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Canadian Pacific Railway

Alco and MLW 1000 hp yard units with multiple unit controls.

The first yard units modified by MLW to operate in m.u. with new MLW built booster units B-100 and B-101 were 7033, 7038 and 7039 12/1950 for the new St.Luc hump yard. Later 7030 and 7040 were modified to allow operation of three unit sets. Booster units had no prime mover only traction motors fed from the controlling unit. More commonly known as slugs.

Two views of S-2 7039 in "smiley" paint scheme paint scheme first introduced on Windsor, Ontario
yard engines 7062 and 7063 November 1947. St.Luc circa 1948 Digital restoration Ron Visockis.


7033_B-101_7038 on crest of hump. St.Luc yard April 1969 Phil Mason

7038 is the controlling unit with both it and the 7033 feeding B-101's traction motors.

7082 (MLW S-2 #75857 1/1949) with booster unit B-102 (MLW #82187 9/1957) 7081, 7082 and 7083 modified 1957 to operate booster units B-102 and B-103. Note auxiliary generator to provide power to booster unit traction motors on walkway in front of cab. Two views Thunder Bay 1970 Wolf Kirchmeir

B-102 (and B-103) built new with only two traction motors, later modified to four.

CP 420931 is another odd-shaped piece of equipment! Converted Weston shops 5/1982 from
B-100 booster unit MLW 77710 12/1950 Sold for scrap Mandak Metals, Selkirk, MB.
Winnipeg 10/08/2014



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