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Central Maine and Quebec

Central Maine and Quebec Railway Canada Inc.
Acquired by CP effective December 30, 2019.
Various subdivisions in Quebec totalling 236.8 miles.

Central Maine and Quebec US Inc. Acquired effective June 4, 2020.
Consists of 244.2 miles (inc. 57.3 leased from Maine DOT).

CMQ’s network links CP directly to the Atlantic Ocean port of Searsport, Maine,
and to Port Saint John in New Brunswick through connections with
Eastern Maine Railway and New Brunswick Southern Railway.

Note: Controlled by Soo Line Railroad a subsidiary of Canadian Pacific Railway.


MAP . . . Facilities

Formerly headquartered in New York, NY

Began operating June 2014 former CPR lines in Quebec and Maine as well as BAR trackage. 481 miles.

Formerly operated by failed Montreal Maine & Atlantic following the Lac-Megantic disaster July 6, 2013.

Acquired ten units 9/2015 (CP retired 12/2012)
9004, 9010, 9011, 9014, 9017, 9020, 9021, 9022, 9023, 9024.
SD40-2F with "Draper Taper" full width carbody.

All were re-acquired by CP upon acquisition of CM&Q.

CMQ 3817 acq. 6/2017 GP38-3 (ex LTEX 2553, ex BNSF 2553_GP35R, ex ATSF 2853/3553 nee GP35 1353)
EMD 30067 4/1965. and CP 3051 westbound Dorval, QC 9/09/2022.

CP 9022 freshly repainted running "light engine" through Mission Flats
Mile. 5 Thompson Subdivision. Kamloops, BC 8/13/2022

"BAR" 9017 and a second ex CP SD40-2F bring a rail train load of CWR from Smiths Falls (single tracking of
Winchester Subdivision) part of a multimillion dollar upgrade to raise track speed on former CM&Q
originally owned by CPR as part of their main line through Maine. Farnham,QC 8/22/2020

Note: Feedmill Robitaille in background is served by rail.

9017_9011 with Brownville to Millinocket turn job heads back south after making its pickup from Maine Northern.
Norcross, Maine October 2, 2016

9010 leads 3 other units with CMQ 1 between Brookport and Farnham on Adirondack Subdivision.
DD-GM A4816 10/1988. Farnham, QC December 13, 2018

9017 last of the 10 ex CP units repainted was done as a heritage unit honouring BAR.
Posed on a transfer table! Former BAR Derby Shops, Milo, ME November 7/2016.
Owned by the town the shop would soon be demolished.
Milo Junction

CITX 3091 (ex CP 5552) CMQ 9023_9020 with CMQ #1 in Farnham, QC. April 21, 2017
Note: CP 4723 in background on display. It would soon be scrapped due to neglect.

CITX 3091_3057_3071 (leased 2014) switching train in Jackman, ME 3/25/2015

3091 ex CP 5552, 3057 ex CP 5686, 3071 ex CP 6402, ex SOO 6402/624, nee KCS 624.

Note: 3057 acquired 12/2015.

9022_1002_1006 lead Job 1 leaving Magog, QC. 6/09/2019



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