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Canadian Pacific Railway

ALCO RS-2 16-244 1500 HP


Note: These units were the first full-size road switchers on CPR and were built in US for International of Maine service and could not be used in exclusive Canadian service. Canadian duty was paid c 9/1950 on 8400, 8401 and 8402 allowing them
to be used in Canada. They were not equipped with M.U. but, did have S.G.'s (OK 4630) which were later removed.
Fuel then increased from 667 gallons to 1330 gals. Built with 6SL air brake. 65 mph gearing altered (11/1955+) to 75 mph. Upgraded 1961 to 1600 hp. Note: All retired 9/1983 at age 34!

8400 in block lettering. (Alco #77190 8/1949) RS-2 first of five USA units for use on International of Maine.
July 1965 St.Johnsbury, Vermont James Gillin

8400 now in Script lettering. St.Johnsbury, Vermont. June 1970


8404 with "smiley" paint scheme. Alco 77194 9/1949 Canadian Pacific Railway

Steam generator stack is clearly visible above and below. Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian Pacific Railway

On the table at The Glen. September 1949 Canadian Pacific Railway


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