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Canadian Pacific Railway


Originally numbered 8202-8213. Renumbered 5002-5013
Originally numbered 5014-5025

8212 (re# 5012 4/1965) one of 12 new GP35 2500 hp units. GMD A2045 6/1964

Note: Units were re-classed at time of re-numbering from DRS-25 (Diesel Road Switcher) to DRF-25 (Diesel Road Freight) a new designation. At this time were removed, twin headlights were replaced with a single light, illuminated number boards and class lights were removed. Units were built without a rear pilot and footboard.

Many years later (1981-82) they were again modified and reclassed as road switchers to replace
GP9's being rebuilt for yard service. C-424 4200's were similarly re-equipped.
5021 was converted 1/1997 to Cab Control Daughter (powered slug) re-numbered 1128.
Note: A further 10 and 2 units were ordered with trade-in GMD F and GP7 units. 5014-5025 were delivered as DRF.

5016 brand new at GMD in London. Canadian Pacific/Steve Morris Collection

5016 GMD A2081 5/1965 Toronto Yard June 27, 1968





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