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Dominion Bridge
Article 1916


A - X

Formerly, Abitibi-Price

ex Resolute Forest Products 7910, Alma. Shown at Montreal 10/12/2015 enroute Ronsco.
Abitibi-Consolidated 7910 (acq. 1990) ex CN 7910:2nd, 7210, nee 8645) SW900 GMD A574 1/1954

CFFX (Chemin de Fer du Fjord) 26 on short term lease switching at Abitibi-Consolidated, Alma.
July 22, 2006 Rod Bushway (Formerly, Abitibi-Price, originally, Price Bros.)
Very unique M-420TR 2000 HP Transfer (only two built) ex R&S 26 nee Alcan 26 MLW M6051-01 4/1972

Abitibi-Price 49 (acq. 8/1984) ex Asbestos & Danville 49 S4 MLW #81258 8/1956 Alma, May 3, 1988 Doug Boyd

CANAC 1336 (ex CN 1336) SW1200RS switching Abitibi Consolidated's Division Kenogami in Saguenay.
March 6, 2006. A one and one half mile spur connects plant to CN at M.201.4 Lac St-Jean Sub. Rod Bushway


Aluminum Company of Canada

Alcan No. 72-359 S-2 Alco 70233 3/16/1943 Montreal Locomotive Works

To Roberval Saguenay 59 12/1953 Re# 21 Returned to Alcan in 1965

Alcan 72-360 S-2 Alco 70218 7/1943 to R-S 60

Courtesy of Rio Tinto Alcan, Ian Stronach Collection

Alcan 26. Only two of these M420TR high adhesion truck 2000 HP units were built.
Montreal Locomotive Works

Lettered for parent Alcan, these units were numbered in RS series and used by them. MLW #M6051-02 4/1972
Port Alfred, May 21, 1972 David M. More

Roberval Saguenay two paint schemes

Atlas Steels
Tracy (Sorel)

Un-numbered unit acq. 4/1967 ex AAM (D) nee Wabash 43-ton 300 HP GE 12496 7/1939
Preserved at ECRM St.Thomas ON.

Axiall Canada Inc.
Formerly, PPG Standard Chemical (Pittsburg Plate Glass)
Beauharnois, QC

Axiall Corp. of Atlanta, Georgia formerly, Georgia Gulf Corp. renamed after $2 billion acquisition of
PPG Industries Inc.’s chlor-alkali and derivatives business in 2013.

CSX 2383 a GP39 constrol slug switching Axiall at M.225.5 Montreal Sub. September 16, 2016

AXLX 7602 acq. 2011 ex POM (Port of Montreal) 7602 SW1001 EMD 758024-2 7/1976
Served by CSX. Beauharnois December 2, 2014 Ken Goslett

Note: Only 4 SW1001 sold by GMD (built by EMD) in Canada.
Two for National Harbours Board (now Port of Montreal) and two for Saskatchewan Power, Coronach, SK.

PPG_01 acq. 1996 (ex CN 7941 2nd, nee 7241) SW900 GMD A1193 12/1957
. February 5, 2006.

CANX 1349 (ex CN 1349) leased short term 2005. SW1200RS GMD A1799 6/1959
March 4, 2005


Canadian Car and Foundry

Ville St. Pierre

Can-Car 1 acq. 12/1956 (nee US Army 8491) Whitcomb DE-19A 65-ton 650 HP #60497 9/1944
Ville St.Pierre May 18, 1969

Can-Car 1 Whitcomb 65-tonner Ville St-Pierre 10/21/1967 Peter Cox

Canadian General Transportation

Canadian General Transportation no number 50-tonner GE 29870 6/1948 nee Price Bros. No.5 spent its first forty years in Alma then to CGTX tank car facility in Riviere des Prairies. Shown here waiting scrapping by Andrew Merrilees (D) in Montreal. April 2004 Paul McGrane.

Canadian Refractories Ltd.


Dominion Timber and Mining
Magnesite mine, Kilmer

Canadian Refractories Ltd. No. 1 65-ton 550 HP GE 30807 2/1951 Rebuilt CGE Peterborough 6/1964
Subsequent owner; 7/1981 IVACO #Nil.


