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7405 SW9 1200 HP GMD A494 3/1953 Toronto Yard shop track circa 1975 Sam Sponseller

These units were modified for hump service at Toronto Yard working in matched sets of two or three. There were only six of these SW9's and when more units were needed three SW1200RS units (including 8116 shown here) were added for trail-only same as 7405. Note lack of m.u. on nose. In later years they were replaced by sets of GP7's and GP9's and re-assigned to pulldown work. Note paint style with Multimark on cab. This was later changed by putting smaller Multimark where number is and returning number to traditional location on cab. See below:

7405 was remanufactured 5/1983 and renumbered 1205. Note SW1200RS type number boards.

It was later converted to a "daughter" (slug) and Re# 1020


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