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CP Rail

Robot cars to control mid-train units.

5 converted from 45 foot silk express cars. 11 from B units. 1 from CLC RS.
Angus Shops prepared car bodies after prime mover removed, some for RS-10's.
Locotrol equipment was installed by Ogden Shops..
Later cars built from box cars.

AN23 (ex 4408) later scrapped when conversion program changed to box cars.
AN21 (ex 4463) became 1005 here with temporary numbers sit in a line at Angus waiting conversion.


1015 Robot-15 ex 4458 1/1973 Port Coquitlam 6/14/1976

Robot-16 converted 9/1972 from CLC-FM B unit 4472 one of 10 CLC B units converted.

Robot 20 ex Robot 1020 a.k.a. 1020. Coquitlam 7/24/1976

Robot car 1025 rebuilt Angus 6/1974 using 50 foot box car. One of 16 cars 1017-1032.
Coquitlam 12/26/1987

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