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Canadian Pacific Railway

GMD FP9A and F7B 89 mph

FP7A 1400-1404 (5) ex 4099-4103
FP9A 1405-1415 (11)
FP7A 1416-1434 (19)
ex 4058-4063, 4066-4075, 4041, 4040, 4039.
F7B 1900-1907 (8)
F7B 1908-1919 (12)
ex 4434-4445

Some FP7A and F7B units were renumbered in 1400 and 1900 series when re-geared from standard 65 mph to 89 mph for fast passenger trains including The Canadian. They were later re-geared and renumbered back. Some wound up in Montreal commuter service later being sold to the MUCTC and renumbered again. Still others were sold to VIA Rail upon its start up. Incredibly, after more than 50 years a few still exist on shortlines, tourist trains and at museums. A pair of these "covered wagons" are preserved on display in Medicine Hat next to the CPR main line where they once ran. One, 1400 (nee 4099)
was re-acquired by the CPR from a US shortline in 1998 for use on the Royal Canadian Pacific special passenger trains. These 1500 hp units, and later model FP9A and F9B 1750 hp units were used in both freight and passenger service across much of the system.

Icicle breakers on roof to protect dome cars going through tunnels.
1403 (ex 4102 re# 4/1954) FP7A GMD A523 5/1953 and 1413 FP9A GMD A597 5/1954

FP9A 1408 built and numbered as shown. GMD A592 3/1954
Note: The above colours are more accurate to reality. Differences of other photos caused by film type etc.

1903 GMD A603 2/1954 renumbered 4475 and regeared for freight service then, renumbered 1963 and sold to VIA.

1416_1402 to/from Glen shop. Westmount February 5/1966

FP7A 1416 (ex 4058 re# 12/1954) GMD A306 1/1952
FP7A 1402 (ex 4101 re# 04/1954) GMD A521 5/1953





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