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Transmark Ltd.
Raymond, AB

74075 Highway 845 corner Highway 4.

Mile 53.4 CPR Montana Sub.

Note: International boundary is at Mile 0.0

Transmark is located in the heart of Southern Alberta, just 10 minutes from Lethbridge. Transmark has built this private rail siding off a Canadian Pacific Railroad mainline. This "first class" facility can accommodate a full unit train off the mainline and has storage capacity for up to 600 rail cars. Transmark sits on 65 acres with 20 tracks including 2 high throughput capacity unload tracks for commodity unloading.

Transmark has been able to grow with Alberta's wind energy sector and has recently constructed a 22 acre lay down area. Some of Alberta's largest windmill projects were transloaded, staged, and stored at our railsite.

Transmark can accommodate a broad spectrum of inbound and outbound railroad projects. We have onsite crane and car switching services as well as access to a private trucking fleet.

Transmark sees no slow down in its future and will continue to grow and serve the many industries it supports.

UPDATE: By 2022 has expanded to 88 tracks totalling 1,500 cars. ENLARGE

Contract car repair shops.


Transmark 5 acq. c.2022 GP11 EMD 18812 5/1954 Ex Atlas Energy 101, 2018 ex USSC 306, 2015.
ex SCFE 9025 ex ICG 9025 ex IC 8727, GP11 r/b 2/1980 nee GP9 IC 9015.


Transmark # ? acq. c.2022 GP11 EMD GP9 22136 8/1956. Ex Atlas Energy 102; 2018 ex USSC 309, 2015.
ex SCFE 9030, ex ICG 8731, ex IC 8731, ex MBTA 7556, 3/1980, ex PC 7556, nee NH GP9 1226.

SSRX 2150 enroute to Transmark. GP38-2 EMD 757136-27 11/1976
Ex GMTX 2150, ex UP 779, ex MP 2279, nee CRIP 4341.

SSRX 3612 acq. 9/2014 (ex SVGX 3612, BCOL 3612/7495 nee ATSF 7495)
B36-7 GE 43141 11/1980 Jason Bennett

6315 acq. 2012 (ex DMVW/SP 6315 GP35R EMD 30151 5/1965



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