Canadian Vickers


#NIL Plymouth JDT 5692 3/1953

Switching on National Harbours Board, Port of Montreal. 6/26/1969.

Ciment Quebec

Ciment Quebec 50-ton B GE St.Basile-de-Portneuf Erick Pelletier

Dominion Bridge

N14 rare Atlas 50-tonner. Lachine January 17, 1970

Domtar See: Norkraft Domtar

E. B. Eddy

E.B.Eddy 2 GE 25-ton Hull January 1972 Stan Jones/Bruce Chapman Collection

E.B.Eddy #nil GE 50 ton #27935 12/1946 (Rebuilt 1951 with Cummins engines and from 45 ton).
Thurso, September 13, 1981 Bob Heathorn

Francon Construction

Francon Construction 250-05 Plymouth 30-ton MDT #5854 6/1955 Walkley Yard, Ottawa November 1972
Craig/Bruce Chapman Collection

This dinky worked at Franceschini Pit near Shawville M.49 CP Waltham Sub.

#90 8468-8478-8741-8765 arriving Ottawa (from the Falls) with 90-tonner DIT (Dead In Transit).
July 5, 1965 Bruce Chapman

GE 31514 3/1952 80-tonner ballasted to 90-tons enroute to Franceshini Pit west of Shawville.

Subsequent owner; Hilton Mines, Bristol QC See: Lamarche McGuinty
Later, Highway Paving Div. of National Quarries. Montreal.
Sold 4/1972 SGPX (D) re-sold 9/1972 Crucible Steel, Midland, PA.
Resold 1987 IVACO.

G3 Port of Quebec

Former Bunge elevator CN Bassin Louise Spur

EFCX 1005 acq. 9/2018 SD40-3 (ex DLCX 1005, ex DMVW 3132 ex KCS 3132/6610, nee SD40 CN 5094)
GMD A2353 6/1969 Brewer,SK September 25, 2021

Transferred 2022 from Brewer, SK elevator to Quebec City.

FURX 5563 acq. 12/2016 GP38-2 (ex NS 5563/4137 nee NW 4137). EMD 35657 6/1971
Columbus, OH 5/22/2014.

Glencore Canada

Formerly, Xstrata Copper, originally Falconbridge

JLCX 2002 leased 6/2019. (Ex WAMX 2002, WATX 2009, NS/NW 2009, ITC 2009, UP 480 nee UP 710).
GP20 EMD 26055 7/1960

Note: WAMX 2002 last prior use MSR=Mississippi Southern 5/2019 a WATCO shortline.

Xstrata Copper 25 (acq. 5/1980 by Noranda Mines ex PA&McKR 180) 80-ton GE 31034 11/1951
Two more views. Two-man crew remote control. Rouyn-Noranda June 10, 2011

Three units at what was originally Noranda Mines Ltd. in Noranda. At right is 25, while hiding behind 27 is 18 another 80-tonner, this one acquired new by Noranda Mines Ltd. 470 HP GE 32737 15/1956. All remote controlled with two man crew.
Xstrata 27 (acq.1997) is SW1200RM ex CANX 27, ex CN 1326 frame with other parts from 7315 ex 1325 SW1200RS.


Holcim (Canada) Inc
Formerly; Ciment St-Laurent, Ciment Independant


Holcim (Canada) Inc. CSLX 100 nee CP 6622 S-11 MLW #82564 7/1959
Fresh out of CAD in Montreal 5/04/2014 Richard Marchi

Holcim Ltd. Z100 S-11 MLW #82564 7/1959 (acq. 6/1977 ex CP 6622)
Re-engined 1987 Detroit Diesel (another source indicates Cummins) by Andrew Merrilees Ltd.
Note: This was the second last 660 HP CPR unit. Joliette, May 2009 Louis Letourneau

AGHX 1999 Ciment St-Laurent Cummins 600 hp re-engined Alco RS3 #78366 11/1950 Joliette 3/2004
Acquired 11/2003 ex Agrium 1999 Phosphate mine, Opasatika, near Kapuskasing, Ontario
xx Minnesota Power & Light 1, Cohasset, MN, ex Scotia Coal 1058, ex Missouri Pacific 1058,
nee Alton & Southern 1058/43

It had an unusual joy stick control following conversion to industrial use. It had little or no use at Joliette due to a
major failure and was returned (possibly only leased as relief for Z100) to Andrew Merrilees (D) and eventually scrapped.

