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Canadian Pacific Railway


Brand new GP30 in brand new Script lettering. Note location of unit number. Later this was raised above yellow stripe and changed to tuscan red. Class DRS-22a. Rated at 2250 hp and 71 mph speed. (65 mph gearing uprated and later rerated to 65 mph) GMD A2006 3/30/1963. One of only two GP30's in Canada. Officially these were remanufactured by GMD from traded-in (1/16/1962) 1902 (F9B) and 1910 (F7B) wrecked on First 8 engines 8474-1902-1910, The Dominion 11 cars, conductor Don Gaw, January 7, 1962 near St.Eugene, Ont. Cause: ice buildup in flangeways at level crossing. Previous day train crews had requested a snowplow go over the sub. however, this was passed off by the roadmaster. Afterwards, plows were readily dispatched after very little snow fall! (Note: 8474 was traded-in to MLW on a new model C-424 8300, later
re-numberd 4200). Note new style pilot without footboards. Canadian Pacific Railway

Everybody having a look-see! Digital restoration; Walter Pfefferle

Re-numbered 5000 4/12/1965 reclassed to new designation DRF-22a, (Diesel Road Freight) and modified by removal of rear illuminated number boards, classification lights, replaced twin headlight with single. Other units were similarly modified
and new units built accordingly.

5000 ex 8200 Retired 6/1998 Preserved 11/1998

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