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Canadian Pacific Railway


Newly-introduced Script lettering style for locomotives. MLW C-630 3000 HP M6002-07 9/1968

This order of eight C-630 units (4500-4507) was built using trade-in traction motors from retired Train Masters.

4506 was an early retirement 7/23/1974 following a serious wreck and fire 6/13/1974 when unit train 658 (5626-5520-4506 with 6 loads 70 potash empties) hit a washed out section at a small bridge at Mile 93.5 Cranbrook Sub. just east of Fort Steele. It was scrapped on site due to extensive frame and other damage.

4500 was retired 12/1993 and preserved by a railfan who intended to operate it on a new tourist railway in Ontario. It was too heavy for this old branchline. After trying to get it in an Ontario railway museum where it was too long to enter the building he gave up and it was sold to Arkansas & Missouri a US shortline where it was returned to operation in 1999. A&M an Alco shortline was anticipating a big growth in traffic and acquired other Alco 6 axle units from CNR. The new line was not acquired and due to sharp curves on the exisiting line the units were all disposed of by scrapping except for 70 (4500). It was sold to Livonia Avon & Lakeville a prosperous New York State all-Alco shortline for its new subsidiary, Western New York & Pennsylvania where it became WNYP 630.


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