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Canadian Pacific Railway

U.S. Alco S-2


7096 in Script paint scheme. St.Johnbury, VT 8/15/1970 Marty Bernard

7098 Alco S-2 #76941 8/1949 last of three USA units for International of Maine
October 1976 St. Johnsbury, Vermont

7096 and 7098 two of the three USA service Alco S-2's all still at work after more than thirty years of service. Retired 12/82
Equipped twin sealed beam headlights, FRA style steps, uncoupling levers and pilot. Note the two different styles of CP Rail Action Red paint scheme one with small Multimark on cab with engine number on carbody, the other with the more common large Multimark and number on cab. There is train behind the units and once 7098 moves away (see below) you can see some of what it was hiding including a bi-level auto carrier of the open type then in use. Newport, Vermont 9/30/1980 Alan Gaines


Subsequent owners

When these three diesels were retired they were all sold to Andrew Merrilees (D) and re-sold to various industries.

7096 went to Courtaulds in Cornwall. The rayon mill closed 1983 and it was resold 8/1995 by G.R.Silcott (D)
to Amber Milling.

7097 sold 11/1984 Potasco 35071, Rocanville, SK.

7098 sold 1986 Donohue Bros. 1087, Clermont, QC.

Amber Milling 7096 enroute to Kenosha, WI at Bain 8/11/1995 Sam Carlson


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