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Canadian Pacific Railway

GMD GP7 1500 HP

The first order of only three units 8409-8412. Delivered with sealed beam headlights. 8410 and 8411 were equipped with steam generators for passenger service. (removed 1955) Typically, at this early date only small orders of diesels were acquired by the CPR as they tested performance and suitable usage. These three units were for Calgary-Revelstoke way freight service as well as winter ski trains. This was followed the next year by an order for 14 units (8412-8425), after which came large orders totalling 200, of the new, more powerful GP9 which has proven to be an exceptional and long-lasting locomotive. In fact, most were remanufactured by the CPR into modernized locomotives which are still at work 50 years later.

8410 New at Alyth 6/4/1952 Ernie Plant/L.B.Chapman Collection

8411 in newer Script lettering. GMD A324 3/1952 was rebuilt at Ogden being outshopped 6/1982 as 1506 and currently (2006) assigned to Winnipeg.



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