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CP Rail

GMD GP9 1750 hp 65 mph

8483-8521 39 units
8522-8546 25 units
8611-8635 25 units
8636-8708 73 units
8801-8823 23 units
8825-8839 15 units

Grand total: 200 units

GP9 rebuilds prior to Ten Year Locomotive Program

8496 GMD A694 1/1955.

8502 one of 29 built as a passenger unit with steam generator (note air reservoirs on roof account water tank under frame).
Small Multimark. GMD A700 9/1954 St.Luc 9/03/1988 Kermit Geary Jr.

8514 (8501-8529 29 units built with s.g.) Large Multimark Late 1980's Winnipeg Paul Smith

8616 a GM unit in what was once FM territory. Cominco smelter.
Note visibility stripes are black on rear and red on front of unit a normal practice.
Part of 25 unit order 8611-8635. GMD A956 7/1956
It would be part of the Ten Year Locomotive Program. 1643 Angus 4/1987

8617 being serviced at Revelstoke. Note the nose mounted bell. GMD A957 7/1956

8621 without nose mounted bell.GMD A 1106 2/1957 Jim Booth

8633 with chopped nose and large Multimark. Alyth 3/14/1971 Bob Loat/Bruce Chapman Collection

8635 4461 8633 with B unit added due to heavier hump switching. 4462 was also modified for this yard service.
8635 large Multimark 8633 small Multimark. Alyth 5/26/1977 Bruce Chapman

NOTE: Two further units were intended to be modified for Toronto Yard which used three sets of three GP9's two at a time with a third set for relief. Use of a B unit would have allowed two GP9's to be used elsewhere and eliminate the cost of maintaining two cabs. This was cancelled in the interest of better utilization by using all GP9's.

8636 first unit the biggest CP order to date; 73 GP9's 8636-8708. GMD A1092 1/1957

8650 shows off its ditch lights nicely. GMD A1106 2/1957

8678 leads this train through New Westminster.

8707 second last unit of huge 73 unit order. GMD A1164 11/1957

In not too many years that second piece of equipment will be a thing of the past. GMD A1454 1/1958
8802 would be remanufactured 7/1987 at Angus as yard unit 1652.

8812 with rotary dump coal hoppers everywhere. GMD A1464 2/1958

8820 equipped with removable cab bay window for winter. Very necessary in December. GMD A1472 3/1958

Extra 8836 with 8834 on Vancouver Island. Only a few more GP9's to come. GMD A1727 8/1959


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