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CP Rail

GMD FP7 FP9 and F7B F9B Passenger 89 mph

1400 (ex 4099) FP7A 1500 hp GMD A520 4/1953 St.Luc shop track for The Canadian.
February 2, 1975 Ron Visockis

FP7A 1425 (ex 4069) GMD A370 8/1952 Vancouver 1980 Joseph Testagrose Collection

F9B 1907 (front end is at right) Last of an 8 unit order. 1750 HP GMD A607 4/1954
Drake Street, Vancouver 6/19/1971 Peter Cox

4477 ex 1905 (7/08/1971) GMD A605 3/1954 Fresh out of paint shop. Alyth Doug Phillips

Yard service B units

A few B units remained in normal use as late as 1983. Their utilization was a problem due to lack of a cab they required special attention when being marshalled in a consist. It was decided to assign a B unit in the middle of each of the two 3 unit hump sets used at Alyth. This solved a problem and eliminated maintenance of an unnecessary cab on a GP which could be assigned elsewhere. A further two units were planned for Toronto Yard but this was cancelled. In 1996 the two units were modified to slugs and renumbered. Retired 6/1999.

6800 ex 4445 4/1983 (1919 10/1954 - 11/1965) F7B GMD A319 4/1952

One of only two B units restricted to yard service for hump sets at Alyth Yard.
Note: Two further planned units for Toronto Yard were cancelled.
Converted 1996 to slug re#1018.



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