355 GP9 nee NYC 5955) EMD 20968 2/1956
Alyth 6/09/2006

Subsequent owner; LTEX 1703.

RailPower Technologies Corp. Vancouver designers of GREEN GOAT technology had their locomotives built by ALSTOM in their facility inside CPR' s Ogden shops. Battery powered (two battery packs consisting of 42 compartments of 4 batteries each, a total of 336 batteries!) Rated at 2000 HP, a Caterpillar 320 HP genset diesel charges these batteries.

CP placed an order in 2005 for 35 of these yard switchers, the largest order for this fledging company which had only a handful of small orders prior to this. Only 5 units were accepted by CP before the order was cancelled and returned 12/2006. Intended for "casual" use rather than the tough 24/7 main yard switching, they proved incapable of "normal" railway use. Unfortunately, battery technology and railway requirements did not align. Units changed hands one-by-one but no more were built including the smaller Green Kid built on SW1200RS body.1700 became AMTK 599. 1702 became USAX 6004.

KCS 1869 was a one-unit order built around this same time.
GG20B (ex IC/ICG 9069/8069) EMD 20148 1/1955
Alyth Yard 2005 Doug McKenzie

At the same time as the CP units were under construction another 4 unit order for BNSF was also being built. UP ordered 20 units the largest of a grand total of 55 of these "Green" locomotives. Next up: GenSet locomotives! Built by a number of companies in different sizes these too are having varying success. CP did not bite.

NRE Genset

2100_2101 trailing two GP9's either either direction between Toronto Yard and Lambton Yard on T56 job. 3/10/2009
NRE 3GS21B 058-0155 9/2008

Note: Both units were named for Carol Ann Odorico an employee recognition for safety.

The fact these units were painted fully CP indicates they were likely on a lease-purchase agreement pending
satisfactory performance. The lease was extended and NRE field personnel assigned to correct problems.
Often one unit was paired with a GP9u to guard against road difficulties. Eventually, NRE left!
So too did the units.

NREX 2007 2GS14B (two gensets 1400 hp) r/b 11/2006 nee CNW 1525 GP7 14292 3/1951

NREX 2007 with CP 8232 on short term demo Calgary 5/2007. Doug McKenzie scan collection.

Trans-Canada Switching, Roberts Bank, Delta, BC 9/03/2008.
Also, demo on Southern Ry of BC in 2008.

It eventually became OPT 2222, Gulf Coast Rail Services, Orange Port Terminal Ry. Orange, TX.
This small operation was to get a total of 5 of these model gensets from NRE. (Only 2 Canadian units).
The first one was OPT 2220 ex CN 4010 for ExxonMobil Polyethylene Plant, Beaumont, TX 4/20/2013.


Subsequent owners

Same link as below first set of thumbnails

Canadian Pacific

8246 with and new CP red paint scheme and golden beaver emblem.
Smiths Falls July 30, 2001 Bob Heathorn




2000 HP 8-710G3A-T2

Built with small amount of components from retired GP9's (8200's) previously upgraded.
Frames were found to be unsuitable for reuse due primarily to age and length.
Trucks, traction motors, main generator and air compressor were rebuilt.

2200-2229 (30)
2230-2269 (40)
2270-2329 (60)

Grand total: 130 units

Brand new 2200 and 2209 DIT (Dead In Transit) 1/13/2013 La Crosse, WI.

2200 20107386-01 11/2012

2201 showing unusual rear of these units. Also, note the single rear facing horn part of a 3 chime air horn.
The 2 forward facing trumpets are almost hidden near middle of roof.
1/13/2015 Saint Paul, MN

2278 20137934-008 6/2014 Bensenville Yard, Franklin Park, IL.9/26/2021

GP38-2 EMD

4520-4526 (7)
NREX acq. 2005 nee various



4600/4648 (16) ex SOO MILW

4615 (ex SOO 2035, MILW 2035 nee MILW 182) EMD 32479 1/1967
Bensenville, IL 8/24/2005

Subsequent owner; 6/2013 Respondek Rail, Port Harbor 8955.

Original numbering and model units.

5973 one of the small remaining fleet of original units freshly painted in the latest scheme.
Lethbridge Yard. 6/18/20222


3000 HP 12-710G3A-T2

Locotrol LEB

Rebuilt from SD40-2 units.

5000-5019 (20 units) Progress Rail (EMD)

5020-5049 (30 units) Bombardier Transportation, Sahagun, Mexico

5034 (ex 5998) and 5045 (ex 5793) in lead arriving Saint Paul, MN November 23, 2019.
Pig Eye Yard diesel shop in background.


3000 HP 16-645E3C

5100-5109 (10 units)

5105 (ex 5867) with H16 Shakopee Turn. 7/17/2020
GMD A4431 10/1984

5107 (ex 5953) SD40-3 remote control. GMD A3960 10/1980

Note: 5107 and 8 others assigned to St. Paul, MN. 5104 (ex 6041) assigned Calgary.


