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Steam days Huttwil 2017

Bauma 2017

The special circulations during the exhibition "Plattform der Kleinserien", 14th and 15th of October 2017 in Bauma


Erstfeld 3.6.2017

"Fitness" in the depot, and steam special from Luino
Leucate and the "Yellow train"



20 years of the Zürcher Museumsbahn ZMB

Gottardo 2016

Rail show for the inauguration of the Gotthard base tunnel

10 days of vacation in the eternal city

The steam days 2016 in Lyss
Innotrans 2016

The Innotrans railway fair in Berlin, 2016
Bauma 2016
The special circulations during the exhibition "Plattform der Kleinserien", 15th and 16th of October 2016 in Bauma



The last standard-gauge trains on the line Bremgarten-Wohlen


Innotrans 2014

The Innotrans railway fair in Berlin, 2014
100 ans SGA

100 years of the St.Gallen-Gais-Appenzell railway
Bauma 2014

The special circulations during the exhibition "Plattform der Kleinserien", 11th to 12th of October 2014 in Bauma


100 years Gossau-Herisau

Special circulations for the 100 years of the line Gossau-Herisau of the Appenzell railways
The Camrail 2013

The railways of Cameroon (2013)

Blonay-Chamby 2013

The traditional steam festival of the Blonay-Chamby railway, 20th of Mai 2013
BLS Südrampenfest

The 8th of September, special trains on the line Linie Brig-Goppenstein, for the 100years of the BLS
Crocodile hunting (without crocodile...!)

The 21st of September, special train Sulgen - Einsiedeln with 1020.042 and Re 4/4' 10034
IRSE Landquart

Technical visit of the Swiss section of IRSE (Institution of Railway Signaling Engineers) at Landquart, 14th to 16th of March 2013.
SchBB 2013

2 steam trains on theSchinznacher Baumschulbahn, 14th of April 2013.
141 R 1244 + 41.018

Special steam train Zürich-Lausanne-Zürich with 141 R 1244 and 41.018, 4th of Mai 2013


Alligator hunting

Ride from Landquart to St.Moritz, with way back with the "Alligator" Ge 6/6' 415
Bauma 2012

The special circulations during the exhibition "Plattform der Kleinserien", 13th to 14th of October 2012 in Bauma
Luino 2012

Special trains at the occasion of the exposition of the club "Verbano-Express" in Luino
Milano C

A few hours train hunting in Milano C
Doppeldampf Tösstal

Doubleheaded steam train in Tösstal

Open doors at the depot of Brugg, the 17.6.2012



2 weeks of business trip to south africa, with pics of the Gautrain and the Cullinan steam train

Osterhasenfahrt 2011

The traditional "Easter bunny tramway" of the Tram Museum Zürich

Special train for the inauguration of the "new" Ee 3/3 of the DVZO
Bauma 2011

The special circulations during the exhibition "Plattform der Kleinserien", 15th to 16th of October 2011 in Bauma


Lima & Madrid

1 month of business trip to Lima and Madrid

Osterhasenfahrt 2010

The traditional "Easter bunny tramway" of the Tram Museum Zürich

Inauguration of the new "Diamant" EMU of the BDWM
Bauma 2010
The special circulations during the exhibition "Plattform der Kleinserien", 16th to 17th of October 2010 in Bauma


Praha 2009

The railways and tramways in Prague and around
Bauma 2009

The special circulations during the exhibition "Plattform der Kleinserien", 9th to 11th of October 2009 in Bauma


Bauma 2008

Encounter of historical railway vehicles of the Seethal Railway, 11-12th of October 2008

Something "new" at the SZU

The 1st run of the new doubledecker (ex SBB) of the SZU, 19.4.2008
Journey with CZm 1/2 31

At the occasion of the exhibition at the town museum of Hinwil
Designers meeting 2008, Karlsruhe / Mannheim
German heavy rail traffic


Designers meeting 2007

The 6th MM and Traffic screensaver designers meeting in Mulhouse, 14th to 16th September 2007
Lapony & Stockholm 2007

2 weeks train hunting in Sweden
Bauma 2007

The special circulations during the exhibitiom "Plattform der Kleinserien" in Bauma
Goodbye "Karpfen"

The last day of the "Karpfen" Be 4/4 1416-1430 in Zürich
The Ae 4/7s are back in service!

The resurrection of 2 Ae 4/7s for oil tank trains
Trip to Jura

The "Dimanche Vapeur" of the 24.6.2007


Summertime 2006

My "local" activities this summer

Almost 2 weekt train hunting in Dresden, with little surprises...
141 R 568

The transfert of the 141 R 568 from Genève to Schaffhausen, 1.11.2006
Crocodile hunting

The "Crocodile" 13302 with the 20'000th train of Hastag AG

The railways in and around Braunschweig (Germany)
Brig 20.5.2006

The 100 years of the Simplon tunnel


The Brünig railway under snow

At the occasion of the taking in service of the new train control system on the line Sarnen-Giswil of the swiss Zentralbahn.
¡ E viva España !

Business trips 2005 in Valencia and 2007 / 2008 in Alicante


The Camrail

The railways of Cameroon (2004)
The christmas tramways

The historic tramways in the streets of Zürich, the last weekends before Christmas.


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The 75 years jubilee of the BLS, 1988
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DVZO 26.5.2001

The 100 years jubilee of the Uerikon-Bauma Railway

Trabbi and Wartburg on the swiss Südostbahn

The locomotives 243.922 et 250.252 of the east german Reichsbahn on loan in Switzerland


The Myrdal -
Flåm railway (Norway)

"Nur achtgeben!"

The engine shed of Innsbrück in 1981
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The railways of northern Italy
European highspeed in Zürich

The european high speed trains in Zürich
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The trials of a chinese locomotive type 8K on Mulhouse-Belfort, in 1986
Departemental trip

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Brennero - Renon - Brenner
The Brenner line south to north: Bolzano, the Renon railway and Innsbrück / Jenbach

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