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CPR Quebec District

Buckingham Junction 1992 Jeff Henricks

Calumet 1992 Jeff Henricks

Lachute, Quebec 1992 Jeff Henricks

Marelan 1992 Jeff Henricks

Mont Laurier 1992 Jeff Henricks

Montreal West August 5, 1941 Bud Laws Collection

Lots of milk cans on the baggage wagons! Poster on station wall appears to be for wartime recruiting.
Large poster board leaning against station is for Quebec Provincial Exposition a fall agricultural event.

Montreal Windsor Station at track level. October 1940 Bud Laws Collection

Brand new Place Viger and Station. Rod and Gun in Canada July 1899 advertisement.

Former Place Viger Station and Hotel opened August 13, 1898. Station closed 1951.

Rigaud. Circa 1910 post card. Man is sitting on a velocipede! Nearby is a typical water tower.

Note the old style train order boards both indicating no orders either directon.
In later years they would be changed to upright position for proceed.


Ste.Agathe 1992 Jeff Henricks

St.Faustin 1992 Jeff Henricks

Quebec District Stations in Ontario

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