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St.Thomas Street Railway

St.Thomas Municipal Railway

St.Thomas Street railway was incorporated in 1878 and operated a horse drawn service from 1879 to June 16, 1898
at which time it was electrified and continued until until November 1902 at which time the City of St.Thomas acquired
the company and operated it until February 12, 1926. Numerous bus operators have carried on until the present time.

St.Thomas Street Railway Time Table 1902 Schedules

Elgin County Archives

Opening day! June 1, 1898 Trailer 37 is being hauled by unknown motor.

Talbot Street looking west from Ross Street. Stedman Bros. postcard.
Robert Moore Postcard Collection/Elgin County Archives

34 Station Car

Car on Forest Avenue. Note children at right.

Fare token Arnold Mooney


Bus 55 on Talbot Route

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