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Canadian Pacific

Preserved Steam Locomotives
Including subsequent owners operated.

One of a series of postage stamps commemorating Canada's steam locomotives. Issued 1984.

A Class 4-4-0

C.P.R. No. 1 Countess of Dufferin oldest preserved CPR steam locomotive. Baldwin 2660 1/1872
Winnipeg 5/10/1948 Paul Mc. Grane Collection

Countess of Dufferin displayed at Winnipeg Railway Musum inside Winnipeg Union Station. September 17, 2011.

A1e 4-4-0 29 repainted with correct lettering style applied by Streamline Studios.
CPR headquarters Gulf Canada Square Calgary June 27, 2012 Rick Janzen
CPR New Shops 1965 9/1887

A2q 144 on display inside Exporail. CPR New Shops 1030 3/1886

374 all decorated poses with 2862 in Vancouver 1946. Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection
SA class 374 was on train No.1 May 23,1887. The first train into Vancouver.

Long displayed at Kitsilano Beach Park. It was removed in 1983, stored and eventually restored for Expo 86.

374 sits on turntable of restored Drake Street roundhouse during Expo86. May 22, 1986

SA class 374 shown here at the restored Drake Street roundhouse in downtown Vancouver
during 122nd. anniversary festivities held May 17, 2009. Balto/

374 with its park train operates on over one mile of two foot gauge track. Opened 1964.

MosaiCanada Jacques Cartier Park, Hull (Gatineau) QC

Floral "train" . Two photos; August 2017


D class 4-6-0

453 (acq. 1998 ex O.W.Link). Utica, NY 10/04/2005

D4g 492 (acq. 3/1963) on display inside Exporail. CPR 12/1914


D10g 894 a well-worn engine painted up for display at Doon Pioneer Village, Doon, (Kitchener) Ontario. 5/1964
CPR Angus 1/1911

D10j 972 operated steam excursions on various lines by George Hart's Rail Tours. MLW 51106 9/1912
Retired 1/1966 by CPR its acquisition was assisted by R.L.Kennedy.

July 4th weekend 1977. Jim Thorpe


972 on shop track. Jim Thorpe 10/17/1982


D10h 999 (acq. 3/1963) at Delson museum CRHA two views. MLW 50973 5/1912


1095 displayed in its home town of Kingston, Ontario next to the CPR station in downtown.
W. J. L. Gibbons CLC 1131 10/1913

G Class 4-6-2


G5a 1201 all painted up for display at NMS&T. CPR 6/1944

1201 was stored for two decades, hidden from the public at the Canada Science & Technology Museum in Ottawa.
Briefly on display for Ingenium Centre opening. Returned to storage out of sight where it remains.

1238 acq. 12/1963 Rail Tours tourist operation (George M. Hart) York, Pa. 6/1965 MLW 74898 6/1946

Note: D10 972 and G5 1286 were also owned by George.

G5c 1246 in tourist operation at Steamtown USA, Riverside, Bellows Falls, Vermont. June 17, 1978 Bill Rogerson
MLW 74906 6/1946

Note the US-style visored headlight with slanted illuminated number boards also the
relocated bell in fixed position with the clapper moved by air giving a cow bell type of sound.
Engineer Andy Barbarra (ex DL&W) and fireman Howard Freeman (ex B&O).

1246 on excursion eturning to Bellows Falls. Rutland, VT Oct. 24, 1982

G5d 1286 looking great just like she did in CPR Western Lines passenger service. CLC 2443 5/1948

Jersey City, NJ 5/28/1967

High Iron Co. operated 5 Steam Safaris on Central of New Jersey this year.

Originally preserved (inc. 1238) and operated by George M. Hart.

She would go on to be owned and operated by Jack Showalter.

1293 at Steamtown, Scranton, PA.

OHCR 1293 repainted with Tuscan Red paint scheme which was not ever used by CPR on G5 class engines
even though many were in passenger service. Relocated bell is also not accurate nor is the missing illuminated
number board and added red number. Dennison, OH July 29, 2004

Steamtown USA 2317 the most famous 2300 nicely painted in passenger colours.
Riverside, Bellows Falls, Vermont. October 1980 Edward Ozog

G3c MLW 64541 6/1923 Acquistion assisted by R.L.Kennedy.