Hydro Quebec

Hydro Quebec 12-012 Plymouth JLC-2 gas #2801 2/1928 CRM, Delson. June 30, 1985 Gordon J. Strathdee
Built for Gatineau Power at Chelsea, which became HydroQuebec.
Acquired by the Canadian Railway Museum in 1971 it is presently displayed in the new Exporail pavilion.


Port of Quebec , Quebec City

IMTT-Quebec 321, acq. 6/2010 (ex East Jersey Rail Road and Terminal Co. 321,
International-Matex Tank Terminal, Bayonne, NJ) SW8 ex CR/PC/NYC 8621 EMD 16196 2/1953
8/12/2012 CN Taschereau yard (Montreal) diesel shop.

Kruger Inc.

Ex Kruger 240 Trois-Rivieres (formerly Domtar Newsprint, nee St.Lawrence Paper Mills)
ex Kruger (nee Richmond Pulp & Paper), Bromptonville.
35-ton Cummins 275 hp GE 32212 2/1955
Much rarer than the common 150 hp 25-tonner built by GE.
Diesel Electric Service (D) Sudbury August 30, 2006 Ian McCord

Lamarche McGuinty
(former Hilton Mines site)

Bristol Mines, QC

"Dinky" switching "long hoppers" (Longitudinal ) used for track ballast.

ex Francon Construction 250-05 Plymouth 5854 6/1955


Martin Lajeunesse Enterprises

Les Entreprises Martin Lajeunesse Romeo & Juliette acq. 5/2002 (ex St.Lawrence Cement, Beauport) GE 45-tonner #32243 8/1954 This is a trucking company that operates a wood chip reload centre on its new nearly 1 km spur to the revived Quebec Central, East Angus. They ship the chips to the Kruger paper mill in Bromptonville, QC and Domtar in Windsor, QC.
July 2003 Rod Bushway

National Harbours Board

Noranda Mines Ltd.

See also: Xstrata

Nordic Kraft

Previously, Norkraft Domtar
Formerly; Domtar


SVGX 1343 acq. c.4/2021 (nee CN 1343) GMD A1743 7/1958
East Chicago, IL 9/20/2009

PHLX 1 acq. 9/2010 (ex Domtar 28-137 nee CN 7734) SW1200 GMD A1809 7/1959
CN Mac Millan Yard enroute to Parrish and Heimbecker Foods, Yorkton, SK
September 18, 2011 Brendan Frisina

NOTE: The Norkraft Domtar pulp mill in Lebel-Sur-Quevillon (QC) had been stopped since November 2005 by a lock out. The mill permanently closed December 18 2008. The pulp mill and the sawmill, also closed, were responsible for 70% of the job in this one industry town of 3000 citizens located 600 km north of Montreal.

Chantiers Chibougamau acquired the mill in 2018 and it was reopened in 2020 as Nordic Kraft.


Montreal East

Only manufacturer in Canada of paraxylene (PX)

51% owned by Suncor Energy

Scroll down to Suncor


Porlier Express


Porlier Express Inc. MP-100 GMD1 (ex CN 1422 r/b 6/1989 nee 1076 GMD 4/1960)
Pointe Noire at Arnaud connection. 8/13/2012

Port of Montreal
Formerly, NHB

Port of Quebec
Quebec City

See G3 above

Quebec North Shore Paper

Quebec North Shore Paper 22 (acq.6/1979) ex Roberval & Saguenay 22 RS-2 MLW #81185 4/1955
Baie Comeau July 13, 1984 Pierre Fournier

Rio Tinto

Formerly, Quebec Iron & Titanium

Romaine River Railway

RTFX 8144 acq. 10/2015 (ex PRLX 171, ex KXHR 171, ex HZJX 171, nee Ford Motor 10016)
SW1001 EMD 34264 10/1968 Tracy, QC Formerly, Quebec Iron & Titanium.

