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Garth Hamilton created an extensive website covering N-gauge trolley and tram models. His N scale trolley website later went away. Rather than see it just vanish, I asked Garth if he would send me the files and images so they could be hosted elsewhere. Garth's former website, revised and edited, has found a new home here on, providing an overview of past products. His pages on Tomix, Tomytec, Modemo, Kato and Greenmax products go up to 2008. Due to the large number of items produced in the Japanese market since then, those pages will not be updated further. For more recent information, look at online sources like the Hobby Search Japan website (an English version is available at or the manufacturers' own websites (generally in Japanese). I have also included Garth's example of how to "kitbash" Bachmann Brill shells to model a Toronto trolley.

I am adding pages covering past (and some current) products from additional brands. The end result provides a unique reference to N-gauge trolley and tram products and modeling. For additional information on N-Gauge trolley modeling see the Tomix / EasyTrolley Modelers' Site at - R. D. Kerr

Chronological History of N-Gauge Trolleys
Garth's Introduction Page
Garth's Modemo Page (through 2008 - NT96)
Garth's Tomix / Tomytec Page (through 2008)
Garth's Kato / Greenmax Page (through 2008)
Bachmann N-Gauge Trolleys
Father Nature N-Gauge Trolley Shells
Miniatures by Eric N Scale Trolleys and Parts
Western Railcraft N-Gauge Trolley Kits
Kitbashing a Toronto Trolley from Bachmann Shells