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Railiner Rail Diesel Cars

Closeup look at Detroit Diesel


6002 ex B&M 6902 acq. 7/1965 one of 30 powered trailers a model built only for Boston & Maine commuter service.
These cars had no control cab and only one diesel engine. They were designed to be used with two standard cars.



6101 in mid consist. Large modern looking building in the background at 444 Front Street West is the Globe & Mail newspaper. Built for the Toronto Telegram which used it from 1963 until 1971 when the Tely closed down.

6103 at Spadina. Two steam generator cars in background.

Looks like No.1 the westbound Super Continental behind RDC-1 6104.
Railiners provided daily service on three branchlines.
Edmonton 7/12/1976 Charlie Parsons/Joseph Testagrose Collection

6111 ex B&M 6111 acq. 7/1965 equipped with old style headlight housing including illuminated number boards.
Tempo unit in background.

RDC-1 6112 ex B&M 6112 for one of two branch runs to Clermont or Richmond.
Quebec City 7/14/1972 Ed Gibbs/Joseph Testagrose Collection

6114 ex B&M 6121 one of 8 RDC-1's acquired secondhand.



RDC-2 6204 comprises the entire train. Not uncommon across much of Canada. Note the STC highway coach.
STC provided three roundtrips daily between Saskatoon and Regina and three to Prince Albert.
CN operated one roundtrip on each branchline.
Saskatoon, Sask. 6/28/1973 Charles Parsons/Joseph Testagrose Collection

RDC-2 D-203 No. 607 westbound Daily North Battleford to Edmonton 254 miles.
Canadian National in white name panel and red CN at front of car
also red end with CN directly below cab window.
St.Paul Jct. Alberta 9/05/1963 Peter Cox

6205 with block lettering and white background.

RDC-2 6205 on roundhouse outdoor track. Spadina (Toronto) 5/30/1969 Doug Grotjahn/Joseph Testagrose Collection


D-362 leads and another RDC-3 trails a pair of RDC-1's arriving under Bathurst Street.

RDC-3 D-350 No.635 Daily St.Paul to Edmonton 127 miles. Originated in Grand Centre as No.637 176 miles.
North Edmonton 9/05/1963 Peter Cox

6302 (ex D-302) one-only RDC-3 with 48 seats. Budd 6702 6/1957 Edmonton 7/12/1973
Charles Parsons/Joseph Testagrose collection

RDC-3 6352 at Spadina 4/10/1971 G.H.Landau/Joseph Testagrose collection

6352 leads three other Cars loading headend traffic bound for Niagara Falls from Toronto. .
Hamilton July 1971 Mike Harrington

6355 passing beneath Bathurst Street bridge. Note the low switch stand to avoid blocking view of nearby switch.
Note also the two very large loudhailers mounted on the bridge and used to give instructions to employees.

Unidentified RDC-3 at Spadina. Note coal pile and work flat car with old steam engine tender loaded with coal.
In the background is CN shed on low level south side of Front Street West just west of Union Station.


RDC-4 D-452 and D-451 plus RDC-1 D-104 comprise No.624's consist. Daily Saskatoon to Regina 162 miles.
Passing Nutana yard southbound out of Saskatoon 6/27/1961 Peter Cox

D-453 Calder Yard, Edmonton, AB. 1964 Note the missing pilot!

Paul McGrane collection.

RDC-4 6401 at North Bay, Ont. 7/14/1973 Joseph Testagrose collection

Note the word MAIL on sign board below three windows.

RDC-4 6450 at Moncton, NB 5/1976 Joseph Testagrose collection

Note that MAIL has been removed from sign board below three windows.

6453 likely part of a switching move.

6475 trails an RDC-1 on the tri-weekly Thunder Bay-Winnipeg run. Port Arthur 10/1973 D'Arcy Furlonger

6401 (ex D-401) Mail-Baggage-Express RDC-4 Budd #6803 5/1957 Out of service at Spadina 9/1978 Randy Kotuby
One of only nine RDC-4's in Canada (CN had six and CPR had three). Length 73' 10" compared to normal 85' 0".


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