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Canadian Pacific Railway

D10 Class 4-6-0

Sub-class d, e and f had 22 1/2" x 28" cylinders, 180 lbs boiler pressure and 34,400 tractive effort.
All other sub-classes of D10's had 21" x 28" cyl. 200 lbs. and 33,300 t.e. All have 63" drivers.
Besides the CPR's Angus Shops D10's 600-1111 (507 engs.) were built between 4/1907 and 12/1913
by CLC and MLW as well as Richmond.

Note: a, b, c and d sub-class (600's and 700's) built with Stephenson valve gear.

2644 4-6-0 MLW 96553 10/1909 Renumbered 3/1913 D10f 844

D10d 624 Richmond Locomotive and Machine Works (Alco) #43091 7/1907 Bud Laws Collection

D10d 644 switching (note footboards) showing ample evidence of bad water blown down.
MLW 42101 1/1907 Calgary October 8, 1948 Bud Laws Collection

D10d 652 fresh out of the shop! Brandon, Man. MLW #42109 2/1907 Bud Laws Collection

The following group of photographs (down to 693) taken over a short period of years shows
how a locomotive can change with pilot/footboards and/or different style of tender

D10b 685 shown here with road pilot on front of engine. MLW 39365 1/1906
8/1941 Winnipeg Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

Note the winter curtain covering in cab. Note rope angling down side of tender.
This is usually reserved for snow plow service and can cover entire coal pile.
Looks like a conder car behind engine which might be in work train service.

685 now has footboards for yard service but still with road tender.
10/28/1941 Doug Cummings/Bruce Chapman Collection

Note the awning pulled down to shade fireman and brakeman.
Spare scoop (coal shovel) on top of tender used to trim coal pile.
Note too the marker lamp on end of van indicates it is being switched.

685 now has cut-down style tender for better visibilty in yard service.
Brandon 7/27/1948 George Parks/Bruce Chapman Collection.

D10b 685 in yard service. MLW 39365 1/1906 Brandon 10/29/1949 Wm. Raia/Joseph Testagrose Collection
Note the spilled sand done when filling dome.

686 posing "rods down" fresh out of a main shop. Location and date unknown. Bud Laws Collection
Typed on back 12/20/46 refers to copied date as paint scheme is much older.

687 in yard service. MLW 39367 1/1906 Sutherland, Sask. 5/1952 Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

Note different style of running board placement going over air compressor compared to 685 above.
Note too different type tender trucks compared to arch bar trucks on 685.
Full size headlight on tender used for backing up in yard service.

691 fresh out of Weston Shop. Light grey paint on smokebox and bright red cab window frame is Western Lines style.
Winnipeg 8/1948 Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

691 dead and downgraded to yard service. High mounted headlight preferred to reduce glare for switchmen.
Lethbridge 6/22/1954 W.R.Linley/Bruce Chapman Collection

D10b 693 equipped for yard service. MLW #39373 2/1906 Oct. 17, 1938 Sutherland, Sask. Bud Laws Collection

693 in road service two years later than above photo in yard service.
Weston 6/1940 Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection
Note air hoses coupled to box car on nose of engine.

693 in photographers rods-down pose. High mounted headlight adds to classic appearance.
Note old style converted oil classification lamps. Weston 6/1940 Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

D10c 793 (second last 760-794) Stephenson valve gear. CPR 1429 11/1905
Calgary 7/04/1955 Joseph R. Quinn/Bud Laws Collection

D10e 807 MLW 45601 10/1908
Kingston 7/28/1956 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

813 (800-819 D10e 20 engines) Ex 2613 re# 3/1913 likely date of photo. MLW 45716 11/1908
Note detail of valve gear and extended piston.
Note too unknown piece on top of tender next to cab.

D10e 814 running extra with mixed train at Temiscaming, Quebec. 8/1968 Stan Styles/L.B.Chapman Collection

825 looking brand new! (Ex 2625 re# 10/1913 likely date of photo) CPR Angus 8/1909

834 being serviced on shop track at downtown roundhouse Calgary 9/09/1944 Doug Cummings

834 with new style illuminated front number board and new Pyle-National headlight.
Downtown Calgary 8/06/1953 Joseph A. Quinn

847 in yard service. Saskatoon, SK. 11/1/1953 Doug Cummings/Bud Laws Collection
Looks like someone had extra time on their hands plus some white paint!
See earlier undated photo below when in road service.

D10f 847 in Sutherland, Sask. MLW #46556 10/1909 Bud Laws Collection

D10e 857 same sub-class as 859 below. Note differences on 859 including location of bell, power reverse,
old style high headlight, smoke box handrail. CPR Angus 4/1910 Bud Laws Collection

D10e 859 Brandon, Man. June 1941 CPR #2659 6/1910 Bud Laws Collection

D10m 863 in yard service Sutherland, Sask. 1952 CPR 7/1910 Bud Laws Collection
The was the only engine of sub-class m which it got reclassed to in 1921 built as D10e. Why?

D10g 887 sitting "rods down" with engineer and fireman posing for their portrait. CPR 12/1910
McAdam, NB September 06, 1957. C.T.Feldsted/Bud Laws Collection.

