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Yearbook 2018

 Updated 8.11.2018
Yearbook 2017

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The RailPhot archives

   My "pre-digital era" pictures...

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The Riggen valley railway

My model railway layout (Project)

A little guide for railway photographs

Updated 26.4.2018
Where can you photograph trains without problems, and where could you get in a jail...?
The webmaster's shoutbox

Updated 28.12.2010
Beware: This page is politically VERY incorrect!
Thematic gallery

Updated 22.12.2011
Home station: Hinwil

Updated 8.2.2014
Or the avantages when you lived 10 years in a railway station...
¡ E viva España !

Updated 30.6.2016
Business trips 2005 in Valencia and 2007 / 2008 in Alicante: the photos!
The Camrail 2013

New 8.2.2014
The railways in Cameroon
My fresh pics of the month

Updated 16.12.2006
My "general store"-gallery, updated very irregularely...
 Picture galleries

Updated 8.11.2018
 New: Mega Steam Festival (Blonay-Chamby), Alligator hunting, the 01.202 in Luzern, Vienna and Bauma 2018
Are you REALLY a crazy railfan?

If yes, you'll certainly reknown yourself in that little portrait...

My Videoclips
My wallpapers

Wallpapers fitting for 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024 pix
Traffic and MM-screensavers

Updated 1.4.2016

Updated 10.1.2018
Do you know what is a "Blue cheese", an "Ozone box" or a "Picasso"?

 Updated 4.10.2016
Winged wheels

(re-) discover a very old railway symbol

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