3800 HP 16-710G3

6221-6257 (29) ex SOO 6021-6057 group re# 2011-13
6238 and 6250 renumbered 6309, 6308 in 2018

6240 (ex SOO 6040) GMD 677003-30 3/1989 Kansas City, MO 6/03/2012


16-710G3C 3800 HP

6258-6262 (5) Re# 2012-13 and 11/2017 for 6261

Two views of 6259 (ex SOO 6059) GMD 866055-1 11/1989

St.Luc diesel shop. 4/14/2013



6300-6305 3350 HP (ex SOO)
6306-6309 .3800 HP (ex SOO)

Upgraded NRE to -3 with ZTR

6302 ex SOO 6035 SD60 GMD 677003-15 3/1989 Montpelier, IA October 23, 2017

6304 ex SOO 6026 SD60 GMD 877003-6 3/1989 Saint Paul, MN 8/29/2021

6306 ex SOO 6024 SD60 GMD 877003-6 3/1989 Savanna, IL June 2018


4300 HP 16-710G3C

Upgrade rebuilds by Progress Rail (ex EMD) 7000-7059 in randem numerical order.
Ex SD90MAC DD-GM 9100-9160

Program expanded (7060-7099) with early 2021 acquisition by CP of 40 retired UP SD9043MAC units. .

7059 (ex UP 3567 acq. 8/2019) last of rebuild program. St.Paul, MN 8/14/2020

Note: 7058 7059 are ex UP 3551/8080, 3567/8087 acq. 4/2019 replaced 2 retired units.
Retired 12/2010 scrapped 11/2012: 9129, 9133, 9138.

Delaware & Hudson

EMD GP38-2 7303-7312 (nee LV 314-325 12 units)

7311 (ex DH 7311/7324 nee LV 324 ) EMD 7386-11 1972
Bensenville, IL 8/20/2022



Temporary numbers pending upgrading.

3649 3747 acq. E/2021 (ex UP 3649 nee 8181) Enroute at Saint Paul, MN. 3/19/2021

Other units with temporary numbers include 3712


Factory remanufactured upgraded units.

8000-8063 GE AC44CWM 4400 HP Locotrol equipped. Rebuilt 2018

8100-8144 GE AC44CWM 4400 HP Rebuilt 9/1997-1/1998

8000 ex 9521 GE 48817 9/1995

8101 ex 9672 GE 50178 12/1997

Robot Cars and Air Repeater Car

robot cars

OCS shop loco

6711 (last SW8/9) removed from locomotve roster to be used a shop tool to move diesels about shops.
Later used for engineer training program.

Car Mover

6195 ex 6716 rebuilt 1991 for Ogden shops use. Sold 7/2003 Railside Locomotive Services 6195.
Resold 8/2006 IPSCO 6195 Regina

3783 01 ex 6621 re-engined with Cummins diesel and converted 4/1984 to remote control car mover for Weston Shops.
1986 renumbered 3779. Sold 2/1999 to Minnesota Commercial. CTM-1

6621 S-11 660 HP MLW 82563 7/1959

Yard service B units

6800 ex 4445 4/1983 (1919 10/1954 - 11/1965) F7B GMD A319 4/1952

A few B units remained in normal use as late as 1983. Their utilization was a problem, due to lack of a cab they required special attention when being marshalled in a consist. It was decided to assign a B unit in the middle of each of the two 3 unit hump sets used at Alyth. This solved a problem and eliminated maintenance of an unnecessary cab on a GP which could be assigned elsewhere. Two further hump B units for Toronto Yard cancelled when a Vice-President overruled it in favour of standarization using only GP9u's even though the modification made use of B units which were otherwise a nusiance marshalling them into consists in trail position.

In 1996 the two units were modified to slugs and renumbered.

1019 hump slug unit converted from hump B unit 6801 nee 4462.
Freshly outshopped Alyth May 1996 Doug Mackenzie

Note: "hump service only" painted below CP Rail.
Also, 1018 ex 6800 nee 4445 converted.
Both units retired 6/1999.


Nelson diesel shop
Gallery of power assigned

Subsequent owners

Same link as below first set of thumbnails

Leased power

Same link as below first set of thumbnails

5742_5745 only two units painted for Expressway trains recently discontinued.
Port Coquitlam 8/16/2018

Smokey Bear 50 years (1944-1994) forest fire prevention logo.

9159 with special United Way paint scheme. Long-time CPR charity.

5748 painted for EXPO 86 in Vancouver. May 1986.

Gallery of EXPO 86 units.

4744 originally intended to be 4719 6/1970. 4719 built as M6031-29 10/14/1970.
MLW M6032-01 3/1971 Preserved at CRM/Exporail.

4215, 4244, 4220 (MLW C-424's) and 8119 (GMD SW1200RS)
St.Luc roundhouse 7/05/1996 Kermit Geary Jr.

St.Lawrence & Hudson

A short-lived renaming of CP's Eastern Lines.

STLH 1594 with name painted over. CP Rail Action Red and small Multimark. Toronto Yard.

STLH_5654 in darker Apple Red compared to CP Rail Action Red. 8/03/1996 Hammond, IL

St.Lawrence & Hudson 8212. Note lack of visibility stripes on rear of 8223 in background.
Only some units assigned to St.L & H received new Apple Red paint before being absorbed back into CPR.
Smiths Falls June 2000 Bob Heathorn

Canadian Atlantic

A short-lived internal shortline for CP's lines east of the Quebec Eastern Townships including the DAR.

CAR 8023 RS-23 far from home. Short-lived Internal shortline Canadian Atlantic. (9/1988 - 12/31/1994)
Smiths Falls 6/1994 Bob Heathorn

E&N Railfreight

A short-lived internal shortline of the remaining Esquimalt & Naniamo on Vancouver Island.

E&N 3004 GP38 getting turned on the table for return trip. VIA RDC in roundhouse.

E&N photos


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