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CP Rail

8400-8404 Alco RS-2 1600 HP 65 mph No m.u.

8405-8408 MLW RS-2 1600 HP 65 mph m.u.

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8400 amidst a lot of weeds in Richford, Vermont. 9/30/1988

8401 Alco 77191 8/1949 at St. Johnsbury, Vermont August 1977 Brian Nicholson

8402 Farnham, Quebec November 1978 Ian Walker

8403 newly repainted. Note the slightly different version compared to 8401 above with Multimark ending below illuminated number board and CP Rail farther forward. Note 8404 below with Multimark forward of cab on long hood. Black end stripes on rear short hood and horizontal sealed beams compare to 8404 below. Level crossing relector dots along frame.
October 1980 Richford, VT

8404 Alco RS-2 (#77194 9/1949) last of five units bought in USA for service on the International of Maine.
Note sealed beam headlight, S.G. stack, US/FRA style pilot and operating levers. Just two years away from retirement.
St.Johnsbury, VT August 6/1981 Doug Kroll

8404 stored close to retirement. (All five Alco RS-2's were retired 9/15/1983) Newport, Vt. July 1983 Brian Nicholson

RS-3 MLW 8426-8461

8456 MLW 81045 11/1954 Kenora 6/08/2014


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