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Old Time Trains

Huntsville and Lake of Bays

3' 8 1/2" and 3' 6" gauge


Algonquin and number 1

Steaming dockside times two! June 15, 1953 David Lindman

Two views of number 5 with usual short 2 car train. South Portage 7/28/1951
John D. Knowles/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Large 75 seat coach on rear of train was from Atlantic City, N.J.

Original equipment

Original Number 2 built by H K Porter #912 1888 (44 1/2" gauge)
Toronto Public Library digital collection

1 and 2 taking water. South Portage. Robert Holden/Joseph Testagrose Collection.

Both engines, train and steamship Iroquois at Dock.

Water tank and a HUGE pile of wood.

Trains and ship at dock. Open coaches are under shed. South Portage.

Small open coach is ex Toronto Suburban Ry. 11 built 1894.
Robert Holden/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Newer equipment

Huntsville and Lake of Bays 1 with train at dock in 1958 (42" gauge). Michael Taylor


5 leaving the dock with a full load of passengers. Summer 1948. Winger Studio/Joseph Testagrose Collection.


Following closure of this unique railway the equipment was acquired by Percy Broadbear and his son Don Broadbear, CPR locomotive engineers. It was relocated to Pinafore Park in St. Thomas and set up as a unique park ride where it operated for many years. After it was shutdown it was sold once again and relocated once again. This time returning back up north to Huntsville where it was set up imitating the original summer cottage travel where it continues operating.

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