Now the fireman is at work putting in a fire to build steam while the engineer waits.
Looks like there were two railfan photographers standing together that day.
McAdam, NB September 06, 1957 Joseph R. Quinn/Bud Laws Collection

887 in older view with old style slanted illuminated number board and pilot rather than combination pilot,
also different tender. Note lack of rounded corner on rear of tender.
James Adams/Bud Laws Collection

Extra 888 one of local way freights working out of Woodstock. September 28, 1957 D10g CPR 12/1910
Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

Extra 891 (CPR 1/1911) Pontypool, ON. August 8, 1957 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

D10g 894 a well-worn engine painted up for display at Doon Pioneer Village, Doon, (Kitchener) Ontario. 5/1964
CPR Angus 1/1911

D10g 910 with all rods off! CLC #981 6/1911 Vancouver 1940 Bud Laws Collection

926 leads a passenger train meeting with another one at Parkside, BC 8/14/1947
W.C.Whitaker/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Extra 930 freight at Portage La Prairie July 1959. Russ Porter/Joseph Testagrose Collection

D10g 930 CPR Angus 8/1911. Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. August 1959 Ron Visockis Collection
Taking water on shop track. Note ashes and wheelbarrow to remove them with.
Sand pile at front of pilot from testing sanders.
Note the auxiliary tender for extra water, something common on the prairies for small tender locomotives.

935 over ashpit. Note Stone Car on depressed track loaded with ashes.
Saskatchewan Pool Elevator 160 one of 1,260 elevators.
Sutherland, SK October 18, 1952

D10g 939 oil-fired. MLW 50252 6/1913 Winnipeg 7/4/1947 Bud Laws Collection

D10g 956 in yard service at Winnipeg 6/28/1955 CPR 10/1911
Joseph R. Quinn/Bud Laws Collection

D10j 976 MLW #51110 9/1912 Bud Laws Collection
Note: Footboards indicate assigned to yard service at unknown location.

D10j 983 Footboards indicate yard service. Brandon June 1941 Bud Laws Collection MLW #51117 9/1912
Note the strange use of illuminated number board on smokebox with old-style headlight.

983 years later, now oil-fired and in road service. Coquitlam, BC September 1956

D10j 986 MLW 51120 9/1912 Winnipeg 10/1958 Walter Pfefferle Collection

989 with extra water tender. A number of these were added to engines equipped with small tender in order to
bypass water tanks in poor quality (hard) water areas on Western Lines especially on the prairies.
Note the unusual position of the canvas side curtain! This was common in winter on plows.
The lack of a date for this photo does not help but it hardly looks like winter here!

999 in an old undated photo c.1920. Location unknown. Note wooden pilot used in the mountains.
Headlight converted to electric (see vent on top) as were classification lights.
Giulio Capuano Collection

DAR 999 D10h MLW 50973 5/1912 Truro 3/1946 L.A.Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection
This was a Dominion Atlantic Railway engine between 5/1937 and 7/1953.
Before it left the DAR it got another tender, one with the familiar rear rounded corners. (see below)
It later became a Lambton engine.

Kentville, Nova Scotia. undated Stan F. Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection.

1000 fresh out of the shop! Angus. MLW 50974 5/1912

D10h 1007 with yard footboards in Brandon, MB 8/19/1955 MLW 50981 6/1912
Joseph R. Quinn/Bud Laws Collection

1044 unknown location and date. (older than image below) Bud Laws Collection

D10h 1044 arriving McAdam in off the St.Andrews branch. MLW 52061 12/1912
Two views 6/17/1959 Spotted at coal chutes.

D10h 1049 MLW #52066 12/1912 Bud Laws Collection
Interesting view of unknown shop track including closeup of old-style switch with wooden target.

Pretty big crew! 1055 Thomas A. Young
date/location/credit missing. Can you help? Contact us if you can.

D10h 1050 MLW 52067 12/1912 Montreal 1949 Walter Pfefferle Collection

D10h 1052 MLW 52069 12/1912. Fredericton, NB July 10, 1951 Walter Pfefferle Collection

D10k 1065 with engineer or fireman looking out from cab. Schenectady 52102 10/1912
Ray Deschenes/Bud Laws Collection

D10k 1066 fresh out of Angus! Schenectady 52103 10/1912 CPR/Steve Morris Collection

1069 D10k (Schenectady #52106 10/1912) Passumpic, Vermont. June 22, 1941 Bud Laws Collection
In this incredible view a tyre is being replaced right on the mainline!

QC 1072 D10k (Schenectady #52109 10/1912)
Easter weekend and the end of steam is near. 4/16/1960 Farnham, Quebec Edward J. Ozog

D10k 1073 on the table at St.Johnsbury, Vermont (Schenectady #52110 10/1912) Bud Laws Collection

D10k 1078 (MLW #52115 10/1912) working in the yard at Assiniboia, SK in the 1950's Ron Bearman

D10k 1079 sits in the shadows at the coal chutes in Lyndonville, Vt. (MLW #52116 10/1912) Bud Laws Collection
This engine was DAR 1079 11/1949 - 8/1956

D10k 1085 MLW 52122 11/1912 W.H.Waring Jr./Bud Laws Collection

D10h 1095 CLC 1131 10/1913

Preserved at its home town Kingston.

D10h 1097 part of last order of D10's 1087-1111 (25 engines) CLC 1133 10/1913

The train is either Mixed 178 or 179 at Newburg Jct, just above Woodstock, NB on the east side of the beautiful St.John River. The Woodstock-Chipman jitney (9008) came off at change of time in April 1957. So, a combine was added to Gibson Sub. freight 178 and 179 between Fredericton and Woodstock during most 1957 and into 1958. Train 178 and 179 also went on to the Southampton Sub. (off MP 22. Gibson Sub.) to Otis if needed. D10 1097 was on the Gibson Sub. almost to the end of steam on trains 178 and 179. Caption: Wendell Lemon

1097 crossing Saint John River, Fredericton 8/1959. Digital restoration Gordon Kennedy

D10h 1104 in a bucolic scene in Plaster Rock, NB CLC 1140 11/1913 Bud Laws Collection

D10h 1111 last of hundreds of D10's. It became a DAR engine 1/1954. CLC #1147 12/1913 Truro Oct.26/1956
George Parks/Ron Visockis Collection


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