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Canadian Pacific Railway


8013-8018 Lightweight (91 tons)

8019 -8046 (28 units) 117 tons

These 1000 hp RS-23 units were officially designated by CPR as Branch Line Units (BLU) as were GMD SW1200RS.
Unofficially, on the Toronto Division at least they were called "rockets" as in "take off like a rocket !" Maybe too the roaring exhaust sounded and looked like a rocket. Actually, they were just the opposite, very slow accelerating. Engineers soon discovered this but, they also learned they would pull anything! Great on the Pulldown at Toronto Yard.

8019, 8021, 8032 St.Luc 1969

8019 first of 22 standard weight units. MLW 82571 8/1959
8021 MLW 82573 9/1959
8032 first of second order MLW 83294 3/1960

RS-23 8025 MLW 82577 9/1959
Lac-Megantic, Quebec 8/20/1970 Marty Bernard

Note the crossways stack. This was due to a modification made at Angus in 1960 (or, later) with a different turbo placement. It also resulted in the addition of an extra opening in the carbody, a third one near the front. Also, cooling water had to be checked from opposite side from normal. The result of this modification is unknown however, it was the only unit so modified.

What is interesting in this photo is not the "Rocket" 8031 but rather two other things. First is the switchstand in the foreground has an unlocked new switch lock in place. A frowned upon practice unless in use. The other is the incinerator. These were common in yards and shops everywhere to burn rubbish. Sectionmen cleaned out anything not burned. Quebec City

Years ago when Lambton (where I worked) was the main yard in Toronto I recall an incident when a city inspector noticed smoke coming from one of these incinerators on the shop track and issued a $25 fine. You would have thought it was $2500 judging by the reaction from downtown. There was to be no repeat of this. Of course they did not get rid of the incinerator. They just burned rubbish after dark! RLK

8042 MLW 83284 7/1960 Sherbrooke Sub. Sherbrooke, QC March 28, 1965
Sold 8/1994 Windsor & Hantsport (one of 12).

8044 Lac-Megantic, Quebec 8/20/1970 Marty Bernard

Note: Sold 3/1997 OSR 504

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