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Canadian Pacific Railway

Automotive equipment

The CPR's self-propelled cars were listed under Passenger Car Equipment as Automotive Equipment.
Eight were built by EMC with 400 hp gas engines which they kept until retired (except 9006) unlike most railways.
One car (9002) was a storage battery car that was converted into a non-powered trailer. 9006 was re-engined in 1935
with a Harland-Wolff 6 cylinder 600 hp diesel pre-dating diesel unit 7000 usually thought of as the first CPR diesel.

Early diesels

Steam car 88

London Division
9002 9004 9007

9004 with trailer 9002 on Maniwaki-Ottawa train 292 southbound.
Interprovincial Bridge in background. In right foreground is former Hull Electric track location.
APRA Archives/ Hugh Coffin Collection. Tuesday, July 22 1958.

9003 at Fredericton Junction lifting a reefer off tailend of No. 42 The Atlantic Limited from Montreal.
Fredericton Junction, NB May 17, 1960. James A. Brown

Note: Markers on No. 42 already moved to Chateau sleeper.
Markers not yet moved from rear of 9003 to reefer.

Detailed description of movements.


9003 (ex 46) Combine 72' 50 seats 70 ton EMC 444/St.Louis Car 1537 6/1930 (Two car order 9003, 9004).
Frederickton, NB August 1957 Parsons/L B Chapman Collection

Note: 9003 was the last gas car to operate (anywhere) finishing up Saturday, April 28, 1962 with trailer coach 3051.
A spare car 9005 was stored also. Both were scrapped as were all other gas cars. Gas fuelled to the end! .


9003 #109 on the wye arriving from Fredericton Jct. 5114 moving up with the freight train to Chipman NB 3/15/1957
Ken MacDonald/L B Chapman Collection

Gas-electric 9005 has just arrived at Ottawa Union on track 1 from Maniwaki. He has cut off the old trailer 9002 and is crossing over to track #2. CNR will move the 9002 with one of its yard engines to the coach yard south of the Laurier Avenue bridge and will clean it in preparation for its next use. The trailer car was used on weekends, holidays, and any other time that the CPR figured that the car would be required. 9005 will run light to Ottawa West for servicing prior to a return run.

Note the lone automobile on the Mackenzie King bridge. Why the lack of traffic? Remember, there was no train Sunday AM.

9005 is right at home here since it was built in 1931 by Ottawa Car Company.

These trains were re-equipped with RDC's after the change of time October 26, 1958. 9005's last run was No. 293 to Maniwaki on Monday, October 27, 1958. (9004's last run was No. 293 Friday, September 28, 1958) 9004, 9005 were immediately transferred to Montreal. Later 9005 went as a spare to 9003 in Fredericton, NB. (Fredericton-Fredericton Junction) although not 9002 which was a trailer car converted from an old self-propelled car powered by batteries. Instead lightweight combine 3051 was used.

There is a lot to be seen in this interesting photograph taken from the Laurier Avenue bridge over the Rideau Canal including the green roof of the famed Chateau Laurier hotel over the roof of Union Station.

It looks like the CNR freight shed is still in use. CNR moved to its new freight shed at Hurdman in March of 1958. So the date of the photo is sometime between the late spring and early fall of 1957, based on the water level in the canal.

Note: These gas cars were only in Ottawa from 5/20/1957 until 10/27/1958 however, CNR freight shed seen in the background was relocated to a new facility in April 1958 which narrows down the date of the photo. Heavy traffic on Holiday week-ends required conventional equipment hauled by a G2 or G5 class steam engine.
Prior to this a tiny Ten-Wheeler of the D4g class was sufficient to handle two wooden cars. Here is 424 on Number 643 leaving Ottawa Union Station in June of 1956. W.C.Whittaker/L.B.Chapman Collection

Old Time Trains virtual archives.

9005 (ex 48) Combine 72' 50 seats 71 ton (Two car order 9005, 9006) EMC/Ottawa Car 8/1931
Fredericton, NB 1959 L B Chapman Collection

9008 leaving Mc.Adam, New Brunswick 9/1957 Jim Buckley
72 foot combine 25 seats 76 tons EMC/Ottawa Car 1/1932 Two car order 9007, 9008
That smoke is likely from a steam locomotive, not the gas car!

9008 same place, different date (August 1957) no smoke! L.B.Chapman Collection

Engineer Bennie McGee

9008 and wooden coach off #155 from Chipman to Woodstock, sitting at North Devon NB 7/05/1952
Ken MacDonald/L B Chapman Collection

9009 all mail and express car. No caption or date for these two photos. Believed to be Winnipeg. Scrapped 1950.
Public Archives Canada

9009 with two car train of wooden equipment.


London Division . 9002 9004 9007

Steam car 88

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