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Esquimalt & Nanaimo

CPR internal shortline on Vancouver Island 1996 until December 31, 1998.
Victoria Subdivision from Victoria to Courtney 140 miles and Port Alberni Sub. Parksville to Port Alberni 38 miles.

All photographs: Mark Forseille unless otherwise credited.

E&N 3004 GP38 getting turned on the table for return trip. VIA RDC in roundhouse. Victoria

E&N Railfreight 3005 at Coquitlam shop for maintenance. September 8, 1996 (still an internal shortline).

Here is what 3005 looked like shortly before it became E&N Railfreight 3005. Note small Multimark.

E&N Railfreight 3004 and 3005 GP38's in Macaulay a scenic location in BC that might well have been on Vancouver Island but is actually Coquitlam on the mainland. September 5, 1999 nine months after the internal shorltine was dissolved and it became a Rail America shortline. Note: These were the only two units painted for E&N Railfreight.

3004 with typical CP red 3007 Port Coquitlam March 6, 1999

Front and rear (below) views. Port Coquitlam April 23, 1999




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