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Montreal and Southern Counties

Article 1914

St.Lambert, Quebec except as otherwise noted.

All photos: Joseph Testagrose Collection unless otherwise credited.

M&SC 324. Colin Jack wrote:
The year is 1954. Taken from the back of a Montreal bound car. To the left are large coal piles on the waterfront.
To the right a MLW switcher and the end of the CN electrified lines from Central Station.
Steam could be exchanged at Bridge Street Station for entry to Central Station.
Also this electrification allowed access to the Point St Charles shops.

Wolf Kirchmeir collection.



M&SC 611 trails an indentical car at terminal on Mc.Gill Street, Montreal. Ca.1950's.
CTM Montreal streetcar far left background. Wolf Kirchmeir/Colin Jack Collection.



M&SC 12 (data see 13 below) at St.Lambert. Berner-Maguire/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Note the blue public weigh scale next to the two public telephone booths on the platform.
For a penny (one cent) you could get weighed and receive a small card that included a saying.

Cars 13 and 14 (below) acquired 1940 transferred from Oshawa Railway, nee Morris County Traction Co. Morristown, NJ
50 seats, length 41' 10" weight 16 tons. Built 1926 Osgoode-Bradley

Famous Waterman's pen factory in the background.

Car 105 built 1912 Ottawa Car Co. 56 seats, (32 combine) 49'4" weight 29 tons. Sister car 104 is stored at the Canadian Railway Museum and Combine 107 operates on the OERHA's Halton County Radial Railway. In the background is CN 1830 a MLW RS-3. Another 100 series at the same location, different angle.

105 on Black's Bridge over the Lachine Canal. 5/21/1955 Norton Clark/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Trailer 206 with 60 seats, 55 feet long, 23 tons. Ottawa Car Co. built 1917. May 28, 1955

Car 312 crossing street. Note the small shelter just passed by the car.
Berner-Maguire/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Car 322 loading and ready to go. 52 seats, 48 feet and 27 tons. Built by Brill 1917. 6-02-56

Sister car 324 below at the South Loop.


Car 326 George Krambles/Joseph Testagrose Collection

300 date unknown Bud Laws Collection

Snow plow and flanger 300 Built by NS&T 1925 from Toronto Suburban 108 a 62-foot combine shortened to 48 feet.

Line car 305 weight 35 tons length 48 feet built by NS&T 1924. June 2, 1956. Became QRL&P in 1956.

Express car 306 date unknown Bud Laws Collection

Express car 501 (single end) 49 feet 27 tons National Steel Car 1913

Express car 502 identical to 501 (above) Montreal Terminal building on Mc.Gill Street in background.
Milk was a major source of traffic for the express cars and trailers. 1954
Note: 504 preserved at Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport, Maine where more M&SC and other Canadian equipment is. Likewise, car 9 is at the Shore Line Trolley Museum, East Haven, CT with even more Canadian equipment.

Caboose 509 Granby, Que. July 3, 1941 Bud Laws

Car 602, seats 60, 55 feet, one of a dozen single-ended cars built by National Steel Car and Ottawa Car 1913-22.
NSC 1913

Car 607 in Montreal. George Krambles/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Two boys on a bicycle watch as train led by car 609 passes hauling a milk trailer. Note another train in the background of this typical interurban scene on the Ste.Angele branch in 1955. Weight 31 tons. Ottawa Car 1922.

Article 1922 order for new cars from Ottawa Car.

Car 611 (ex 606) Note the interurban style coupler. Marieville, junction point of the Ste.Angele branch.

Car 621 (acq. 1939 ex Windsor, Essex & Lake Shore 501) This 51 foot steel car seating 50 passengers and weighing 33 tons with 400 HP was built by Ottawa Car in 1930. These lightweight high speed cars were the most modern on M&SC. They were acquired in 1939 following the 1932 closure of the WE&LS in the Depression. All three sister cars went to the NS&T in 1955. Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport, ME

CNR operated passenger service over the M&SC between Central Station Montreal, Marieville, Granby and Waterloo.

CNR 1624 with passenger train Marieville, Que.5/1955 Novak/Joseph Testagrose Collection


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