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CP Rail

SD40 and SD40-2

5641 in the controversial Dual Flag paint scheme.

5647 with small Multimark

B5758 used as "trail only" account blanked over cab windows due to cab controls out of use.
Note: A number of SD40's were operated like this as a way to reduce maintenance costs.

5780 new paint scheme without Multimark and with black stripes on rear of unit.
Ogden 10/12/1987 Bruce Chapman

Note: This was one of about 6 units painted with black stripes on rear of unit.
"Montreal" put a stop to this ASAP and ordered red stripes instead
(With Multimark no longer in use red stripes were adopted.)
NOTE: Unit was actually owned by Ontario Hydro! It was one of 16 Locotrol equipped units that were part of a
unique contract that ensured there would always be diesels available for unit coal trains from BC to Thunder Bay
where it was transferred to lake boats for delivery to Ontario Hydro generating stations.
When the contract changed CN took over 11 of the units. 5780 became 5389.

5907 with large Multimark





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