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Canadian Pacific Railway

EMD E8 2250 hp 85 mph A-1-A A-1-A dual steam generator equipped.
Designed strictly for passenger service these units had no traction motors on the middle axles.

E8 1801 in original paint scheme one of only three CPR units of this model. It is from the pre-GMD era.
June 1951 Bud Laws Collection

EMD #8682 12/1949 Ron Visockis

Note: 1802 was the last diesel painted in the old block lettering and colours which was after the new CP Rail Action Red
paint scheme was introduced. This was done for a railfan excursion chartered by the St.Lawrence Valley Railway Society,
a small Montreal group obviously with some real "pull" at CPR headquarters in Montreal!

Train order for meets with all of the 1800's!

Enlarge image

Note: Above diagram of E9A unit is similar to E8A unit.


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