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Canadian Pacific Railway

MLW 660 hp yard units S-3 6500-6600 101 units

6503 sold 11/1983 to United Grain Growers in Vancouver.
Part of first order of 6 units (6500-6505) MLW 77638 5/1951
Later preserved at WCRA musuem in Squamish.
Squamish August 10, 2015 Dave Stewart-Candy

6511 in original block lettering. MLW 77774 5/1952 Alyth 8/10/1966 Bob Loat/L.B.Chapman Collection

6538 long-time Toronto unit still in original paint scheme which was retained until scrapped. MLW 81194 7/1955
It and 6524 were already retired 7/22/1985. Montreal 8/12/1985 Alan Gaines

Equipped with Watchman heater (inside box ahead of cab with stack). Removable winter cab window. Stack modification and cab roof deflectors were a Toronto modification to reduce exhaust of well-worn engine in need of overhaul never to come.

6539 MLW 81195 7/1955 retired 1/1983 exchanged for failed 6546 sold 6/1979 to
Kimberley-Clark of Canada, Terrace Bay, Ontario. On display at Schreiber. 5/02/2012

6557 last unit of ten unit order 6548-6557. MLW 81514 4/1956
Digital restoration Gordon Kennedy

6581 MLW Order 4016 #82167 5/1957 Montreal Locomotive Works

Slanted illuminated number boards are for better identification by approaching trains.
This feature began with 6548 # 81505 delivered 3/16/1956.

employees are warned
not to get on
foot-board when engine
is approaching

6591 restored in original block lettering. Preserved and operated at RMEO Smiths Falls. October 21, 1994

6593 in block lettering. St.Luc 12/23/1966 Bruce Chapman
Note D&H unit behind and B&LE covered wagon in background.

S-3 6593 switching passenger equipment at the Glen coach yard in Montreal. MLW 82179 8/1957
Building behind engine houses yard master and yardmen's lunch/locker room etc.
April 6, 1971 Jerry ApplemanJoseph Testagrose Collection



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