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Reused Stations

Many former railway stations all across Canada have been repurposed for a variety of uses. Some by the railway itself usually for maintenance employees (track, signals etc.) use. Others have been sold, some remaining in original location on active right of way but more on abandoned rights of way. Many others moved off railway property. Early abandonments were some of
the longest lasting ones while later years (circa 1970's onward) were subject to years of minimal maintenance or outright neglect rendering them less likely to be preserved once a roof failed to protect the structure or vandalism of long neglected buildings destroyed them. Community and charitable groups, local museums etc. Many have been reused by a variety of businesses usually restaurants etc. Some include one or more pieces of rolling stock with railway museums usually having the most equipment. All-in-all only a very small percentage of retired railway stations still exist. Here are some of them.

Northern Alberta Ry

Dawson Creek station site includes museum, tourist info and NAR coach.

Note: A grain elevator is also nearby now an art gallery and gift shop.

Canadian Northern and predecessor roads.

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Longo's Leaside Village (link) Back Shop.
Solina Station (residence).
Port Hope station (offices).
Smiths Falls station (Railway museum with extensive equipment).
Bay of Quinte Ry. (Enginehouse ruins, several stations, mostly residences)
Trenton (Roundhouse, several businesses).

Canadian National and predecessor roads.

Alphabetical listing Ontario

CNR Aultsville, ON (GTR)
Museum and Train 1008 Mogul,
wooden baggage car and coach.

CNR Bancroft, ON (COR 1900 CNoR)
Tourist info, Mining Museum, C of C Office.
CN 78571 caboose.

CNR Barry's Bay, ON (OA&PS 1894, CAR, GTR).
Railway museum, Visitor info, Art centre and gallery.
Caboose CP 436777 CNR water tower

CNR Brighton, ON (GTR 1857)
Memory Junction railway museum
inc. CN 2534, CN & CP vans etc.

CNR Burlington Junction, ON (GTR 1906)
Friends of Freeman Station
Railway museum inc. THB 1 (auto),
CN 78188 van, CP 186520 box car.

CNR Caledonia, ON (GTR 1908) 2021
Caledonia and Regional Chamber of Commerce

CNR Collingwood, ON (NRyC 1873) 2021
Museum Maritime History
Three ex CN box cars.

CNR Craigleith (OS&H/NRy.GTR c1878) 2021
Museum and Library
No rolling stock.

CNR Fenelon Falls, ON (GTR 1908) 2021
(Haliburton Sub.)
Art Gallery & Gifts

CNR Fort Erie, ON (GTR Bridgeburg, GTR Ridgeway)
CN 6218 Caboose CN 76218.79138.

CNR Glencoe, ON (GTR 1904)
Glencoe Historical Society.

CNR Haliburton, ON (GTR 1901) 2021
(Haliburton Sub.) Art Gallery
CN 2616, CN 77127 van.

CNR Kinmount, ON (GTR, Midland, Victoria 1875)
(Haliburton Subdivision) 2021
Tourist Information, Museum etc.

CNR St.Marys Junction, ON (GTR 1856)
Broken Rail Brewing 2021

CNR Owen Sound, ON
Marine and Rail Museum
also Visitor Information.
Caboose and passenger car.

CNR Petrolia, ON
(GTR 1903)
Public library

CNR St.Marys Junction
(GTR 1856) NEW 2021
GTW 79176 caboose.
Broken Rail Brewing

CNR New Brunswick NEW 2021

The Station House
Photographic Studio and
Art Gallery. (CN 78614 van).
E&NA Rothesay, NB

Old Train Station Tourist Centre

Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick

Tourist Information NEWEST 2021
Cape Tormentine

CNR Nova Scotia

Hank Snow Home Town Museum 2021

H&SW French Village
Gift Shop

Railway Museum

ICR Orangedale, CB NEW 2021
Railway museum inc. GE 50-tonner,
business car, snow plow, caboose etc.

Newfoundland Railway

Railway Coastal Museum 495 Water Street, St.John's, NL . Built 1903

The museum opened in 2003 with a grant from the Johnson Family Foundation,
documenting the history of the Newfoundland Railway.

Designated a National Historic Site in 1988.

Closed November 2020

CNR Mc.Bride, BC (GTP 1919) NEWEST
Robson Valley Visitor Centre

CNR Rowley, AB (Ghost Town) (CNoR 1910)
Railway and other museums.

CNR Camrose, AB

CNR Eatonia, SK
Public library, caboose.

CNR Unity, SK (GTP 1909)

CNR Dauphin, MB (CNoR 1912)
Railway Museum, offices, VIA stn.
Also, 15-stall roundhouse and turntable.

Canadian Pacific

Dominion Atlantic Ry. NEWEST

New Brunswick District


Ontario District




`British Columbia

US Roads in Canada NEW



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