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Canadian Pacific Railway

MLW C-424

2400 HP 75 MPH

Note: All 51 of these units were built with Trade-In Alco/MLW FA, FB and RS units.

8300 (re# 4200 4/1965) C-424 2400 hp MLW #84413 4/1963

This was the only 8300, all others were delivered starting two years later as DRF class 4200's.
It was the only unit built with square fuel tank and other minor body details. Compare to 4201.
It was remanufactured by MLW with components from RS-10 8474 wrecked January 7,1962
The Dominion near St.Eugene, Ontario.

4200 showing rear illuminated number boards and dual headlights. Only unit so built.

Brand new C-424 4204 at St.Luc. MLW 84842 3/31/1965 CPR/Steve Morris Collection
Note headlights with glare shields on cab later (see 4221 below) relocated on nose.

4221 (t.i. 4044) MLW 8485910/1965. Phil Mason Toronto Yard June 27, 1968



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