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CP Rail

"Daughter" unpowered slug units used with "Mother" powered unit.

Toronto Yard gallery 2 slugs and control cars.


Daughter 1010 ex 6700 (SW8 GMD A110 11/1950) conv. 6/04/1994.
This was first CP GMD yard diesel part of 4 unit order (6700-6703)
These units had been included in the Ten Year Locomotive Program
but were discontinued as being too low horsepower. Upgrading included
roller bearing wheelsets, SW1200RS style front number boards,
sloped sand box fills on side of nose.
Port Coquitlam yard 3/05/2008: Four photos: Mark Forseille

Closeup of connections on rear of unit to reveive power from Mother unit.

Conversion Weston 6/04/1994 to "daughter" slug unit. Note stack remains as well as nose radiator shutters!

Modifications completed at "Poco" car shop. Stack removed, shutters blanked off.
Nice looking visibility white striping. 6/20/2008


1624_1020 mother and daughter set. 1020 ex 1205 r/b Weston 5/1983 nee 7405 SW9 GMD A494 3/1953


1024 with remote control unit 1540. Pulldown, Toronto Yard. 7/29/2012
Ex 1275 (nee 8130). Subsequent owner OLWX 1024.

1025 (ex 1534) one-of-a-kind slug with 1518 mother.
Following a 1991 major prime mover failure (engine or main generator) unit was
converted for a three unit Toronto Yard hump power set. Renumbered in 1996.


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