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Power (and train) Pools

Pool trains date back many decades to the Great Depression era effective April 2, 1933 to reduce costs due to a big
decline in ridership on CNR and CPR on the Montreal-Toronto, Ottawa-Toronto passenger trains.
It involved sharing motive power and rolling stock as well as the sale of tickets honoured by either railway.
The concept was originally planned to expand to other railway lines however, this did not happen.
Pool services ended October 31, 1965.

The Gull
New England and the Maritimes.

B&M-CPR Pool
The Aloutte and The Red Wing


NOTE: Through sleeping cars beyond connecting points included Windsor/Detroit with through cars to/from Chicago.
Toronto-Buffalo-New York City sleepers as well as Toronto-Boston, Toronto-Pittsburg and Toronto-Cleveland
sleepers on the New York trains.


Canadian subsidiaries and Trackage Rights.

US Roads in Canada

Another method involves a US road having a Canadian subsidiary that gets their trains to/from large cities.
Examples are D&H/NJct into Montreal, NP/BNSF into Winnipeg and GN/BNSF into Vancouver.

Lengthy lines connecting a number of cities involve Canadian subsidiaries of PM/C&O, CASO/MCRR/NYC/PC/CR,
running across Ontario between Windsor and Fort Erie/Niagara Falls. Wabash operated in Ontario without any track!
They used a trackage rights agreement over GTR/CNR exclusively!


Run-Through Power

Use of other railway's locomotives for regular passenger trains was agreed to in order to speed train schedules by not having to change locomotives and conduct air brake tests enroute as well as improving utilization of locomotves and rolling stock.



Diesel Era

Power pools and run through power is not common on freight trains except when it involves equipment owned by the same parent company such as Soo Line power running beyond Chicago (end of Soo tracks) over CSX using running rights to Detroit/Windsor to reach CP tracks to Toronto and Montreal. This became easier in the Free Trade/NAFTA eras when
strict time limits prevented units from being in the opposite country beyond 48 hours without paying full customs duty.

Trenton Division

SOO 765 CR 604 CP 5491

SOO 6615 MILW 142 SOO 6611 two views.


SOO 6450 one of the most interesting run through units! SD40-B rebuilt without cab afterr a wreck.







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