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Canadian Pacific Railway

Hydraulic Switchers 10-22

DTC-2 (Diesel Torque Converter) 500 hp (twin Caterpillar) 44-ton.

These were a Canadian-only locomotive designed without main generators and traction motors to eliminate the need for an electrician at small shops, requiring only a diesel mechanic. The units were assigned to small yards across the system.
Their weight was under 90,000 pounds thus permitting operation without a fireman another advantage in small yards. .

Note: These units were always referred to as "HS-xx" for Hydraulic Switcher

HS-10 CLC #2981 3/1957 Ogden shop switcher with newly out-shopped GP-9 8835.
Collection of Al Howlett

HS-12 sold 7/29/1974 to Great Lakes Paper, Thunder Bay.

13 switching with all yardmen "decorating". This method was used for many decades to
relay hand (or lamp) signals during a backup movement where view is obstructed by a curve.
Dryden, ON 1964 J.Wollatt

14 and 15 fresh from CLC. 2992, 2993 March 3/1958
Looks like two shopmen attending to them.
These units were not equipped for multiple unit operation.

HS-20 in company of a number of CLC H16-44's more than two dozen of which were the last F-M powered units
(except for three Train Masters) to be retired that month. Ogden June 1975 B.P.Curry/Bruce Chapman Collection.

HS-22 last hydraulic. CLC 3009 5/1960. Long used on the Chipman-Norton branch of 4-4-0 fame it was actually
18 which replaced steam beginning October 16, 1959. Chipman, New Brunswick November 1977 Bruce Chapman

Preserved 6/1978 by South Simcoe Railway


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