2317 still in passenger colours but in need of a good wash and cleaning.
Steamtown USA, Scranton, Pennsylvania. October 18, 1985. John Petro

Extra 2317 working upgrade towards Moscow, PA. November 2, 1985

2634 on display outdoors for many years. June 7, 1973 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Seen here on moving day!
Western Development Museum, G2u MLW 52660 5/1913

H Class 4-6-4

2816 (over the years) Ogden pavilion. MLW 68535 12/1930

Cab interior.

Royal Hudsons

2839 was once part of the Government of Ontario collection for the still-born Transportation Museum in Toronto.
Its disposal caused dismay and resentment when it went to the USA where it had a chequered career with various owners.
The Royal Hudson operated for a time including mainline excursions before being stored and eventually acquired by a
private automobile museum in Sylmar, California where it remains. Original preservation assisted by R.L.Kennedy.


H1c 2839 heads south on a three day trip from Alexandria, VA to the Southern Railway steam shop in Birmingham, AL.
This is her first trip on the Southern Railway which had leased it for their own main line steam program.
Gretna, Virginia March 3, 1979 MLW 68952 9/1937

Putting on a good show for the photographer! March 3, 1979 Amherst, VA

Atlantic Central Steam Company, Inc.
Temple, PA October 1984

Cab interior. Sylmar. CA. Februaty 4, 2016

Sylmar, California

H1d 2850 "The" Royal Hudson inside Exporail. MLW 69100 8/1938 6/28/2015

1939 Royal Tour

H1d 2858 inside NMS&T in Ottawa. MLW 69108 8/1938

H1e 2860 preserved 8/1964 by the City of Vancouver. It was fired up and tested briefly at Drake Street.
Leif Sorensen Collection
MLW 69292 6/1940

BCR Royal Hudson excursions. Includes 3716.

F Class 4-4-4

F1a 2928 preserved at Canadian Railway Museum in Delson. 8/10/1974 CLC 1942 3/1938

K Class 4-8-4

K1a 3101 IPSCO Park, Regina. CPR 10/1928

N Class 2-8-0

N2a 3651 preserved in Lethbridge. 4/22/2013 Braedan Dunne
3651 CPR 8/1927 nee 3851 MLW 48339 7/1910

N2b 3716 hauling its train on Kettle Valley Steam Railway.

CPR 12/1929 ex 3916 MLW 51628 11/1912

P Class 2-8-2

5433 at Chapleau Heritage Museum, Chapleau, ON.

P2k 5468 (oil-fired) part of last order (5462-5473) P2 class 5300-5473 = Grand Total of 174 locomotives.
Inside Revelstoke Railway Musem. 7/08/2015

5468 on display at Revelstoke Railway Museum. July 2, 2008 Robert (Rob) Brown

The interior of a steam locomotive cab is as complex looking as an aircraft cockpit to the uninitiated.
Slightly different angle (below) in black and white tends to back date the photo to the steam era.


T Class 2-10-4

T1c 5931 first of the last order of Selkirks. Note the unusal plow pilot. MLW 76221 2/1949
Calgary station July 31, 1951 Arthur B. Johnson/Bud Laws Collection

5931 repainted as "5934".

This was done since Calgary wanted the last Selkirk but it was already committed to CRHA.
5934 was considered however Ogden shops found it to be in very poor condition.
5931 was identical subclass and was selected instead and renumbered.
It was later renumbered properly as per above photos.


U Class 0-6-0

Manitoba and Saskatchwan Coal Co. 6166 acq. 1966 (ex CP 6166 nee 2166) CPR New Street Shops 1414 6/1905
(Includes 3522 and 6947) ......................................................................................................................

Western Development Museum, North Battleford, SK . . 3 photos

Note: Relocated 1994 WDM Saskatoon. Displayed as nee 2166.

CP Business Car 9 (1st) Barney & Smith 1884

436148 van built CPR 1912


U3e 6275 is preserved inside the Huron County Pioneer Museum in Goderich. CPR 6/1913
July 31, 2013 James A. Brown

V4A Class 0-8-0

6947 acq. 1998 from Alberta Railway Museum. Displayed as CPR 6947 Sandon, BC

Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal 6947 (acq. 2/1959) ex CPR 6947
0-8-0 rebuilt 9/1928 from 2-8-0 3537 MLW 45590 9/1908



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