Rio Tinto Alcan Bauxite and Alumina. A rather bizarre unit that has escaped everyone as it is hidden deep within Arvida.
It was acquired from Germany in 1982 or 1983 when the new calcining furnace for alumina was built using German technology. It came with the technology package. It apparently is a B-B arrangement with a diesel mechanical or hydraulic drive. The unit is remote controlled and has a coupler only at the rear end. It is used for moving cuts of empty
covered hoppers from the R & S yard tracks into the car loader and then moving the loaded cars of alumina to the
adjacent yard tracks for the R & S to lift. With a coupler at only one end it is always operating at the same end of the yard. Roberval & Saugenay does the maintenance. Arvida, QC May 12, 2010 Ian Stronach

Ronsco, Inc.

Ronsco, Inc. Railcar repair facility. Coteau-du-Lac (Cedars) March 26, 2016
Ronsco #nil acq. 2011 50-ton GE 13184 8/1941
(ex GATX 2; ex Uniforet, Port Cartier; ex Mineraux Noranda;
ex Cdn. Steel Wheel 2; nee ALCAN 72-291 Kitimat, BC)

Sidbec Dosco

Unlettered and unnumbered Sidbec Dosco 35-ton 240 hp CLC-Whitcomb 2645 12/1950
nee Canadian Tube & Steel 1. Montreal September 3, 1988 Fred Clark

Unlettered and unnumbered Sidbec Dosco acq. 7/1983 80-ton GE 31194 5/1952
ex Ports Canada 407, formerly, National Harbours Board 2, Quebec City.
Originally at Sidbec Dosco, Contrecoeur. Montreal September 3, 1988 Fred Clark

Smurfit-Stone Container (Canada)

Formerly, Abitibi-Consolidated, Stone Consolidated,
Consolidated Bathurst, originally Bathurst Power and Paper.

Portage-du-Fort, Quebec,

Smurfit-Stone Container (Canada) 2 (acq. 3/1969 ex L&N 24) Alco S-1 #73586 9/1945 October 6, 2006 Sean Kelly

Shown at Walkely Yard in Ottawa waiting for installation of roller bearing wheelsets for movement back to the US.
By this time all units had been disposed of with switching of the Pontiac mill turned over to Ottawa Central.

A long history came to an end when the mill closed down permanently October 31, 2008 with the loss 218 jobs.
At the time the mill could produce 253,000 tons a year of Northern Bleached Hardwood Kraft pulp used to make paper.

Stone Consolidated 4 acq. 1986 as Consolidated Bathurst 3 nee Rock Island 911. SW900 EMD 23461 9/1959.
Portage du Fort August 12, 1999 Bob Heathorn

Port of Baie-Comeau
Rail Ferry

Suncor Energy

Montreal East

Savage Service contract switching of unloading facility of Suncor Energy's refinery to bring crude oil from Alberta.
This refinery started in 1919 by Sun Company of Canada selling under the Sunoco brand.

SVGX 7302 acq. 2000 (ex CN 7302 nee 1368) SW1200RM r/b 6/1987 PSC GMD A1853 5/1960
CAD Montreal 5/04/2014

Thurso & Nation Valley
(Thurso Pulp & Paper)

Union Carbide

Union Carbide No# Whitcomb 65-ton 65DE19A #60440 4/1944
Beauharnois June 30, 1985 Gordon J. Strathdee
Apparently derelict, this unit came from their Welland plant in 1961. Acq. 3/1947 ex USArmy 8434, MRS 1345.


(Forest products)

La Tuque

WestRock 2020 moving as FWDX 0005 eastbound at Belleville, ON 10/01/2020
Tractive Power Corp. TP56

Xstrata Copper

See: Glencore Canada



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